Twelfth night maria and sir toby relationship quotes

William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night One of the first lines in the play Twelfth Night The comedians in the play, Maria and Sir Toby strike up a relationship built. William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is a comedy in which nobody seems to be in We are first introduced to Sir Toby in Act 1, scene 3 when Maria is chiding him for and making Sir Andrew believe that he can win Olivia's hand in marriage. Critical notes and study guide for Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. MARIA, Sweet Sir Toby, be patient for tonight: since the. youth of the count's was today with thy.

But this meaning also implies that Feste at one point knew a side of Toby the audience never sees, a Toby that does not drink. If this is true then it only strengthens the likelihood that Toby can go sober after his last scene on stage.

Feste hints that a sober Toby would be a good match for Maria, romantically. The first is that his statement was more than just a passing quote in a conversation of witty banter and should be treated as such. The second conclusion draws on the first; because this quote is more than just witty banter, the idea of an abstemious Toby should be taken seriously. I believe that Feste specifically mentioning sobriety as a prerequisite to the relationship is very telling of the relationship that Maria and Toby will have off the stage.

Building upon this information, we now have a new angle in which to view the interactions between Toby and Maria. These specific quotes and their relation to my thesis rely upon how the actors deliver these lines.

Without a performance present, one would think the reader is free to make these types of decisions by themselves.

It appears to me, however, that imbedded stage directions dictate actions of the former nature. This suggests two things.

Twelfth Night Summary - Summary, Themes and Plot of Twelfth Night (Audio Book)

The first is that Toby is not only a drunk, but a delusional drunk who believes things that are not so. The second is that Maria, whether purposefully or unable to conceal it, is showing signs of affection to Toby. Given the ending of the play, this leads me conclude that the latter possibility is the most likely scenario.

And if Maria is displaying signs of affection, how would these signs manifest? I believe it is through the way in which she takes care of and looks after Toby.

Notable Quotes in Twelfth Night

This specific analysis of relationship between Toby and Maria is important to my main thesis for several reasons. Do you suppose, because you pretend to such austere virtue, that nobody else is to enjoy himself?

It has been fancied that this is a fling at Malvolio's Puritanism, and that the Clown follows it up by swearing by St.

Anne as a further provocation; but Maria's charge of Puritanism, linebelow, can hardly be taken as serious.

Twelfth Night - Drunken Feste, Toby and Andrew

Yes, and we will not only feast upon cakes and ale, but will continue as hitherto to enjoy hot spices like ginger. Stewards in old days wore chains as a mark of superiority over the other servants of the household, and one method of cleaning those chains was by rubbing them with bread crumbs.

Steevens quotes Webster's Duchess of Malfi, "Yea, and the chippings of the buttery fly after him, to scour his gold chain. Possess us, acquaint us with, put us in possession of, your idea; the word in this sense is frequent in Shakespeare.

So, in the song, "The devil fell ill, the devil a saint would be; The devil got well, the devil a saint was he," i. Ass, I doubt not. Maria repeating Sir Andrew's last word, indirectly calls him 'ass'; there is also a pun on "as I doubt not.

twelfth night maria and sir toby relationship quotes

Penthesilea, was Queen of the Amazons, and the term is applied to Maria for her courage in the matter and also in jocose allusion to her diminutive size in contrast to that of the masculine Queen. Before me, a weakened form of asseveration, as in Oth.

If I do not succeed in winning your niece, I shall be terribly out of pocket; he, in courting Olivia, having like Roderigo in his pursuit of Desdemona, "wasted" himself "out of" his "means," Oth, iv.

twelfth night maria and sir toby relationship quotes

To 'recover' is frequent in Shakespeare in the sense of 'gaining,' 'reaching,' i. His pride causes him to be extremely gullible, because he never doubts for a second that Olivia is in love with him. Malvolio deserves the humiliation that he gets, but his punishment is excessive and does not fit with the crime. He is locked in a dark room and everyone tries to convince him that he is mad.

twelfth night maria and sir toby relationship quotes

The audience feels sorry for him, because he is thoroughly mistreated. Malvolio seems to be the character in the play that has to suffer so that everyone else can be joyous; telling us that even fantasy worlds like Illyria are not perfect because there is still someone suffering. The comedians in the play, Maria and Sir Toby strike up a relationship built upon friendly love.

During the play, Sir Toby often admires Maria, who is his partner in crime.

They are both very clever, so they make a perfect match. Her friend, Sir Toby, was continually impressed with her mastery of mischief. They are close cohorts throughout the play, so it is no surprise when they elope at the end.

Sir Toby and Maria do express a bit of remorse about their joke on Malvolio going too far, so they are forgiven and allowed to share in the happy ending.

twelfth night maria and sir toby relationship quotes

There is also a very close friendship between Sebastian, and his rescuer, Antonio. Antonio professes his love for Sebastian, and foolishly gives away all of his money. He follows Sebastian into a town where he will surely face danger, because he cannot stand to be away from Sebastian. Unfortunately, it is made clear that this kind of homosexual love is not welcome in the world of Illyria, where everyone pairs off in traditional marriages.

Antonio is abandoned by Sebastian at the end of the play, and like Malvolio, there is no happy ending or resolution for him. Shakespeare makes it clear that this sort of love, like self-love, does not have a place in Illyria. Shakespeare explores every facet of love, which is a universal emotion.

It is an integral part of human life, and it is something that everyone can relate to. It is a song about growing up and discovering the harshness of life.