Tamsin and bo relationship tips

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tamsin and bo relationship tips

Mar 1, Here are a few things we'd love to see happen with Bo and company. but truth be told, we don't know that much about the Doc outside of her relationship with Bo. There is a lot to like about newbie Dark Fae, Tamsin. . 10 Awesome Films That Feature Lesbian/Bi Women of Color · 9 Tips for Straight. Yey! Bo finally asked Lauren to give their relationship a go. Bo and Tamsin finally getting along and even decided to share to each other their deepest. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Just kidding, how about just more of the good stuff. We found out recently that she spent time in Afghanistan, which was as big a shock to viewers as it was to Kenzi.

Lauren is such a fantastically complex character, that I hope we get to see her past and intentions explored.

tamsin and bo relationship tips

Ruthless, brutal, cocky, the Dark Fae dude had it out for our girl Bo. I fell for Vex the moment he made a breakdancing fool out of The Morrigan. Finding himself sans power, he recently headed out of town to do a little soul searching. Wolves mate for life, yadda yadda. Dyson is nothing if not stoic. So, lets give Wolfman a super awesome love interest in Season Four that can ease the pain of losing Bo. Being the only humans in a world full of Fae certainly does give them at least one thing in common.

We do know that Tamsin is a Valkyrie someone who decides who lives and who dies on the battlefield and when she gets her Dark Fae mojo on, her face turns a little, well, terrifying. Her first few appearances came off as a little one dimensional, but with her becoming closer to Dyson and Bo and further from the Dark, there is a lot of potential for this Fae yet.

It almost seems as if in some way, she longs to be a part of their unit, the motley crew that is Team Bo. That, or at least more cussing, drinking and punching of Dysons.

Chez Bo, has no insulation or drywall. The landlady hastily writes the prescription and the women flee when Whitman arrives.

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By the gates, Bo bids Tamsin farewell, expecting that the valkyrie would not go any further along the way as she swore earlier. Tamsin surprises Bo and steps past the gate.

Whitman to reclaim the girl. Using a skill she lacked at the start of the episode, Bo defeats Whitman and turns to Tamsin, overjoyed. She is surprised when Tamsin rushes forward to seal the excitement with an unexpected kiss. It lasts all of six seconds, and the two women pull away with amazed, shocked, and confused expressions. It was at this point that a countless number of fangirls of all ages lost their shit.

But this kiss of all kisses does not conclude the valkubus-y events of this episode. Bo and Tamsin head back to the Dal together.

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Upon their arrival, it is revealed to Bo that the events that had unfolded throughout the day were all part of her Dawning invitation. By now, Lauren is gone and Bo and Tamsin find themselves alone in the apartment.

They help themselves to a bottle of opened champagne left behind by Lauren a few hours before. So, I decided to stick around.

The answer seems to surprise Tamsin who remains virtually speechless as Bo continues to gaze at her searchingly.

tamsin and bo relationship tips

I was wrong about you. Well, you really do suck at reading people. The valkyrie downs her drink and awkwardly gives Bo a tap on the arm before leaving the room. She lifts it from the ground, flipping it over and muttering,"Not her. Bo laughs, admitting that it's her fault, and soon thereafter heads off to the camp with Kenzi and Dyson. Tamsin appears first in a dark warehouse-esque setting, meeting up with a mysterious older woman who turns out to be her mentor, Acacia.

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The scene is light-hearted until Acacia hands a card to Tamsin, who takes it, her expression falling. She immediately recognizes it as the same Wanderer card that Bo picked in Brazenwood. Acacia delivers the message, "He knows you've found her.

tamsin and bo relationship tips

Now it's time to finish the job. The rune bottle is said to require "one hair from someone [Bo] loves, two from someone she trusts, and three from her own head. Turning her attention to the nearby drawer, Tamsin finds a comb, pulling from it two strands of hair and dropping them into the rune bottle. As she places the contents back into the drawer, she notices a photograph of Bo. She then places the photograph back in the drawer, stands, and makes for the door.

Before leaving, Tamsin stops at a trashcan, giving the bottle one last glance before plunging it deep into the bin. Tamsin immediately exclaims that she had never asked for it and asserts that she will deal with the problem her own way. Acacia reminds her that she will be hunted down if she betrays "Him," and before walking off, she tells Tamsin to finish the job. She threatens to the job herself if Tamsin doesn't comply and this leaves the valkyrie hopelessly conflicted as she backs up against a wall.

When Tamsin arrives at work, she notices a package on her desk. The valkyrie swiftly closes the box again, clearly distraught. Now convinced fully to complete the task handed to her, Tamsin moves to Lauren next.

tamsin and bo relationship tips

When the enraged doctor demands she leave, Tamsin complies, waves her goodbye with a smirk. The succubus offers her a drink while mourning her breakup with the doctor. They break away and Bo moves to prepare the wine glasses, but as she turns to Tamsin, the valkyrie is gone. Her eyes carry heavy bags beneath them, her blonde hair is tied into a careless bun, and her clothes look sloppily thrown on.

She brushes off his concern with snide resentment as the subject veers towards the still unsolved case of the dead fae who had last come into contact with Bo. Dyson manages to convince Tamsin to clean herself up and join him on site at the place of the original crime. Later, the two are seen together - Tamsin looking much healthier - walking along an unbeaten path in a field near the crime scene.

tamsin and bo relationship tips

This leads the two detectives to a mass grave where a discovery grants them the conclusion that Bo is innocent in the murder of the blonde fae. Her search coming up empty, Bo sulks in a bubble bath, occasionally checking her phone for messages. She is startled by a noise and jumps out armed with a knife as Tamsin stumbles into the bathroom, drunk, with a bottle of whiskey in hand. The valkyrie clumsily removes her shoes and places her bottle aside before climbing into the tub, holding eye contact with the confused and flabbergasted succubus throughout the entire process.

To me you are. Your eyes are both brown and blue. Unexpectedly, Dyson is poisoned by a group of humans impersonating fae and taken away.

When asked what she is doing there, the valkyrie stammers for a valid explanation only to give up and confess that she lives in her truck.