Tristana and teemo relationship advice

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tristana and teemo relationship advice

Teemo Top/Mid Shrooming with no shoes. LoL Champion: Teemo I have been reworking for a couple months now, and it is my final build. The items are set in stone, but the tips, advice, and other suggestions will be reworked over .. Talon Taric Teemo Thresh Tristana Trundle Tryndamere Twisted. Tristana and Teemo League of Legends LoL. Meggie · Tristana Beautiful imagery and representation of the relationship between Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion Lannister. Notice that .. Straight Up Video Game Advice And Tricks. Elizabeth. I just reread Tristana's lore and noticed Teemo's quote at the bottom. Considering that Teemo shamelessly added "all day long" to his quote.

Summoners and citizens found her very attentive, yet kept their emotional distance due to her wild nature. She was a born human, but became something different. She knew she was no monster, yet, at times, she wanted to find someone who would love her for who she was without being turned away by her other, bestial side.

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Friends were a wonder to have, but she wanted someone to treasure and for the same person to treasure her. I'm saying you are dirty and in need of a bath. Rengar is part beast, like Warwick, and has a sensitive nose. Haven't you ever noticed how he avoids smelly places? She tossed her pack of ammo over her shoulders, threw her cannon over her left, and grabbed Nidalee by her wrist.

I saw a waterfall over there. I can wash your back and Teemo will patrol the perimeter. Teemo stood at attention, giving them a salute. Tristana nodded, then looked to Nidalee for her answer.


The yordle was too small to pull her, but she did pull on her arm. Let me go and I'll follow you. When Tristana did so, Nidalee placed her sharpening stone in a pouch at her belt, her spear behind her back, and stood from her place. As Tristana led the way, Teemo went in another direction to take up his position as guard. The two yordles worked as a great team, on and off the battlefields. It brought a smile to her face, grateful to have such trustworthy friends.

The waterfall was not far from where they were. As Nidalee and Tristana set their things on dry ground, Teemo vanished into the darkening woods. Tristana giggled and waved the concern away.

Once, when we were on a walk, it started raining. By the time we found cover, the both of us were soaked to the bone, our clothes like damp, heavy sponges. The darling blinded himself with one of his darts so he couldn't see me while our clothes dried.

By the stunned look on her face, Nidalee would never have believed such a thing. He wanted to blind himself, but I convinced him to wrap a cloth around his eyes.

Nidalee closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

tristana and teemo relationship advice

As the two of them undressed, Tristana offered Nidalee a towel to cover herself. The water was cold, but it was not unbearably so. Nidalee had declined the towel, not wanting to risk it getting wet until she needed to dry herself off. Tristana, due to her height, kept to the more shallow end, her neck and up just coming out of the water. The yordle stopped in front of Nidalee, staring at her chest with an eye for detail.

Is there a problem? The huntress's face turned a deep red at this. Nidalee covered her breasts with one arm, turning away from her bath mate. She let her arm drop and leaned down, dipping her long, brown hair into the cold water. Tristana was right about her needing a bath.

There were clumps of dirt and vegetation within the locks of her hair. With her body shivering from the cold, Tristana advanced toward Nidalee's own shaking body. There was the feel of cold fur on her back, then a slightly warmer cloth feel.

tristana and teemo relationship advice

You'll have to settle for a cold rinsing. Nidalee let out a startled yep when she felt cold water splash onto her back. The sudden impact taking the breath from her lungs.

tristana and teemo relationship advice

Their combined weight, and at such a sudden action, was too much for her to maintain her balance, sending both of them into the cold waters. Nidalee, panicking, tried to push herself up over the water's surface with the aid of her arms, but could not do so for some reason.

When her head did come up, her body shivering from the cold and fright, Tristana's smiling face was there. Nidalee, panting from the shock of the water, took several moments before she could speak.

tristana and teemo relationship advice

Tristana, sitting with her thighs to the sides of Nidalee's waist and her arms down her front just below Nidalee's breasts, shrugged her shoulders. Before Nidalee could speak, Tristana put a hand over her mouth, then held up a finger to her own, bidding for her to stay silent. I did mean to give you a few pointers on seducing Rengar, but only if you wanted to know.

The air was colder than the water, but at least she was sitting rather than laying. We're not the same as you and Teemo. Nidalee, feeling her cheeks redden again, nodded. Tristana giggled for a few seconds before shaking her head. We are in different units to protect Bandle City, so it's hard to really keep it strong. Nidalee was not afraid of where this would end up going. Her answer was a shrug. Use those, disarm him, then show him your wild side.

Think of it as wanting to snuggle to keep the cold at bay. Tristana reached toward Nidalee's left breast and gave the slightly lighter brown nipple. She smiled when Nidalee let out a yelp and removed her hand in a rough, quick motion. I understand that you are trying to ease my worries, but, considering the dire circumstances I am in, now is not the time. The yordle's expression turned sad, disappointed even.

Nidalee smiled, not wanting to diminish her friend's hopes. Tristana brightened at that. I could ask Teemo to help as well. This time, both of them giggled. So, let's start with my single favorite lore trivia ever! Did you know that Rumble calls his mech "Tristy"? You would've learned that from reading the Journal of Justice if you knew that already.

If you have Super Galaxy Rumble which I do and you recall next to Tristana which I haveyou'd be aware of this by now, since he has special interactions with there like: But, does Tristana feel the same towards Rumble, is the question of the day. Well, reading through both Teemo's and Tristana's lore entries, you'll find a very similar last paragraph, where it mentions that both have developed a 'very close friendship' and that others have rumored they are having a romantic relationship, although these rumors are usually avoided by both Tristana and Teemo.

Also, both lore entries end with a quote from the other, saying how much they enjoy being friends with one another. Both Teemo and Tristana are soldiers, while Rumble isn't. So, what can we take from all this? The Myths Well, before answering that question, there's some other things we need to go over. Maybe, Tristana friend zoned him.

After all, they are listed as friends in their champion profile pages. Another interesting detail, is that Teemo and Rumble are listed as rivals in their champion profile pages, which is very interesting. This whole love triangle thing seems to make sense after all.

tristana and teemo relationship advice

It appears as though Teemo and Rumble both, have a thing for Tristana.