Tadase and ikuto relationship tips

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tadase and ikuto relationship tips

Dating sites in usa and uk women; Dating site similar to twoo chat; Gong hyo jin Utau was the only person Ikuto contacted and told this to. Diamond becomes Amu's guide in the Eggs' Cradle in Amu's search for the four coloured shards. So without further to do, here is "Tadase's The Jealous Type? . Amu sighed, now she most definitely had to tell the guardians she was dating Ikuto. Ikuto set Amu down and she tip-toed and gave Ikuto a peck on the lips and. Tadase Hotori (辺里唯世 Hotori Tadase) is one of the main characters of Shugo Because Tadase's father had a close relationship with Ikuto's mother, she is They trust each other wholeheartedly, and would sometimes give advice on.

There is a meeting to day, ne? For Amu's last class, the student's were assigned to walk around the whole town to 'help calm themselves' and to be back before the bell. The teacher was actually too lazy to teach but no one was complaining.

Amu walked aimlessly around a small park. It was very calming to walk around by her self without an annoyance or disturbance every now and then.

Amu walked towards a large water fountain in the middle of the park, sat down on its ledge, and dipped her hand in the water, "How should I tell everyone?!

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I can't just stand up and say 'Oh yeah, you know our enemy Tsukiyomi Ikuto? Yeah the supposedly evil cat guy? Well, he's my boyfriend! No, she had to calmly tell them herself about her relationship with the cat eared boy. If they were truly her friends…they'd understand, right? Amu sighed; this was all too much for her! Tadase took a seat next to Amu, "Ano…We've known each other for a long time, ne? I love you Hinamori-san and I was wondering….

tadase and ikuto relationship tips

Tadase quickly stood protectively in front of Amu, "Tsukiyomi Ikuto! I'm trying to see Amu. And what gives you that authority? Tadase had a golden King-like outfit on and a sceptor that went with it. Amu sweat dropped "Really fits his personality For those who have seen the anime knows what it looks like xD Ikuto smirked, "This will be interesting.

Tadase let out an angry yell as he charged towards Ikuto who jumped up in the air to doge Tadase. As the two were fighting, all Amu could do was stand there.

She couldn't believe the two people she loved dearly were fighting!

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Sure she loved Ikuto with all her heart, but Tadase became like a brother to her over the years after she accepted the fact that he would never consider to ask her out.

Well, he had horrible timing to develop feelings for her. The two said boys charged at each other and her then in a lock. Ikuto was blocking Tadase's staff with his claws and Tadase was blocking Ikuto's claws with his staff.

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Ikuto leaned forward, "Give up little King. I won't let you take her from me! Amu let out a frustrated sigh, "Colorful Canvas! Amu stepped in front of the boy and frowned, "Tadase-kun, you out of all people I thought would be happy for me. But now you have to apologize to Ikuto. Amu shot Tadase a glare. Tadase sighed, "Fine, Gomen Ikuto. Amu smiled, "Now I just have to- oh shoot! The bell will ring soon!

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Everyone was taking it a lot better than Tadase did. Yaya nodded, "Yaya thinks Amu-chi and Ikuto will be happy together!

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I mean you two just started dating and all and-" Amu flushed red, "K-Kukai! Everyone got up and said their goodbye's and left for home. Ikuto pulled back and smirked, "How did they take it? Amu turned beet red, "I-Ikuto!

Sooooo how did you guys like it? I didn't like it too much, the first was better. I have no problem if you guys say it was horrible. Just to let ya know. Thank you to my editor Butterbiscuits72, I can't wait to see you at school!

tadase and ikuto relationship tips

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tadase and ikuto relationship tips

So a huge basket of popsicles for everyone because popsicles make everything better, ne? Tadase began to distrust Ikuto, but not hate him, when he had stolen the Dumpty Key from him, and after he saw Betty die. Tadase still distrusts Ikuto, and accuses him of bad happenings before he finds out what really happened.

In the manga, when Tadase finds out that Ikuto is being used to hurt others, he agrees to help Amu save him from Easter Company. Tadase apologizes to Ikuto for all the things he blamed him for in Chapter As with Ikuto, Tadase used to play regularly with Utau. After Utau moved towards middle school, however, they essentially lost contact until the Easter incident, within which they displayed relatively little interaction: Tadase does not hold the same ill will he does against Ikuto towards her.

tadase and ikuto relationship tips

They, can, although, be assumed to be on fine terms after Utau decides to leave the company, although, perhaps due towards Utau's profession and her commitment towards it, they still do not seem to contact each other much. Kukai and Tadase have been friends with each other since their years as Guardians. They trust each other wholeheartedly, and would sometimes give advice on things to each other.