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sweet flirt halloween 2014

Lauren Conrad shares her favorite halloween costumes from past years. October 6, , AM This costume was fun because it was flirty but not too sexy (like some Halloween costumes can be you know what I . Sweet Digs . Ryan Wonders, “Why do people trick or treat on Halloween? As recently as , Halloween candy, costumes, and related products brought in almost $7. Check out these super funny and easy halloween costume ideas. Make these costumes yourself and candy bag balloon halloween costume.

Regina George For all the Mean Girls out there who forgot to put a dress on hold at back in January sorry, you can try Sears…worry not as you can still look like teen royalty this Halloween. You just went from the laziest person at the party to the most creative in 3. Wrap over white jeans and a white tee shirt for maximum effect.

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Brawny Paper Towel Guy OR, if you still want to come in handy when it comes to tackling spills at the party, but also want to spare yourself the roommate battle, grab your favorite plaid button down and jeans, grow a beard, and just be the Brawny paper towel guy.

Then spend your entire night breaking the fourth wall with those iconic Halpert mugs to the camera. Frida Kahlo For all the bushy browed beauties out there looking to play connect the dots and sport a unibrow for the night, all you need is a white peasant dressa butterfly or flower for your hair, and a dark eyeliner pencil.

Brownie points if you can find yourself a primate friend to carry around! Morton Salt Girl Time to dig the sundresses out for one last hoorah before winter. If inadequate people ask you what your costume is supposed to be, you have the added bonus of being able to hit them with your umbrella.

Are you the billionaire owner of Apple Computers? Well, according to Ryan Gosling, now may be your only chance to appropriately rock these sensible shoes. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, why are you even considering this… The lone prominent Asari actress played the atypical bimbo. She and her human boyfriend were killed in the middle of fucking each other when Myers impaled them both with a flag pole.

Kaidan thought it was good the movie got her out of the way first, since a lot of Asari were speculating any killer of human origin would near instantly be subdued since most Asari naturally had biotic powers.

They had a couple of Turians play the typical brawny, jock stereotypes. One of them got taken out when Myers sliced him clear in half at the waist, and the other one got his mandibles ripped off before he was drowned in a vat of water.

Judging by how Garrus and a lot of others Turians cringed at that scene, the makeup artists obviously must have pulled it off well. There was a Salarian who was a professor at the school. He got his face practically ripped in half when Myers pulled the two horns on top of his head apart.

There was even a Drell, who acted as the pothead for the group. He more or less wound up disemboweled. There was even a Volus banker and a Quarian janitor, both of whom were killed off for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The writers even worked in a playboy Hanar, who got his tentacles ripped off one by one. A Krogan with a local biker gang got his head caved in when he tried to fight Myers hand to hand.

Michael Myer's little sister and her foster parents were all human, in addition to a few more humans to round out the cast. The foster parents ended up being crushed when Myers shoved them into much-too-small cupboards, and most of the sister's friends were slashed in one way or another. The ending was pretty much expected. Little sister ends up being the only survivor of the massacre. At the climax of the movie she managed to shove Myers off the side of her school, a five story drop.

But of course in the morning as the local cops are showing up in force, there's only a bloody smear where Myer's body should be.

The audience saw a cop checking out a noise disturbance somewhere close by, only to see a large shadowy figure appear behind him. The screen cut to black at the sound of a blood curdling scream, followed soon by the credits.

They left the movie theatre joking and laughing about some of their favorite parts of the movie. Garrus finally seemed to finally be in better spirits, having forgotten about his ill-advised purchase. Ashley and Shepard needed recaps of what actually happened, too 'busy' to pay attention to the movie. Tali confessed she was rather disappointed. She'd thought the movie would be scarier, but it seemed as though nothing about Halloween could frighten the Quarian.

By contrast, Liara was probably one of the loudest screamers in the theatre. I think I'm starting to lose feeling in my hand. Garrus was still having a hard time believing Tali didn't think the movie was as scary and amazing as he did. The Quarian merely shrugged indifferently. I can't say I feel bad for an actor who played his part and got some special effects thrown on him. Most women are usually cling to their boyfriends and scream their lungs out.

You know, like Liara did. Garrus didn't miss the pointed look she gave him, and he felt his neck warm slightly. Well was it his fault he was stuck in his own world and simply neglected to realize Tali might not have a man to cling on to?

Besides, judging by the way Alenko was still flexing his sore arm, Garrus could guess he wasn't missing out on much. The decontamination cycle finally ended and they were let back onto the ship. They were greeted both by crew members on the bridge and loud Halloween music blaring through the ship speakers.

The party was already in full swing. Garrus recognized several crew members decked out in their costumes, along with a few people he didn't know. Probably some of the invitees Joans had been talking about earlier. While everyone else started to mingle, Garrus made his way past the CIC and down the flight of stairs to the mess hall, where the real center of the party was. He'd made the mistake of getting popcorn without a beverage, so Garrus has been fighting off the salty taste in his mouth all the way back to the Normandy and he needed a drink.

He entered the mess to find it a hub of activity. The tables had been removed, replaced with a makeshift dance floor where more than a few crew members were dancing the night away. Garrus maneuvered his way around the crowd and made his way to bar set alongside the far wall. Joans spotted him just as he got out his own beer.

Story wasn't too hammy, whatever that human idiom's supposed to mean, and the gore was really well done. You'd think they literally cut a guy open and had his guts spill out in front of a camera. How's the party been so far? Everyone's having fun and there's no shortage of alcohol and snacks.

We'll be good to keep partying for a long while. After he took a swig Garrus asked, "Wrex hasn't been causing too much trouble yet, has he?

Wrex is filling out an incident report with C-Sec right now. Joans broke out into a huge grin and tossed her a drink as well. The guys were making fun of him for dressing up as the Easter Bunny. I already know it was Joker. She turned back to Joans. God, it must have been hilarious to watch! C-Sec just wanted to hold him for a little while to make sure he didn't do anything crazy.

He'll be back soon. Then something appeared to cross his mind and he said to Garrus, "Oh, just so you know, Dr. Michel made it here alright. A leaden weight dropped in his gullet, and very suddenly Garrus no longer had the urge to have anything to drink. He stared at Joans with wide eyes. Garrus followed direction of the movement and his heart skipped a beat.

Chloe stood off to the side of the party, down the hallway lined with sleeper pods, chatting with Dr. Garrus felt his neck catch fire when he saw the costume she was wearing. She wore an atypical French Maid outfit, complete with a wide skirt that was far too short, tight black stockings on her legs, and an old timey feather duster clasped in her hands.

She even had a frilly white bonnet in her hair. It's not the first time Garrus has seen her wear it, but before it was always in rather… intimate situations. Spirits, she was as beautiful as ever.

Her red hair shined in the low lighting and Garrus could tell she was using an eye shadow that made her green eyes sparkle.

He stood stock still. Garrus had no idea what to do. After their nasty breakup the two of them had only begrudgingly stayed in contact. The only messages he received now were queries about his health and if he was okay. His replies were much the same, and neither had brought up what it was they used to have. Distantly he thought he heard Ashley say something angrily to Joans. I didn't even though they were in a relationship in the first place!

She gave him a worried look but took the bottle from his nonetheless. Before he could think otherwise, his legs were propelling Garrus forward, his gaze focused on Chloe's back.

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He could tell he was already starting to break out into a nervous sweat, and for the life of him Garrus had no idea what he could possibly say. Chakwas noticed him over Chloe's shoulder and a Cheshire grin spread out across her human lips. She quickly made an excuse about having to check on Joker and sent a not-so-subtle wink to Garrus before she walked away. Confused, Chloe turned around, and gasped when she saw Garrus.

He stopped a foot away from her, clenching his fists at his sides so they wouldn't fidget. The two of them stood there for a moment, neither knowing what to do. Chloe twined her hands around her feather duster.

Garrus felt his collar becoming unbearably warm, and he could see Chloe's cheeks were rosy from embarrassment. Eventually Garrus said, "I, uh, didn't expect to see you here, Dr. You're a real Casanova, or whatever the fuck that stupid human term means. Chloe look down, a hurt expression crossing her features and Garrus instantly hated himself. Her French accent was still so intoxicating. Chakwas messaged me, and she mentioned you were having a party. I asked if I could come, and she told me she didn't think anyone would mind.

Shuffling on his feet, Garrus coughed into his hand to get himself under control. I was just… surprised you came. I'm glad to see you. She gave him a small smile back, and it did wonders to relieve the tension in his mind.

We don't talk that much anymore, so I wanted to get a firsthand feel of your new friends and your job. And from the people I've talked too so far, it looks like you're really doing some good here. There's no one on this ship that doesn't consider you a friend. He gestured to her costume.

Well, I mean, that's not to say you don't look nice most days. You're pretty good at making yourself look nice, even when you're not trying. I just mean, um, you look… really good. With an airy chuckle Chloe said, "And I see you're still going strong as Galvatoryx. What is this, the third year now?

If it isn't broke, don't fix it? And I've always thought you looked rather handsome in your costume. He clasped his hands together and said, "Well, actually, I spend most of my off time working on the Mako. It's an infantry vehicle we use whenever we have to drop in quick from high atmosphere. It was just a, um, a suggestion. I wouldn't want to drag you away from-" Then suddenly Chloe stepped closer, taking one of his hands in her own, and he didn't have to imagine just the warmth he felt through the glove.

Garrus inhaled sharply, her all too familiar citrus shampoo assaulting his senses. She looked up at him with those shiny green eyes and those cute pinks lips. Garrus had forgotten how much he missed all those little human quirks about her. He'd forgotten how much he missed her. Seeing the adoration in her gaze, Garrus cursed himself for ever thinking he could move past her. Not trusting his words, Garrus only nodded, a smile on his face. He led her by the hand around the party and toward the elevator, feeling lighter than he has in a long time.

Meanwhile… If it were possible to feel complete and utter depression, Ashley could make a safe bet Tali was feeling it right now. The poor Quarian had descended the stairs and entered into the mess just in time to see Garrus walk out of it, hand in hand with his old flame Dr.

sweet flirt halloween 2014

Maybe Ash couldn't read body language to the same degree a Quarian could, but she could see from the slump to Tali's posture that she was taking this hard. She walked over to the counter set up for the bar area, followed closely by Liara and another Quarian girl who'd been invited by one of the crew, set her arms up on it, and promptly let her face mask slam down onto the table.

Aleen, this is Ashley Wiliams. She wore a suit not unlike Tali's, although Aleen used several yellow and orange clothes, as opposed to Tali's purple cloth. In lieu of a costume, Ashley saw she had imprinted a 2-D Jack-o-lantern hologram on her visor. Michel is hardly common knowledge. Ash turned back to the newcomer. So, who do you know on the ship? Aleen went on saying, "And to answer your question, one of your engineers, Collin Smith, invited me.

We met in an online chat forum and we've sort of been going out for the last few months. You want one two, Aleen? Tali practically snatched her drink from Ash's hand and stuck the straw into the slot, taking a very healthy swig of the alcoholic beverage.

Liara shared a concerned look with Ash. That stupid Turian can date whoever he wants. Why should I care? Tali let out a long suffering sigh before taking another long drink. He got a weird look in his eye and an evil smile spread across his face. And then he was off without a word. It means nothing fazed her. Ash quirked an eyebrow at her. Behind her, Ashley watched as Kaidan made his way back to their group. But this time Ash could see his biotics were alight, and he was using them to hold something Ash couldn't make out.

Liara glanced behind Tali as well, then sent Ashley a concerned look. Ash subtly shook her head, begging the Asari not to say anything.

sweet flirt halloween 2014

Oh my god, Tali, please just keep talking and don't look behind you! Thankfully, the Quarian must have been too inebriated already to notice anything was up. And now Ashley could finally see it was the large fake spider Joker had set up earlier. It took all of her willpower not to break into a huge grin just imagining what would happen next.

The spider dropped a little lower. Hell, by this point even Liara might as well have Kaidan.

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The spider paused a moment as Kaidan took in her words, but then it resumed its downward motion. She swiveled her head, and locked eyes with the beady little ones of the spider. The screech Tali let out could be heard on every single deck of the ship, far surpassing the noise level of the music.

She flung herself from the bar counter, falling to the ground and trying to scramble away. The entirety of the mess hall burst out into uncontrollable laughter, and Kaidan let the spider flop lifelessly to the floor as he could no longer control his biotics with how hard he was laughing. Ashley had to prop herself against the counter, lest she fall over from holding her splitting sides. Liara and Aleen had to lean on each other for support they were laughing so hard. The moment Tali realized what had happened, she was on Kaidan in an instant, laying a barrage of punches on him, each one punctuated with an increasingly creative list of curses.

They turned to see Wrex waltz into the mess hall, decked out in yet another costume. He now wore a large green suit, accompanied by a large green hat and big brown pointy shoes. Wherever one looked there were either golden buttons or golden buckles. He wore a large red beard and had a smoking pipe affixed between his teeth. Candy apples used to be given out for trick-or-treat.

In the first half of the 20thcentury, giving candy apples out for trick-or-treating was very popular. From China to Ireland and Brazil to Germany, local versions of the candied apple are eaten during the celebration of a number of holidays beginning around Halloween and reaching all the way to Christmas.

When it comes to candy apples, only some apples will do. The most common varieties of apple used to create these treats are Fuji and Granny Smith which work best for two reasons.

First, the tart flavor is a better contrast to the sweet candy coating. Second, crisp apples like these hold up better under the heat and weight of the candy coating. They may be healthier than you think. An average home-made candy apple generally ranges from to calories and contains 0 to 3 grams of fat. Of course, these figures are entirely dependent on what you use to make the candy coating.