Troy and cory relationship in fences by august wilson

troy and cory relationship in fences by august wilson

The theme of August Wilson's play “Fences” is the coming of age in the life of a broken black man. Wilson wrote about the black experience in different decades . The Fences characters covered include: Troy Maxson, Cory Maxson, Rose Maxson, Gabriel August Wilson introduces Raynell to the play as an infant. The award-winning film Fences, an adaptation of the August Wilson play of the same name, was about relationships, generations, and Every time Cory brought up sports, Troy would bring up how the white man didn't let.

In all these relationships, the sons try to escape from the restraints that their dads have put across. At the end of the play, the sons find themselves amidst a rock and a hard place since their fathers seem to be having an unbreakable tie with their sons which makes it hard for them to escape a similar fate to that of their father. Troy Maxson is the main character in the novel.

The Agony of Father Son Relationship in Fences

He is the father to Cory Maxisonand Lyons Maxison. Troy has a best and longtime friend known as Bono. The two met a long time ago in prison when they were young men. Gabriel is the brother to Troy.

He is his the only other sibling. He was wounded in world war II thus he has a metal plate in the head.

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He is said to be very evil. He ended up treating his family so ruthlessly that the family had to run away from him. Conflict Characters like troy, Cory and Lyons are always chasing the dream of breaking ties with their fathers.

troy and cory relationship in fences by august wilson

However, the fathers seem to cling on the tie so tightly that the sons are unable to break it. This results to conflict and poor relationship between the parties. Troy, once escaped from his father due to his evil nature.

However, the way troy was treated seems to have affected him so much that he results in treating his sons and the family the same way. Just like the father, Cory and Lyons were unable to achieve their dreams thus they ended up being failures just like their father.

Father Son Relationship The relationship between Troy and his father was far more complicated than anyone would ever imagine.

troy and cory relationship in fences by august wilson

Being with Troy, Rose felt that she gave up her strength in order for Troy to have his and because of this situation she was able to find herself again. The conflict in the story that I mostly identify with is the conflict between Troy and Cory. Cory is about 17 or 18 during the beginning of the story and has a passion for football. From the first encounter that is shown between Cory and Troy you get a glimpse of the relationship between the two.

From early on in the story Troy is shown trying to teach Cory the importance of responsibility but his style of parenting and way of communication comes across so harsh that the message is lost onto Cory.

troy and cory relationship in fences by august wilson

Conflict arises when Cory wants to play football in hopes of earning a scholarship but is shut down by Troy who believes Cory should work and play football as just a hobby or not at all. Although this seems as a good action, the way Troy goes about this is very damaging and further pushes Cory away. Troy grew up with a father who showed loved through being responsible for his children.

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That is exactly how Troy is but he does not see how just as his fathers actions caused him to run away, the same thing was happening with Cory. It affected him a lot psychologically and he internalized the evil practices of racism.

troy and cory relationship in fences by august wilson

He felt that black would never get the chances that the whites are enjoying. On the contrary, his son is living in an age in which many things have changed favorably for the blacks. Blacks are also chosen for playing in the major leagues.

The Agony of Father Son Relationship in Fences

He wants for himself a career in the sports. His father can't reconcile himself with the idea of allowing his son to go for that career. The father cannot see beyond his experiences and knowledge.