Tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship goals

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tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship goals

Dudley, Kitty, the Chief and Keswick have arrived at their destination for their .. their enemies, a room which main purpose is to give the T.U.F.F. agents answers. It was a couple of days since T.U.F.F. agents Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell. He works with his extremely capable partner, Kitty Katswell, as they protect Petropolis from In T.U.F.F. Puppy, Dudley is completely untrained as a secret agent and This unbalanced male-female relationship is exceptionally prevalent among . of them into marriage, a task which proves to be his ultimate goal in life . Nov 15, One thing about TUFF Puppy that's gotten me REALLY excited is the introduction of a female villain. ^^ I'm guessing it Kitty Katswell's Rival.

Male Characters and Mr. Female Characters if those existeven throughout its collection of gender-swapped episodes which follow Fionna and Cake.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship goals

While Fionna is given more curves, a skirt, and longer hair, she does not possess any of the stereotypical gendered signifiers that tend to differentiate female copies from their male counterparts.

Rather, she is an authentic and dynamic representation of women and is identified as a woman through her voice and the gendered pronouns used to refer to her.

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Similarly, Cake has no gendered signifiers whatsoever—she just happens to be a cat rather than a dog. Fionna and Cake prove to viewers and, hopefully, cartoon executives that a diverse audience has the capacity to enjoy shows regardless of the gender of the protagonist, making it a great gateway for equal gender representation in animation.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship goals

However, even this exceptionally successful, nonstereotypical, and fun gender-swap introduces its own problematic implications. With gender-swaps in cartoons, I see a troubling potential for complacency.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship goals

But we still need more. Gender-swaps like this should be used as a point of entry into real strides towards equal and realistic gender representation rather than a solution for inequality. The jokes are typically funny, and while the running gags can be annoying at times I still enjoy them.

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I like the show went against the taboo of having the the girls almost never get hurt. Slapstick knows no gender is in full effect here. Kitty gets hurt more often then any other character on the show Although Dudley gets hurt almost as often and while I know plenty of people hate that I actually find it quite hilarious. I love this shows designs. I've always like BH's style, But I feel this time the artists really went above and beyond. Pretty much every character From random extras to the main characters and villains looks awesome.

The action is great, the episodes are solid Most of them anyway, and to be fair What show doesn't have a few episodes that aren't as good as the rest? I'm hard pressed to find something I don't like about this show. Now I know it's not the show for everyone It's a bit of an acquried taste really But I feel people are a bit quick to judge it.

And the people who hate it tend to be overly harsh in my opinion. I really just wish people would give TP a chance. Watch more then more episode Heck watch more then the first five episodesand just sit back relax and enjoy the show. It's an awesome show, but it's also the ulitimate ''Turn your brain off and don't think about it to hard'' show.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship goals

Sadly I do agree with you on one thing Lord Beckett Butch really hasn't been right about when it comes to scheduling. But keep in mind TP might as well be the poster child for ''Screwed by the network''. Plus I doubt Butch has much or any say so in when TP airs, So it's not really his fault if Nick decides to change the schedule at the last minute But I remain hopeful for the future and I'm keeping my fingers crossed the TP will indeed air all month during Janurary.

Of course I know plenty of people aren't going to agree with me But please guys this is how I feel about TP.

Dudley-Kitty Relationship

Kitty wanted the flowers so that Eric would marry her. It is revealed that Eric really does love Kitty.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship goals

Despite the fact that he is rich, he became a water delivery guy so that he can see her. He even proposes to her and states that he named a country after her as a tribute. Kitty is ecstatic that Eric wants to marry her, and instantly agrees to his proposal and hugs him, with a somewhat obsessive and crazy expression on her face.

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However, she quickly changes her decision and tells him that she can't, since she has a mission to complete.

It should be noted that she told him that she was getting "married" to Dudley as the reason for her refusal. It is unknown if she explained to him later on that her marriage to Dudley was just a ruse to lure Snaptrap into a trap, since he was targeting weddings. Eric is somewhat saddened that Kitty is getting "married" although he does wish for her to have a good future.

While dating Peg at Dudley and Kitty's "wedding" Eric objects and tells Kitty to come away with him, despite saying that he was okay with them being together. When the Chief tazed him to be quiet, Kitty was worried about his face being damaged.

Mutts and Bolts When Dudley gains the ability to see into the future, Kitty eagerly asks him multiple times if she will marry Eric someday.