Spice and wolf volume 17 ending relationship

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spice and wolf volume 17 ending relationship

Feb 14, Read the topic about Spice and Wolf, Volume 16 End on I just went through volume 17, this is probably one of my favourite romance endings to date. Furthermore, Holo is unwilling to advance in a relationship because. May 11, The drama of the overall storyline ended in vol. After five years theirs is a relationship equivalent to a married couple even if they Spice & Wolf (light novel). Release information about. Spice & Wolf - Epilogue (Novel 17). Jun 5, JOURNEYS END So I figured I would write a blog about the final four volumes of the the final four volumes of the amazing Light Novel for Spice & Wolf. without him due to not knowing what their relationship used to be.

Witch prompts Lawrence to get her out of bed and walk around the town with her. As they do Holo seems to not be into walking around. But soon notices that Lawrence is doing all this and trying his best in order to cheer her up. So Holo touched by this begins to cheer up.

They also come across a shop that is for sale that is very cheap. Lawrence after discovering the town is a merchants paradise decides to buy the shop. After he puts down his down payment for the shop he decides to draw out his shop now that his dream is finally coming true.

As he does Holo drapes herself over Lawrence as they talk about it.

spice and wolf volume 17 ending relationship

Lawrence then tells Holo she could think of a name for it. Probably to get back yet again at Lawrence for being to bold in Lenos says "Not the name of a pup" Witch shocks and angers Lawrence.

Light Novel Review: Spice and Wolf Vol. #17 (FINAL)

Later on they celebrate the minting of a new gold coin being minted in Lesko. But their celebration is cut short when a bag is thrown down onto their table. The bag is Col's one of their companions they traveled with. Holo and Lawrence after Cols bag was thrown down are guided to meet with Hilde the treasurer for the Debau company. The comany who runs the entire town of Lesko. Once at the meeting place they are shocked to see that Hilde is a rabbit.

Witch means he is like Holo in that he has a human form and animal form. Hilde tells them how there was a uprising in the Debau company. One side wants to ravish the lands for more mining sites. While Hilde and his side wants to use the mining book that Le Roi went to buy in order to use the info in their.

To be able to go back and use old mines to collect materials from those instead of destroying places yet to be mined. This forces Lawrence to abandon buying the shop in this town and forces Holo to have to run in her wolf form to get the book from Le Roi. The reason they agree to help Hilde is because if his side gets what they want. It would meab Yoitsu would probably be spared from getting torn up. So Holo and Lawrence have to part ways for a few days. As Lawrence waits at the inn for Holo Hilde comes to meet with him.

Lawrence sees that he is injured. As they talk Hilde tells him his side had lost control and that they need to flee the town. Lawrence then takes a wounded Hilde to where he was set to meet the Myuri mercenary band so they could escape the town. As they all leave together they are soon to realize a very large mercenary band is after them. Yet after meeting with the band they work out a deal to trick the Debau company into thinking they were fighting.

But in fact it was an act. Lawrence is finding it very hard to deal without having Holo beside him. But thankfully she returns to his side soon after.

Lawrence's face lights up at seeing her return but is sad to see she hadn't seemed to miss him at all. The two then split from the group to get the book witch Holo had hide in the woods. As the climb a hill to retrieve it Lawrence is hit by something and ends up rolling down the hill.

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Embarrassed thinking Holo will laugh at him again. But soon figures out what had hit him was infact Holo throwing herself at him.

This is when Lawrence figures out it wasn't just him that hated being away from her. As Holo had hide the book just so she could embrace Lawrence away from the eye sight of anyone else. Later that night the two mercenary bands decide to put on their final act to trick the Debau company. The thing is they are betrayed Luward ends up being beaten half to death and Lawrence is stabbed in the leg. As all hope seems to be lost Luward uses the last of his energy tell Lawrence to "Call Her".

Lawrence hates to have to rely on Holo but has no choice but to yell her name. Soon after the rival band is shocked into fear at the image of a giant wolf sitting atop them.

spice and wolf volume 17 ending relationship

Holo uses her giant wolf form to crush the rival band and save all their lives. Soon after due to his wounds Lawrence passes out. When he awakes he finds himself to be inside a inn at the town they were heading for Svernel.

Lawrence then tries to get out of bed knowing Hilde and the rest would be going over their plan to try and save their lives. Holo then sees Lawrence trying to get up and forces him down.

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Telling him he has a fever and could die if he uses to much energy. Lawrence though argues he must help them but Holo tells them they have already lost and what could Lawrence a mere traveling merchant do to help. This is where Holo tells them its time for them to escape. Lawrence is shocked by this unable to just abandon his friends. Trying to convince Holo that they can't leave Lawrence even goes as far as to ask Holo if she is alright with abandoning a Myuri mercenaries who inherited the name of Myuri.

This hurts Holo but rather then be sad it angers her. Holo is then resorted to tell Lawrence that weren't they going to open a shop together and live happily in that shop. That if they stayed they would be killed. Since that was something that neither wanted, they came up with a solution: Five years after the events at Svolnel, that process is virtually complete.

The inn that Lawrence is building for a hot spring Holo found near Nyohhira is nearly finished, and it's time for a banquet to celebrate the inn's upcoming opening. Or is that all that Holo had in mind when sending out invitations to several past female acquaintances, among them Eve, Norah, and Diana? Lawrence suspects otherwise, and so does that trio of ladies as they wind up traveling there together and reminiscing about their own encounters with the wolf and her foolish sheep.

In the first of three short stories, sheltering from rain in an abandoned fort leads Lawrence to reminisce with Holo about his past encounter with the old knight who once maintained the fort, the knight from whom he got his trusty dagger.

spice and wolf volume 17 ending relationship

In the second, Col wonders about the dynamic between Lawrence and Holo as they assist another merchant in sorting out his coins. In the final one, Holo learns why the inhabitants of a village they pass through are all too eager to hear Holo's stories. In the Afterword for vol. He later decided, though, that the story would not be complete without a proper epilogue.

Hence we have this novel, which devotes a little less than half of its page count to concluding the franchise and the rest to one final collection of short stories set at various points throughout the overall storyline.

Spice and Wolf - Holo wants a Child

The drama of the overall storyline ended in vol. So, too, do several other important characters whom Lawrence and Holo encountered over the course of the 13 volumes of in the core story; the name-dropping here is quite extensive.

spice and wolf volume 17 ending relationship

She's nearly ; he's Clearly, she is not expecting him to provide companionship forever. In fact, Holo has come to terms with the vast difference of their responses to time. Her struggles over this issue come up in the dream visions when, after encountering those of her own kind, Holo also discovers Lawrence's skeletal remains. In spite of the certainty of heartbreak, Holo has told him she will nurse him when he is old.

The topic of marriage needs further development, which includes knowledge of the light novels and manga. For example, Holo and Lawrence's pickup of Cole Todd, an idealistic young man, as a traveling companion in book 6 the end of the anime narrative turns their group into an almost family.

Beyond that, the future is uncertain, but as seen from the Fanbook cover included in this article, there is an image of Holo in a bridal gown and in another illustration seen below, she sits with what appears to be a younger version of herself. Here's another image I found on a Pinterest site dedicated to Wolf and Spice.

I doubt this canonical as the other shot might be but is instead an example of a typical manga comic-exaggeration.