Stress and performance relationship

stress and performance relationship

The purpose of this research was to study relationship between Job stress and performance among the hospitals nurses in year of Given this relationship between stress and performance, it's probably beneficial to understand how much stress you are currently experiencing. Stress can be either helpful or harmful to job performance, depending upon its level. When stress is absent, it limits job challenges and.

Relationship Between Stress and Job Performance

Once a task is well-learned, your mind will respond to stress and high-pressure situations a lot better than if you are a novice to the task. This goes for anything—from a hostage rescue situation to shooting to delivering a speech.

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In addition, in high-pressure situations, we are less able to think on our feet and methodically, which is why it is extremely important to be able to fall back on well-rehearsed responses. Some scientists believe that extroverts naturally perform better than introverts in high-pressure situations, given all other things equal. People who are introverts on the other hand, perform better than extroverts in environments with less stimuli and ample preparation. Trait Anxiety Trait anxiety is also known as limiting beliefs.

People who are self-confident and believe in their abilities are able to stay focused and concentrate on tasks better. People who are not confident in their abilities will be distracted by their limiting beliefs and self-doubt in high-pressure situations. Task Complexity Task complexity is, of course, the complexity of the given task.

  • How does Stress Affect Performance?

It is the level of attention and the amount of effort asserted in order to successfully complete the task. Again, simple activities can be performed successfully with high stress or arousal whereas most complex and unfamiliar tasks require a certain level of calmness stress in order to perform successfully.

So what does optimal stress feel like? Instead, when you are in a zone of optimal stress, you are energized and focused.

stress and performance relationship

Again, the level of optimal stress is greatly dependent on the task at hand. Grossman noted that when he measured the heart rate of champion sharpshooter Ron Avery, his heart beat was at the top of that range.

The Correlation Between Stress and Performance

Grossman also noted that after beats per minute, our body starts to go into hyperarousal, a state in which our bodies are too aroused to properly control our cognitive faculties and focus. An employee lose the ability to cope, fails to make a decision and displays inconsistent behaviour.

If stress continues to increase even further it reaches a breaking point.

stress and performance relationship

At this breaking stage, an employee is very upset and mentally devastated. Performance becomes zero, no longer feels like working for their employer, absenteeism increases, eventually resulting into quitting of a job or getting fired. Stress should not be very high nor too low. It must be within the range and limits of employee's capacity to tolerate and his performance level.

A controlled stress which is within limits is always beneficial and productive than an uncontrolled one. Management of every organisation must always consider their employees as assets of their firm and not work slaves. Efforts should be made regularly to monitor and study stress levels in working environment.

Necessary adjustments and arrangements should be made to control stress and its causes.