True blood season 7 episode bill and sookie relationship

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true blood season 7 episode bill and sookie relationship

In the series finale, a flash forward showed that Sookie was married and pregnant to a random Their relationship had a tragic end, as he lost his life in the third episode of the final season. For so long on True Blood, it seemed inevitable that Sookie and Bill would end up together. 7 Saved: Tara & Pam. The series finale of True Blood was one of heartbreak and disappointment. finales I have ever seen (yes, even worse than the last episode of LOST. one of Bill and Sookie's ongoing relationship discussions throughout the. See also: List of True Blood episodes In Bon Temps, Sookie and Bill set their plan into motion to use her as bait for the Hep-V.

Either way, what it amounted to was one of the worst, least satisfying series finales I have ever seen yes, even worse than the last episode of LOST While I see no way in which the ending could have been particularly good, here's at least seven ways in which I believe it could have been made more tolerable.

true blood season 7 episode bill and sookie relationship

Hell, even the wolfman would have been fine especially if we're going with the whole "she's gotta have babies to feel alive! As long as it was someone out of the choices we'd been given throughout the shows 7 seasons.

I'm fairly certain, judging by all of the negative audience reactions, that this isn't even a subjective opinion. It would have definitely made the show better regardless of which of these men she chose to be with.

true blood season 7 episode bill and sookie relationship

I was rooting for Bill, personally, since he'd finally become somewhat likable again yeah, yeah, I know, the TeamEric gals hate himbut, seriously, either of the other three options would have been fine. As long as it was someone who we've grown to know over the years. Having our protagonist end up with a random, white, supposedly human guy didn't appear to be at all in tune with any message the show had previously tried to instill in us, either.

Where once it was about embracing the differences between everyone and fighting for your true love at all costs, in the end it suddenly became about fitting in, settling down, having babies, and being normal — even if you have to sacrifice your true love and wind up with a homogeneous nobody to do so.

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Sookie gets turned into a vampire Why not? Seeing as though all of the vampires that Sookie had relationships with were destined to live forever — eternally young — it would have been a necessity for Sookie to be "turned" if she were ever to keep any of her many vamp-relationships going for more than 50 or so years. But if that weren't enough, it was also established that a little bit of her blood made it possible for her vampire buddies to freely walk in the sun without fear of becoming crispy critters.

This is an especially important and fortuitous fact, considering that one of Bill and Sookie's ongoing relationship discussions throughout the years have been centered on the dilemma of them only being able to be together at night.

Bill Compton's Relationships

However, one could argue that once Sookie is "turned" then her fairy blood may be tainted and no longer allow this special, vamp-helping side effect. At least, that how we could have rationalized it until the character of Warlow was introduced to the series.

Warlow, like Sookie, was also a fairy. But he was a fairy who'd been made vampire. Due to this, we were shown that fairies-made-vampires could both live forever and remained capable of walking in the sun — they didn't loose one power for another, the retained the best of both worlds. If Sookie had turned, she would have become a super vamp like Warlow, who could even help her vampire boyfriend whether it was Bill or Eric walk in the sun with her for eternity. Give Bill a more rational reason to die If the writers were intent on Bill dying, then at least they could have gone about it in a different way.

Maybe one that's even slightly consistent with the past 7 seasons. It always seemed to me that True Blood had a pretty firm focus on how it was okay to be different, weird, and how segregation just wasn't cool. Yet the entire theme with Bill's death appeared to be a quest for Sookie to live a "normal" life without a vampire getting in the way.

Because a vampire can't have babies, apparently. Nor can any homosexual couples, for that matter. And some people don't even want babies. Yet, according to Bill's suicide mission, babies are apparently the only essential thing on earth that are worth living for; conquering even the deepest love between a woman and a man or a vamp.

Perhaps my opinion on this would be slightly more understanding if Sookie had spent even a modicum of time in the past seasons complaining about how not having babies was a big problem for her. But she never did that. In fact, she seemed to happily jump into one vampire fling after another — knowing children would never come from it — without giving babies a second thought. Even if this weren't the case, however, she could have adopted.

To me, Bill's death if it had to happen would have been much better served if he'd either: Not gotten the cure for Hep V in time and wound up dying from it. If there never had been a cure for it and he died from it. If he killed himself before hearing about there even being a cure.

Bill Compton/Season 4

If he'd died in the act of saving Sookie one last time sort of cliche, but so is a random wedding during the series finale of a TV series. If he'd never even mentioned anything about his death being for Sookie's "normal life", and instead proclaimed something about how tired of living he's become after over one hundred years this, too, would be lame and inconsistent with the rest of the series, though.

Or hey, how about his motive for death being that he felt he deserved it after turning into a monstrous killing machine in the previous seasons.

Pretty much anything would have been better than the kind of pointless, out-of-no-where death of a main character that we got.

There were simply too many problems to find in this. For another example, how about the irony that Bill died to help Sookie be happy by, ipso facto, causing her to live the remainder of her life with the devastating knowledge that she was the cause of that death.

What sense does this make?

true blood season 7 episode bill and sookie relationship

Now her one true love is dead, she has to live with the burden of both giving him Hep V and staking him, and she's now forced to live with the undoubtedly traumatic memory of having seen the man she loves literally explode right in front of her. And we're supposed to believe this is going to make her live a happier life?

Bill and Sookie

Bill has always said that he loved Sookie and that he would die for her if necessary. Sookie has always known this and mentioned it in Dead and Gone. They were lovers since Bill became a vampire and they had an intense relationship. They broke up eighty years ago. In this novel, Bill tells Sookie that he had gone to Jackson because Lorena had called him and he was obeying her summons.

Bill knew it was dangerous business with Lorena and that he might not make it back. He tells Sookie to wait for him for eight weeks. Lorena ordered Bill to leave Sookie and threatened to kill her.

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Bill and Lorena in Chicago, Video: Bill is set free by Lorena, Video: She is a real estate agent who Bill briefly dates. Bill makes it obvious that he still carries a torch for Sookie and continues to try to be involved in her life. However it was quickly ended by him when he realized that they were related.