Takagi and sato relationship questions

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takagi and sato relationship questions

I can believe they were dating before the Matsuda case if you put "dating" in the loosest Takagi and Sato starting date when Sato realize she in love with Takagi as she about to kiss . He still ask the wrong questions. Speaking of DC ships, how do you feel about Sato/Takagi? about each other, and we're shown them handling stumbling blocks in their relationship. could be cleared up with a few direct questions”, such as when Takagi thinks Sato might. A collection of stories centered on Satou and/or Takagi, with an emphasis on A girl who had once met Takagi ponders upon Satou and Takagi's relationship. Detective Takagi decides to ask some *very* direct questions of Conan; secrets.

Agreed since rewatching Episode and Sato herself called "our date" that one should be the first official date. That "date" was at the end of ShinRan4ver wrote: Just the title suggest they are dating as of this episode.

takagi and sato relationship questions

Granted in that episode the DB suggest he does not have a girlfriend. But it is clear he likes Sato. And Yumi says to him off screen that Sato likes someone.

takagi and sato relationship questions

It is clear at the end of the case the person she likes is Takagi and she wanted to eat dinner with him, only Megure came in and stopped that. But Takagi was invited to come with them.

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But he let his own thoughts stop him. This might have been the first almost date This will be added to At the end of the next"The Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story" Episodes She and Takagi went to see the suspect in that case off catch a plane to his daughter's wedding. They are together and not really working. This might be called a particular date.

Confession of takagi and sato in detective conan?

He still ask the wrong questions. He should have then and there say he likes her and ask how she feels about him.

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However, both of them denies that this is true. Takagi wonders why Sato didn't go to assist Inspector Megure in the bank robbery case, and learns that the bank manager, together with his wife, will arrive at the Police Headquarter.

Sato asks Takagi whether he has heard anything from her friend Yumi. He silently recalls Yumi's words, about what Sato told her when she was drunk, that the person she likes is someone from the first investigation division, who may very well be Takagi himself.

The bank manager, Keizo Masuo, comes by himself and decides to call his wife. During the phone call, Takagi and the others suddenly hear the wife's scream. He, Sato, Conan and Keizo rush to Keizo's house and find his wife's dead body. The person to be in charge of this murder case is Inspector Ninzaburo Shiratori, a police officer who has just been promoted recently.

When Sato sarcastically suggests that Shiratori may as well consider her "a possible wedding match", Takagi misunderstands and begins to suspect that the person whom Sato said she has feelings for is none other than Shiratori. He keeps thinking of unreal scenarios with Shiratori and Sato being together, and isn't able to fully concentrate on the case.

takagi and sato relationship questions

Later, with the help from Conan, the trick and the identity of the killer are uncovered, and the case goes to an end.