Tristana and teemo relationship problems

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tristana and teemo relationship problems

Jun 8, A lot of yordles thought it was a healthy relationship. Teemo and Tristana would only brighten the smiles on Bandle City. She leaned on his chest on a sunny relaxing day, there were neither missions nor problems, and. Jul 8, Teemo contemplated explaining his relationship for a moment "It's a long story " "That's okay Did Tristana just forget about Snowdown or something?" Teemo Who does Kennen have romantic problems with? Will these. Resultado de imagen para rumble y tristana teemo Veigar Got a Little Problem by AxlRosie on DeviantArt Lol League Of Legends, Deviantart, .. Sums up the bot lane relationship pretty well League Champs, Lol League Of Legends.


She looked up to the candle lit hallways of the dorms, and began walking until she found the room with her name plate scribbled on. It was near the back, so she got to look forward to a boring walk but at least she was alone. Before long, she stopped in front of her door and quickly pushed it open. Throwing off her goggles onto the floor, she flopped on her bed, fully armored.

It was far from comfortable, but she felt like she could fall asleep anywhere at this point. Eventually she willed herself up, and began the long process of removing her armor, one strap at a time and climbed into her private shower. The shower; at this moment and as far as Tristana was concerned, was the best invention to come out of Piltover since the cannon ball. The hot water ran over her hair, she could just feel the stress of the day slide off with the grime and for the first time all day, Tristana felt truly blissful.

There, next to her, sat the Fae Sorceress looking as pleasant as ever. No for the love of everything flammable, keep your clothes on.

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Tristana turned off the water full of regret and a slight amount of anger towards Lulu, but she pinned it on being tired and struck up a cheery smile for her friend. Well, Lulu wasn't exactly what she'd call a friend, but her only real friend was Veigar, so she tried to act as a girl friend Lulu could tell all her feministic desires to.

Tristana reentered her room wearing her recruit's tunic from the commandos and sat next to Lulu on her bed. Not like friends, like… More than friends! The self proclaimed master of all evil. I think he'll take me to the charity banquet. Poppy was talking about it all day! There was this fire in Demacia and a whole bunch of the champions are gonna donate some of their winnings, and there will be dresses and fancy clothing and dancing and food, it'll be fantastic! You coming aren't you? You can bring Teemo!

Lulu recoiled a bit but quickly recovered her smile.

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He's a skilled Yordle and good friend, that's it. Oh spirits I have to tell Poppy! With her room silent once again, Tristana felt like she could finally sleep, though Lulu had made her more angry than sleepy, sleep still seemed very appealing so without further delay, she plopped on her bed and was out in seconds.

tristana and teemo relationship problems

The mess hall was alive and buzzing the next morning. Draven was complaining about how the food didn't match his title, Cho'gath and Kha'zix made no effort to quiet their ravenous eating habits, and cheering filled the room with Gargas and Olaf's arm wrestling contest.

Did you know that Rumble calls his mech "Tristy"? You would've learned that from reading the Journal of Justice if you knew that already. If you have Super Galaxy Rumble which I do and you recall next to Tristana which I haveyou'd be aware of this by now, since he has special interactions with there like: But, does Tristana feel the same towards Rumble, is the question of the day.

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Well, reading through both Teemo's and Tristana's lore entries, you'll find a very similar last paragraph, where it mentions that both have developed a 'very close friendship' and that others have rumored they are having a romantic relationship, although these rumors are usually avoided by both Tristana and Teemo. Also, both lore entries end with a quote from the other, saying how much they enjoy being friends with one another. Both Teemo and Tristana are soldiers, while Rumble isn't.

So, what can we take from all this? The Myths Well, before answering that question, there's some other things we need to go over. Maybe, Tristana friend zoned him.

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After all, they are listed as friends in their champion profile pages. Another interesting detail, is that Teemo and Rumble are listed as rivals in their champion profile pages, which is very interesting. This whole love triangle thing seems to make sense after all.

tristana and teemo relationship problems

It appears as though Teemo and Rumble both, have a thing for Tristana. The Theories Now, Tristana's lore entry does mention that Tristana avoids talking about any romantic relationship she may have with the Swift Scout.