Tupac and eazy relationship

tupac and eazy relationship

Aug 11, Yes they had kicked it together at times and i think they wouldve considered eachother as friends. At first i was asking this question but now i know yhe answer. Oct 22, It focused on Eazy E, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. That said, the following is a highlight of Suge Knight's relationship with Tupac Shakur and N.W.A. Just wondering if either of the 2 legendary rappers ever met Eazy E before his untimely demise. hey guys, this is typically not something I would do but my friends have some wack 2pac, Eazy and Ren in the same music video, so yeah .

As Heller noted in his book Ruthless: A Memoir, Wright's "dope dealer" label was part of his "self-forged armor". He was a small guy. Likewise, 'dope dealer' was a role that accorded you certain privileges and respect. However, after his cousin was shot and killed, he decided that he could make a better living in the Los Angeles hip hop scene, which was growing rapidly in popularity.

Wright suggested a half-ownership company, but it was later decided that Wright would get eighty percent of the company's income and Heller would only get twenty percent.

tupac and eazy relationship

That's industry standard for a manager of my caliber. I take twenty, you take eighty percent.

I am responsible for my expenses and you're responsible for yours. You own the company. I work for you. A 's original lineup consisted of Arabian PrinceDr.

Dre, Eazy-E, and Ice Cube. It was labeled as West Coast hip hopGangsta rap and Golden age hip hop. It has sold over 2. A's most controversial album, Straight Outta Compton.

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The album featured Wright's writing and performing; he performed on seven songs and helped write four songs. A released Miles and Runnin' and Niggaz4Life in A diss war started between N.

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A and feud with Dr. A began to split up after Jerry Heller became the band's manager. He played the divide and conquer game. Instead of taking care of everybody, he picked one nigga to take care of and that was Eazy. And Eazy was like, 'I'm taken care of, so fuck it'.

tupac and eazy relationship

Dre asked Eazy to release him from the Ruthless Records contract, but Eazy refused. Eazy could rap, he had great flow but his lyrics were kind of lame.

tupac and eazy relationship

I really like his stuff. Of course both of them died but in the rap community dying by murder is a lot more 'illustrious' then dying of AIDs which is unfortunate since I think Eazy E was a better talent. Ice Cube is still a great rapper.

tupac and eazy relationship

Cube was a totally different beast back in the day And Tupac being overated comes from the fact that yeah he died, but at the time, he dropped two amazing albums 18 Posted by freek posts - 9 years, 8 months ago I once listened to Eazy E and I was like "mkay". Beats me, I'm not even a fan of rap.

tupac and eazy relationship

I think they're hanging out in Thug's Mansion right now though. Eazy is dope as well but the dude had Ren and Ice Cube ghostwriting his lyrics He wasn't even the top member in NWA. Sad that they're both no longer with us, though.

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Both of them made some really good music. I'm sure almost all major rappers have at least met each other, but theirs not pictures for everything. If you've heard the song by eazy e: It's on, you'll hear that the first verse sounds exactly like snoops verse on aint nuthin but a g thang.

It's just that they never hung out together. You gotta remember though that towards the end pac was dissing dre as well; for leaving dthrow. So there you have it. They felt they couldn't rap that way so Dre convinced Eazy into rapping it. It wasn't meant for him because Eazy wasn't a rapper! That's when I met Eazy.

did 2PAC ever meet EAZY E?

Right then, we all clicked and then Ren came into the picture. Everybody was getting paid. It was really about more personal stuff. Cube, for example, wanted to do a solo album but we told him 'Not now, we're going to work on Eazy's album '.

He wanted to do his first. Plus, somebody was in his ear at the time telling him this and that.

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That was his major problem. As for Dre, it was the same thing. He was getting paid, he was living in a million-dollar house so money was coming from somewhere! We weren't being ripped off.

I think the reason they left is because they were listening to other people. Me, I just stayed neutral. I was down with Eazy, but I wasn't in any of his videos when he was dissing Dre.