Tna aces and eights ending relationship

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tna aces and eights ending relationship

That match ended in a brawl between the TNA roster and Aces & Eights, during which Joseph Park unmasked a member, revealing him as Drew Hankinson. 5. Bully Ray: From Mr. Brooke Hogan To President Of Aces & Eights only to find himself in a secret romantic relationship with Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke. They actually ended an episode of TNA Impact with Brooke, Hulk. AJ came to the aid of the Main Event Mafia as they took on Aces & Eights, ending the night on top as he pinned Devon and forced him to leave.

They won following interference from two other members of the stable, one of whom was subsequently unmasked and revealed as Devona member of the TNA roster and the former tag team partner of Bully Ray. After Devon announced that he and Bully were no longer brothers, Bully called Devon a "coward" and challenged him to a match on the "Open Fight Night" episode of Impact, on November 1.

8 Times TNA Turned Trash Into Treasure

Later that night, D. Sting and Angle won by disqualification when Devon used Sting's baseball bat. Sting was then attacked by several members and beaten with a ball-peen hammer by D. As a reward for his loyalty, D.

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Later that night, the group attacked Angle again, as well as Jeff Hardy after being paid to do so by Bobby Roode. At Final ResolutionDevon, D. Anderson accepted that offer on the January 3,episode.

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Angle unmasked Devon's tag team partner, revealing him as Knox renamed "Knux" in March During the beatdown, Knux and D. Sting tried to make the save, but was also beaten down. Kurt Angle called out Mr. Magnus made his return and fought Devon, but D. Devon was armed with a hammer which he simply tossed to Bully.

This was the culmination of a nine-month plan by Bully to become the TNA World Champion and it was actually one of the rare instances where TNA followed through with their long term planning. The reveals of each member was clearly well thought of by the writers with the big end game being Bully Ray winning the TNA World title. They had a plan and they stuck with it. A lot of the Aces and Eights stuff leading up to Lockdown was hard to deal with, I must admit.

Bully Ray addressed a lot of the plot holes fans might have pointed out over the course of the storyline in a great segment on Impact a few weeks later, when Bully revealed the whole plan. Right, because Kurt just kept this important information to himself for a week? It could have possibly been covered up with Kurt giving D-Lo a chance to reveal himself but this was never mentioned by any of the commentators.

D-Lo was also kicked out of the group during this time for losing a I Quit match to Kurt and a number of other botches which cost the group as well. There was more dissension within the group as D. This led to an all Aces and Eights battle royal which saw D. Anderson was also elected Vice President but the storyline was never really followed up on, as D.

These two new additions to the group was questioned by Anderson, but Bully just told Anderson off for doing so.

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In order to cause further dissension in the group, Hulk Hogan claimed that one of the members of Aces and Eights would get the title shot. Anderson was revealed as the number one contender and effectively left the group by costing Bully a match with Sting. Wes was also kicked out of the group by Bully Ray for losing a match and Devon was exiled from TNA after getting pinned in a five on five tag team match against the Main Event Mafia. It seemed that with a lot of the members leaving, the group was going to be finished real soon.

Some emotional knife twisting for the Hogans and Arc Welding to explain each element of his master plan later, Bully and his crew asserted their dominance over the TNA roster, attacking wrestlers more brazenly than ever.

However, Hogan, Sting, and the roster's desire for revenge became the driving force behind the challenges to Bully's title, namely coming from Jeff Hardy and Sting.

tna aces and eights ending relationship

Taking back the championship a few weeks later, Bully revealed that he'd enlisted the aid of MMA fighter Tito Ortiz as his enforcer betraying close friend and Main Event Mafia member Rampage Jackson in the processas well as entered a secret tryst with Brooke Tess mac herwho was then added to the club. In time, a seeming hemorrhage of TNA roster cuts would lead to several members' exodus, such as D'Lo Brown being kicked out of the club for being weak early on, Devon being forced to leave after being pinned by surprise participant AJ Styles in a man Aces-Mafia tag match, DOC turning in his kutte after losing the replacement VP bid to Anderson, Anderson being taken out for insubordination after questioning Bully's decisions and challenging him for the title, and Brisco being taken out for failing Bully one too many times.

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Anderson soon returned to TNA, wanting revenge against Bully for his violent exodus from the club repeating the cycle from two years ago with Immortal. Originally this excluded his former brethren, as he hoped to appeal to them to leave the club as it had become too restrictive and Bully-centric. But when they used this to set a trap for him, he abandoned this mercy and extended his Roaring Rampage of Revenge to taking everyone out en route to a Career vs.

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Club match against Bully. More details if necessary can be found at The Other Wiki. All Bikers Are Hells Angels: Though they are in reference to a different club. Predictably, the man who appeared to speak for them as their leader seemed to be the strongest of them.

Subverted in that both said "leader" as well as the first revealed member were moreso Co-Dragons to the actual leader, who himself plays this straight. As more members of the group became unmasked, this became their calling card instead, excepting Brooke Tessmacher. Bully Ray deteriorated from a Benevolent Boss to an example so bad that it caused the group's undoing.

tna aces and eights ending relationship

Seem to be this of TNA at present, their leader is a more direct example. The first and the last members revealed during the takeover phase? Also notable in that they were the most important and shocking storyline-wise of the six who turned out to be Evil All Along. Try this on for size. Tito Ortiz at least started to become this before Bellator had him and Rampage Jackson pulled from TNA programming so they wouldn't get injured prior to their fight. The Bus Came Back: They still did their usual run out and attack the opposing wrestler thing but needed someone to put up the pretense of a match first, so they could maybe win some points in TNA's world cup.