Tia li and aaron yan relationship questions

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tia li and aaron yan relationship questions

Mysterious Scorpio Aaron Yan enjoys acting out crazy roles (The questions asking about Aaron's albums' .. Aaron Yan and Tia Li's new Taiwanese drama, "Fall in Love With Me" . Is it worth dating a man who's moving too slowly ?. Starring: Aaron Yan, Tia Lee, Jack Lee. Genres: TV Shows Le Si's relationship with Xiao Lu takes another sudden turn. Mrs. Li issues a warning to Le Si. Aaron Yan and Tia Li Find Glenn Travis wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend, It wasn't until Hong Kong pop star Aaron Kwok announced his relationship with.

Tia Lee’s new boyfriend looks like Aaron Yan - Toggle

July 29, at 3: Login or Register before you can reply to windy ghk July 29, at 7: I have to run now. I need to see the psychologist, but I think there is something who needs to come along with me.

tia li and aaron yan relationship questions

He should Tie up his shoe laces and come along with me, hahahaha. Login or Register before you can reply to Trini windy replied: Wow, better hide now haha LOL. Login or Register before you can reply to windy windy July 30, at It was so cute in the past now ew gross.

Login or Register before you can reply to Bah Trini says: July 29, at They all get plastic surgery, and sometimes it alters their faces for the worse. I think the men are more into PS than the women. One person who got a nose job and some work around the eyes and look better is Mike He. He knew when to quit, and he looks good.

It’s official: Aaron Yan does not wear eyeliner

Sadly, Aaron and others do not look so good anymore. Login or Register before you can reply to Trini Kidd replied: Mike He already look handsome in DBM.

tia li and aaron yan relationship questions

Login or Register before you can reply to Kidd Kidd says: So sad if he really altered his natural good looks to become this Ken doll. Why even beautiful people have no confidence in their own look? Login or Register before you can reply to Kidd prettysup replied: July 30, at 7: Used to think he was the best looking among them, but how come he looks so different in this picture?

Login or Register before you can reply to prettysup chillax July 30, at 8: July 30, at 9: It is just that he got a little nip and tuck and then he stopped.

Aaron Yan ❤ Tia Lee Forever

It was a good surgeon who did fantastic work. He got some fillers in the face a few years ago too and Mike looks really good. He knew when to stop, and that is great for him. August 4, at So scrawny, nothing to show but a bag of bones. Login or Register before you can reply to rofl L. August 7, at 4: We'll just enjoy your beautiful face for a bit before moving on.

Okay, so Tao Le Si collapsed from love sick fatigue. It apparently got her into your house and we could all see how lovely and caring you are. Even Mama Tao is kind of on your side. I mean look at him being all caring and stuff and yet all tortured with angst.

Maybe you can show her sections or something. I can tell that you're majorly frustrated by the fact that Taozi seems absolutely blind and completely idiotic to not recognize how awesome you are, but this whole deciding to be Xiao Lu is a bit much.

It made my heart hurt when you heaved that sigh of defeat and "realizing" you've lost against yourself.

tia li and aaron yan relationship questions

I mean, what sort of crazy person does that. Let me clue you in right now, lots of heartache and lots of tears. If Taozi weren't so dang stubborn and hopelessly in love with someone she hardly knows, maybe you would have a chance. Just because she can't see it, doesn't mean it's not true. But please remember, you can't actually love her wholeheartedly because you're not being the whole you.

You're playing a really screwy dating game here. I guess you're being you, and it's just Tao Le Si that refuses to see the real you. I wonder how much we can all identify with that - the whole people not seeing the whole us. Okay, the more I think about it, the more sympathetic to your cause I get.

So that whole reunion scene was cute and stuff, but boy, I was distracted by your arms.

tia li and aaron yan relationship questions

I think that Korean drama writers could take a leaf out of your book and follow suit. And I'm certainly glad for the adorableness of the getaway weekend to his family vacation spot. But at least we got a sizzling kiss.

Thank you Aaron, I appreciate that. And you can smile as much as you want. Actually, if the camera just wants to have you in the frame the whole time, I won't complain. Please forgive me the screencaps And the bedroom scene.

You were both so adorkable and awkward. I'm not so sure how you went from sizzling kiss to "we are so shy and awkward". And Taozi, are you really wondering why you're feeling so flustered. Also, I found it hilarious that it seems you just had to take your shirt off Tian Xing, really?!

Again, I'm not complaining, but really. Maybe he's like Taeyang, prone to losing his shirts. Though maybe that doesn't really go with his singing style. And I am glad you apologized, albeit in your head, about lying to Taozi. I think you realize deep down that no relationship that has meaningful and lasting value should ever be based on a lie.

The Deets on “Refresh Man” Star Aaron Yan

So why are you persisting in it? You know it's not a good idea. Is your physical proximity to Taozi so important that you will sacrifice a potentially more fulfilling future with her as Tian Xing?