Staz and fuyumi relationship marketing

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staz and fuyumi relationship marketing

There's the usual stuff about whether Staz truly cares about Fuyumi, all this way with the relationship between Staz and Fuyumi, and in the end there's But all the marketing rationale in the world doesn't excuse an almost. Staz Fuyumi | Blood Lad Anime Group, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Manga Art.. If you're in a relationship (or on the market), you should be well aware of these. A Wide Variety of Blood Lad Characters Desk & Mouse Pad Table Play Mat (Staz Charlie Blood & Yanagi Fuyumi): Office Products.

staz and fuyumi relationship marketing

So as it remains, Staz and Fuyumi are to pretend not to know each other from previously. After everyone has been dressed in nicer clothing, Fuyumi is soon called in to see Nyen.

staz and fuyumi relationship marketing

While the other three are spying from the outside, the butler comes and greets them, including Staz. They're not sure how he knows who Staz is and asks, and he says that Braz has told him a lot about him.

staz and fuyumi relationship marketing

He also tells them that Braz happens to be pen-pals with Nyen. Because of this, it must mean that Nyen already knows who Staz is. In the King's palace, Goyle is researching something that Braz had leaked to them. Beros, not taking it seriously, decides that they should go to pick up Braz, or else they'll get into trouble. Goyle refuses and continues to stay on the computer, and we see that he is researching information of Akimu. On the screen, we see his before and after pictures; he now has a slightly different body and shorter hair.

In the other room, King Wolf and Braz continue to talk. As Braz is offered to take a swing at the golfball himself, King Wolf mentions how Braz has been doing an excellent job at keeping an eye on the Lower Demon World for him, even saying he managed to "put a kid named Akimu away after he went rampant down there".

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However, something bothers King Wolf about him. He then pulls out a picture of Pantomime, an agent that had suddenly disappeared while working for him. The twist is that the picture is of a non-stitched-together Akimu. Braz seems to find it amusing that King Wolf found out his plan, and does tell him they are in fact the same person.

staz and fuyumi relationship marketing

In Franken's temporary Lab, we are shown Pantomime and Franken viewing a new body for Pantomime, and Franken remarks at just how crazy Braz is to be doing this.

Braz then tells King Wolf that he has declared war on him.


King Wolf is excited; he didn't think there was a person stupid enough to defy him left. King Wolf knows that Braz does not want the throne for himself, so he questions as to who.

Braz does not tell him, but we are shown he plans on it being the host of the new body for pantomime. As he leaves, Beros escorts him to a room for questioning. However, Braz initiates a plan where he bites a scrape onto his finger, which because of his vampiric magic, instantly begins to regnerate.

When he receives word that a Japanese girl named Fuyumi has somehow appeared in his territory from the other world, his joy is tempered with concern, since her presence awakens the traditional vampire need to feed.

As soon as Fuyumi has entered into his life, she finds hers ended by a carnivorous monster plant intended to kill him.

Yanagi Fuyumi

Inthe decision was made to produce a partial anime adaptation. Blood Lad gets ten, plus an additional OVA one to add to the count.

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The short episode count means that the pacing has the best and worst traits of the first few volumes of Fairy Taila manga adaptation of similar tempo. At the same time, events lose consequence as the show seems to run through three or four arcs in its time. For example, about midway Staz finds himself trapped in a special prison while following up a lead, the loophole being that any prisoner who can defeat a pair of strong guards is free to leave.

staz and fuyumi relationship marketing

The episodes kept my attention and were entertaining for the most part, but the passage of time is just too brisk to add weight to relationships, events and fights. Fuyumi herself is more of a prop than a character: The wider cast are also fairly generic for the most part.

Ryouhei Kimura Staz's older brother. In contrast to his little brother, he's an elite vampire with good looks. He has the cunning to manipulate things to his will, but no one knows his true intentions. He also knows a secret about Staz's power.

Relationship Marketing 101: Part One

Taichi Komesu He's Staz's right hand man, and one of his most trusted men. Despite his stern appearance, he's a softhearted and caring man who's often at the whims of Staz. He truly cares for Staz and acts like a dedicated wife. Blood T Liz VA: Yuuka Nanri Staz's little sister.