Top chef seattle kristen and stefan relationship

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top chef seattle kristen and stefan relationship

April Issue: The Dish on 'Top Chef Seattle' Winner Kristen Kish . My mom was an educator, so she had that connection. . in middle of the ocean, and you saw us three in the water and [Top Chef contestant] Stefan [Richter]. In Top Chef (season 10), Richter returned as a contestant. lost Last Chance Kitchen to the eventual Top Chef winner Kristen Kish. Kristen Kish stole our hearts during her time on Top Chef: Seattle back in , she did have a serious flirt-off going with fellow contestant Stefan Richter. “ They kept their relationship under wraps at first,” reads the article.

The last thing I wanted to do was to go out there and look like a mess, or come off as a bitch. How was the cast? Were you guys close? Did you have a best friend on the show—or an enemy?

We were all pretty close, except for maybe a couple people. Does it rhyme with Mosie?

Top Chef -- Birthday Edition -- Finale Interview -- Stefan

There are a few more [work-related] things coming out. Formal press releases will be coming out. New York, London and a lot of trips to Vermont and Maine, and all that jazz.


So are you getting enough sleep? I actually found time for a four-hour nap yesterday, and I was in heaven.

top chef seattle kristen and stefan relationship

When we were in Arkansas, we bumped into this radio DJ who was half-Korean. Is there any story that kind of hit hard? Yeah, I got a very, very long letter on Facebook.

And it inspired her to embrace it a little bit more, and not be afraid of facing all of that. That actually kind of made me cry because it was so touching.

top chef seattle kristen and stefan relationship

I started getting marriage proposals from men and women. So are you single, Kristen?

top chef seattle kristen and stefan relationship

But are you ready to mingle? Does he have to know how to cook? All he has to do is to be good at something and have a passion for something.

Yong is good at video games.

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Oh, maybe not that either. Other than us, obviously. I have to say Daniel Boulud. That would be a huge honor for me. Julia Child would be amazing. And I love artists.

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Inspiration as in flavors? No, I can look at a painting that has nothing to do with food and come up with a dish because I would be inspired by the colors, the textures and also layering. Is that how you conceptualize all your dishes on the show?

top chef seattle kristen and stefan relationship

Were you intimidated by any of the other chefs or did you try to just focus on yourself? I just mainly wanted to focus on my own thing and remember why I was there. I just tried to focus on my business.

top chef seattle kristen and stefan relationship

It really seemed as if you were a major contender to make it to the finale. Did you feel like a frontrunner? I mean, only because I kind of won some of those elimination challenges but I never expected anything. Every day is just a challenge and every week, there was a chance of me going home.

There was no expectation. Was there one dish that you felt really represented who you are as a chef? I love the egg dish for the Bite of Seattle. That's how I like to eat. The only thing I wish I could've done differently is put it in a real vessel instead of a cup.

Top Chef Winner Kristen Kish Comes Out! (PHOTO)

While it's great that your concept and dish were chosen for Restaurant Wars, that puts a lot of pressure on you as well I was definitely feeling a lot of pressure. The premise of that dish was taking a bistro salad and making it and presenting it different. I think I shot myself in the foot trying to make so much of the theme as opposed to focusing on the food.

Josie really threw you under the bus at Judges' Table after your team lost Restaurant Wars. Are you upset about that? No hard feelings whatsoever. No bad taste in my mouth. I think everything is happening the way it should and I didn't perform as well as I should have. Even you looked surprised that you were eliminated!

Are Kristen and Stefan hooking up? Give me an effin' break. I ask in a % jealous way. : TopChef

Yeah, I mean, I was surprised but I realized my mistakes as well. I was so tired at that point. I was like, "I need an answer because I'm either going to pass out or throw up.