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Aunt Polly, the leading mother figure in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, is the naive, Tom constantly finds himself in trouble and creates such a reputation for . In my opinion, Aunt Polly's relationship with Tom is summed up here: efforts to mold Tom's behavior only serve to intensify the problem between the two boys. Tom Sawyer Test chapter study guide by iarege14 includes 9 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet Describe the relationship between Tom and Aunt Polly Becky then gets and trouble and Tom takes the blame for it.

The next day at the train station, Freddie arrives as they are about to board the train. He proposes to Ada and she says yes, but he tells Polly that they are staying in Birmingham and that he is not afraid of Thomas. Polly tries to offer Freddie pounds and a ticket to New York for him and Ada, but he again refuses to leave. She asks Thomas to allow Freddie to come see his son and he agrees. However, after the baby is born, the police raid the house and take Freddie away.

Polly is furious and bursts into the Garrison Pubyelling at Thomas and calling him a liar. When Arthur brings home his absentee father Arthur Shelby Sr. When Thomas walks in, his reaction is the same.

While his father proclaims that he's a changed man, Thomas does not trust him. She is not surprised when he cons his son, Arthur, out of five hundred pounds. Later, Polly tries to convince Ada to forgive Thomas. Polly brings Ada and her son to the next family meeting and Ada tells Thomas that she forgives him, as long as he does what Polly promised.

Polly visits Grace at The Garrison Pub just as she is about to leave. They share drinks and Polly tells Grace that though Thomas might accept Grace into the family, Polly herself never will.

Finally, Polly is seen with Thomas, Arthur and John at the Garrison, sharing a toast to the success of the Shelby family.

Pryce of the Patch, tells her that her daughter is dead, and Polly breaks down into tears. However, Esme later warns her that the gypsy woman is a charlatan. Thomas is able to discover what happened to Polly's children. The girl died of spring fever, but he locates the boy, Michael.

Thomas will not give Polly the address where Michael is, and tells Polly that her son must choose to contact her if he wants. Even being threatened by Polly holding a gun to his head will not move Thomas. Polly fires her gun at the ceiling in impotent rage before heading out on a bender of epic proportions at the newly re-opened Garrison Pub. She is shown using opium and drinking alcohol, as well as having sex with a young man.

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Polly Gray and her son Michael Gray in series 2 Polly is greeted the next morning by her son Michael, who has arrived in Birmingham to see her, and they catch up after almost eighteen years apart. As Michael offers to be the new accountant, Polly talks to Thomas and insists that her son not be involved in the illegal activities of the Peaky Blinders and negotiates his pay.

When her son is thrown behind bars by Major Campbell for the burning of The Marquis of Lorne pub, Polly takes matters into her own hands to get Michael out of jail. Major Campbell offers to sign Michael's release form, in exchange for Polly having sex with him. He specifically humiliates and both verbally and physically abuses her, demanding that she be 'small and weak' and cry for him. Polly is disgusted by the demand, but reluctantly accepts in the end, thinking only of her son's freedom.

However, Campbell rapes Polly forcefully despite her acquiescence.

Polly Gray and her son Michael Gray The next day, she goes to pick up Michael, who states that the guards told him what she has done to have him released.

Before going to EpsomPolly lays cash in front of Michael, telling him to take the money and start a new life for himself in London, away from the "Birmingham life", which is what she should have done at the start, but now has business to attend to.

Despite his pleading, she shoots him in the heart and exits the bar. She knows he's a spy, then he's killed by Arthur. Later Polly approaches Ruben to commission him to paint her portrait. Finally, Grace is shot.

When there're conflicts in the family Polly manages to diffuse the situation with a call for family unity. Thomas knows that Father Hughes is the traitor who passing information on to the Soviets and plans to kill him.

Father Hughes knows it's mean him and Thomas's plans fall apart. The following day, Polly learns that Michael plans to kill the Father Hughes and why Michael asks to do.

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Polly grieves over her son's painful however she doesn't want her son to kill. Charles Shelby 's kidnapped by Father Hughes. He wants Thomas to blow up the train and wants the Russians' jewels including the Faberge Egg. Thomas starts accusing everyone in his immediate family, that someone leaked the information about Faberge Egg. Thomas in the end tells Polly it must be Ruben Oliver as she may leaks it when she's drunk.

But it's not Polly who leaks and not Ruben who betrays, he comes to find Polly. Polly tells him that she wanted a dull life with him. Polly's arrested for the murder Michael kills Father Hughes and brings Charles home where Polly sees the blood and embraces him. When business's over, Thomas call the family meeting and tells them the police have issued warrants for the arrests of Arthur, John, Michael and Polly. The novel begins with Aunt Polly threatening Tom -"Forty times I've said if you don't let that jam alone I'd skin you.

Hand me that switch" 2 and continues with pledges to control him -"I'll just be obliged to make him work, tomorrow, I'll punish him" 3. Tom constantly finds himself in trouble and creates such a reputation for himself that he gets accused for crimes he does not even commit.

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When his cousin Sid breaks the sugar bowl, the first thing Aunt Polly does when she finds out is turn to Tom and scold him for it. When she finds out, she feels remorse but realizes she cannot show it for she must maintain her role as disciplinarian - "Then her conscious reproached her, and she yearned to say something kind of loving, but she judged that this would be construed into a confession that she had been wrong; and discipline forbade that" When she believes Tom is dead, she thinks she might have even carried her role of disciplinarian a little to far -"And God forgive me, I cracked Tom's head with a thimble, poor boy, poor dead boy.

But he's out of all his troubles now. And the last words I ever heard him say was to reproach-" In addition to providing discipline, Aunt Polly also attempts to provide spiritual guidance.

In an effort to explain her difficulty in raising Tom she justifies -"Well-a-well, man that is born of woman is of a few days and full of trouble, as the scripture says, and I reckon it's so" 3.

Using the Bible, she comes to the unfeminist conclusion that Tom's evil behavior originates in being born to a woman and that it is her duty to fix it. She further reinforces religious values in Tom with a small lesson which references the Edenic apple -"She was so overcome by the splendor of his achievement that she took him into the closet and selected a choice apple and delivered it to him, along with a lecture upon the added value and flavor a treat took to itself when it came without sin through virtuous effort.

And while she closed with a happy Scriptural flourish, he "hooked" a doughnut"