The empress reversed as relationship outcome

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the empress reversed as relationship outcome

Tarot Meaning Reversed: When reversed, the Empress still indicates If you are in a committed relationship, this card reminds you even when reversed to pay. The Empress reversed tarot card can be a sign of smothering, trouble with a the higher-up/underling and parent/child relationship, and the Empress reversed . The Empress tarot card meanings upright and reversed rx in love, relationships, job, money, financial and The Empress reversed as outcome and advice.

You may look great but are pretty empty and have nothing to say for yourself. In relationship readings, the reversed Empress indicates disharmony, instability and a lack of positive growth. You may find it hard to express your emotions or take love from the idealistic stage in the head and bring it into the heart.

Your heart may be closed and cold. You may feel disconnected from your partner or have lost touch with each other. Children, work and chores may leave precious little time for you as a couple.

Communication and emotions are repressed and blocked creating an environment for resentment to breed in. You have forgotten each other and need to find your way back before it is too late.

Her reversed presence in a relationship reading would suggest that your sex life is either non-existent or lacking in passion. When have you last physically touched? You really need to spice things up and have some fun as a couple. Try to arrange date nights. Dress up and go out but do not talk about the kids or having to put the bins out when you go home.

Try to find your way back to your courting days when you only had eyes for each other. Sadly, Divorce and Widowhood are both representations of the reversed Empress.

If you want to save your relationship you must work hard now to get it back under control. The Empress reversed can suggest commitment issues.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - (3) The Empress Reversed

You may have a habit of bailing out of relationships as soon as they seem to be going somewhere or settling down. Doing this puts you in control and blocks the natural progression and growth of a relationship.

What is it that you are afraid of? The Empress reversed can hint at extramarital affairs and infidelity. With her strong sensuality and passion she can be drawn to seduction and flirtation. She can be the nightmare Vamp at parties who attracts men to her like a moth to a flame.

Her amazing looks, curvaceous body and sultry pout make women feel extremely uncomfortable. Indeed in a less negative sense she is the impossibly beautiful woman who lives down the road from you.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you work out and no matter what you wear you will never come even close to looking as well. In fact she even looks absolutely fabulous putting the bins out in the morning. As Mother Nature in her upright her fertility and creativity can now run amok in the reversal. We have already explored how unkempt her garden can become as it flourishes with weeds and overgrowth.

When it comes to health it may indicate that the body is providing the right environment for unhealthy growths such as tumours, cysts and fibroids. In her upright as Mother Nature she creates and gives birth, in the reverse she can become destructive and merciless with that which she creates. Sometimes the reversed Empress suggests that time when your child bearing days are coming to an end. This may be a difficult transition for you and hormones may have you all over the place.

The Empress asks you to remember that you too are a Triple Goddess like her and that at each stage of your journey, be it as Maiden, Mother or Crone you are important and have much to offer. She also reminds you that in time you will also get to return and be the Maiden once more so all is not lost. When it comes to creativity the reversed Empress can indicate being artistically or creatively blocked.

This block may be internal or external. Sometimes what the reversed Empress creates has no structure or form as she finds it hard to express herself. You may lack belief in your artistic abilities and deny your natural talents which leads to inner frustration. Go back and read over the upright Empress in relation to creativity and artistic abilities as the same applies in the reversed.

You must do something about this as great happiness can be found once you give yourself permission. Your career may be going nowhere because it is not the right path for you.

The Empress (Reversed) ~ Tarot Explained

There is a strong sense of inactivity and stunted growth. However, your business may just be going through the incubation period and so patience may be required.

You may not have researched your market well and have now overproduced goods you cannot sell. It can indicate a very lean time in business. Some careful weeding in superfluous areas may be required. You may have over expanded and now need to bring things back to a more manageable level.

The Empress in Love

You may need to create a new product or idea to waken The Empress once more. You also need to ask yourself how well you treat those who work for you. Do you provide a happy and caring environment for your staff? Pay attention to how you act toward others, too. Trouble with a woman of female figurehead is also a possible interpretation. You can't think of all the women in your life as mother figures because many clearly aren't, and it's a stereotype to treat all women as if they are only mothers in one form or another.

Overmothering can apply to people on equal footing, too. An overly "caring" roommate, a stranger who inappropriately comments on your clothes or food choices -- all of these can relate to the Empress reversed.

the empress reversed as relationship outcome

Co-dependency and enabling are also related behaviors. Reversed tarot cards can have meanings that are at both ends of the scale.

In the Empress reversed's case, just as you can have smothering, you can also have neglect and even bullying. This aspect of the reversed card is not kind and not caring, and instead of providing comfort, it wants to take comfort away or simply doesn't care if you are comfortable. On a less traumatic note, the Empress reversed can be about blocked creativity. That actually sounds like a relief after all the other possible meanings. If you have trouble remembering what the Empress reversed means, look at that crown of stars.

When the card is upside-down, the stars look like they're falling. Something has gone off with the growing, flowing love of the Empress.

Don't get alarmed, though. Remember that the Empress reversed is one card, and the surrounding cards will all play a role. Maybe everyone else involved is fantastic, and the Empress reversed isn't that difficult to deal with. Or maybe the Empress reversed is actually on your side, and you both work to overcome some blocked creativity with a work project.

A professional online tarot reading will help guide you through the whole spread and not just one aspect of it.

Empress Reversed

The Empress reversed is a sign to pay attention. Also loving and nurturing feelings fit with this card, esprecially when it shows up for your feelings towards the other party. When the feelings of someone else for you is represented by the Empress they could you as their long term partner.

The Empress as feelings is not just a fling.

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This Major Arcana card with the element earth is very stable and long lasting. The Empress tarot card could also represent someones wife or a mother figure in a relationship reading. Especially when there a lot of number 3 tarot cards in the reading you need to know how many people are involved in this subject of the reading.

the empress reversed as relationship outcome

The Empress job and career, business and finances When the Empress tarot card shows up for a project there are many possibilities with this project. The possibilities of this project will be fertile.