Star wars luke and leia relationship test

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star wars luke and leia relationship test

One scene that makes most Star Wars fans cringe is the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Luke and Leia kiss. It's definitely creepy. Find out who your dream Star Wars boy is! Luke? Han? Anakin? I like the fact he was Anakin Skywalker! C. Kiss, Marry, or Kill him? A. Kiss!. Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Luke - rather, they were intended to test Luke's powers, to wear him down both mentally and.

But Han initially refused to take part in the battle. Why did he make this decision? He is participating in the rebel movement, and is getting more and more friendly with Leia. But then, disaster strikes. Luke is lost, and hasn't returned from a patrol. Han Solo goes out into the blizzard to rescue him. He finally finds Luke, but he's badly frozen, and needs to get warm immediately. Han Solo does very well in warming him up, but what method does he use?

He's a smuggler after all. When the team evacuated Hoth after the Imperial invasion fleet arrives, Han Solo is followed in hot pursuit by an Imperial Star Destroyer. He can't outrun them, so he tried a risky trick that pays off in the long run.

This just goes to show that if you want to escape the Galactic Empire, there's no better man to trust than Han Solo. But how does he manage to evade them? After landing on the large asteroid within the asteroid belt, they find out there is a giant Exogorth living in the hole they flew into.

They immediately set off once again into space, only to be cut off by the same Imperial Star Destroyer that was chasing them initially. But once again, Han Solo shows that he is always one step ahead of the Empire. How does he evade them this time?

Leia looks at him and tells the "scoundrel" that she loves him. What follows is one of the most epic responses to that statement in movie history. It's yet another line from Star Wars that's talked about a lot, even today.

But how did Han Solo respond to Leia? Sight Smell Hearing The body is put under immense stress when it's frozen in carbronite. Hell, Vader wasn't even sure that Han Solo was going to survive the procedure when he forced him to go through with it. Basically, the body goes into suspended animation, or hibernation. And there can be some side effects when these people come out of hibernation.

This is called Hibernation Sickness, and it was something that Han Solo experienced when he was finally rescued. As a result of hibernation sickness, Han Solo lost what sense? He loses Jabba a lot of money. But he really had no choice.

There was an Imperial ship approaching, and if he was caught with that much spice, he would have been arrested. Even so, Jabba doesn't have much mercy. When Han convinces Jabba that he's going to pay him back, Jabba demands a huge amount of interest on top. After some negotiation, Han manages to haggle Jabba down to what sum?

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He's recaptured by Jabba, who then decides he's going to execute him and all of his friends. However, Luke manages to get a hold of his lightsaber with a little help from R2-D2, and a huge battle begins.

But Han Solo is still blind, so he can't really help much. Ren, under the orders of Snokeis instructed to find and kill Luke, as Snoke knows that as long as Luke is alive, a new generation of Jedi Knights can rise once again. Luke came to lose faith in Ren for his destruction of the New Jedi Order and believed he is unable to ever come back to the Light side. However, he showed deep remorse for failing to stop his fall to the Dark side.

Despite this, it does not soften Luke's opinion towards Ren. However, Rey points out to Luke that he failed Ren in thinking that his falling to the Dark side was a premeditated choice. After Yoda in a gentle manner scolds Luke, pointing out that failure is one of the greatest lessons the Jedi could learn from, this causes Luke to realize that his failure wasn't for training Ben in the ways of the Force and lightsaber combat, his failure was for not trusting his nephew and believing in his inner goodness; as he apologized to Ben for failing him.

After Luke was born, Obi-Wan took him to Tatooine, to be raised by his father's step-brother, Owen Larsand his wife, Beru Whitesunin order to protect him from Palpatine.

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Obi-Wan watched over him for nineteen years. Before discovering Obi Wan's true identity, Luke believing him to be a strange hermit, under the name of Ben Kenobi.

After this knowledge, he gained great respect and admiration for the Jedi Master.

Star Wars Luke Tells Leia That She is His Sister HD

During their journey to Alderaan, the two quickly became good friends. Luke was devastated by the death of his mentor, but continued to fight in in the Galactic Civil War, so that Obi-Wan's death would not be in vain. When he discovered that Vader was his father, Luke became angry that Obi-Wan had deceived and lied to him, but eventually forgave him.

However, after he became embittered over Ben's fall to the Dark side, Luke appeared to have regained his bitterness at Obi-Wan for failing to safe his father, as seen by how he told Rey that he believed that Obi-Wan's failure as a mentor was one of the proof of the Jedi Order's hypocrisy.

Despite this, after he made peace with his failures, hearing Obi-Wan's voice allowed him to become one with the Force while also retaining his identity, proving he still considered his mentor as a dear friend. Han Solo Luke arguing with Han.

star wars luke and leia relationship test

Luke initially had a rocky relationship with Han - due to Han being a greedy and selfish smuggler at the time. During their rescue of Leia and escape from the first Death Star, he became extremely annoyed by Han's recklessness, as he placed them at risk and almost got them captured several times. During the Battle of Yavin, however, Vader almost succeeds in killing Luke and Han saves him - after this Luke's opinion of Han changes - and they become close friends.

Around 30 years after the Empire's defeat, Luke seemingly abandoned his old friend and brother-in-law under his grief and guilt of failing his son. Despite this, Luke still cares about Han, upon learning from Chewbacca off-screen that he had recently been killed by Kylo Ren, he was genuinely devastated by Han's death, as he mourned and grieved over the death of his friend.

Luke would later join Han in death; as he willingly sacrificed himself for the Jedi and Resistance to survive. However, throughout the Galactic Civil War the two become close friends.

In Return of the Jedi, after he and Lando Calrissian destroy the second Death Star; defeating the Empire once and for all, Chewbacca celebrates his comrades' victory and reuniting with Luke, happy that his friend survived the Battle of Endor. Luke's first impression of Yoda was that of a strange, yet harmless hermit, however, after spending many hours on Dagobah, he realizes that the green alien was, in fact, a Force-user like himself and the last surviving Jedi Master in the galaxy.

He discovers this when Yoda begins to talk to Obi-Wan through the Force. At first, Luke wonders who he is talking to, until he hears Obi-Wan's voice.

Yoda initially refuses to train Luke as a Jedi despite the fact that there were very few Jedi left in the galaxypartly due to his age and mainly because the be believed Luke to be too much like his father, Anakin Skywalker, in personality reckless, impulsive, short-tempered, and hot-headed.

star wars luke and leia relationship test

Yoda was eventually persuaded, albeit reluctantly, by Obi-Wan to accept Luke as a trainee. Yoda then begins to train Luke in the ways of the Light Side of the Force and lightsaber combat, but also warns him about the dangers and lure of the Dark Side of the Force.

Luke had been on Dagobah for at least a year and came to greatly respect the elderly Jedi Master - having the same level of respect for Yoda that his father once had. Luke has a vision of his friends in pain and leaves to rescue them, abandoning his training, much to Yoda's disapproval and despite Yoda stating that the vision Luke had may not come true.

Three months later - Luke returns to Dagobah after rescuing Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt to complete his Jedi training - but is devastated to discover that Yoda is dying. The loss is deep as he had not completed his Jedi training and more so due to how close he had become to the Jedi Master.

This suggests that Leia felt it when Luke's spirit moved on to become one with the Force. They had a lot of adventures in books and movies that never made it on film, but that doesn't mean that they didn't happen -- unless, of course, those adventures were part of the expanded universe, which Disney retconned.

In Star Wars 22, the three got together to do something big: That story was so exciting that it's a shame it's something that fans will never get to see on film. For those who haven't read the comic, though, find it now: That means that Luke and Leia did not know that they were brother and sister. In that issue, the two were stranded on an island, trying desperately to get a message to the Rebellion to find them.

While stranded, they, fortunately, did not kiss again, but spent a lot of time bonding in other ways. Leia spoke about losing her home planet, and they shared stories about their childhoods. When Leia and Han realized that their son, Ben who would later become Kylo Renhad inherited the Skywalker talent for the Force, they decided to send him to the Jedi Academy run by his uncle, Luke.

This means that Leia spent very little time with her son while he was growing up. Instead, Ben grew up on the island under his uncle's tutelage. Deleted scenes that fans wanted to see might turn up later on a DVD release or the Internet, and often, these are scenes that flesh out the story told in the movie. The scene showed Luke having learned about Han's passing from Rey: The scene then shifts to one of Leia in a similar pose, also grieving for the passing of Han.

Bloodline reveals that Leia found inspiration in her mother. Part of the reason that Leia chose a career in politics, rather than become a Jedi, was because of her mother's work in the Senate. Having Darth Vader for a father certainly could do damage to their reputation, especially since they had become the heroes of the galaxy and had helped save their world from the evil Empire, under Vader's leadership. This was a secret that the twins held very dearly, but in the novel Bloodline, that secret gets out.