Tyler lockwood and caroline forbes relationship

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tyler lockwood and caroline forbes relationship

Caroline is also a big supporter for Stefan and Elena's relationship, believing they Tyler Lockwood was Caroline's main love interest throughout a majority of . To help you sort out the mess that has been Caroline Forbes' love life, Tyler Lockwood. tumblr_lxmwcrXTFo1r9eb8bo3_r4_ Tyler (Michael Trevino) was Caroline's first love, and watching their relationship fall apart. Caroline Forbes and Alaric Saltzman . them both find love with each other after their relationships with Elena and Tyler. Yet another couple who started as enemies, Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes might have been.

Caroline pretends not to understand and leaves. Afterwards, Tyler is playing basketball but spots Caroline.

tyler lockwood and caroline forbes relationship

He approaches her and asks why she lied to him earlier. However, Caroline uses her strength to push him away. Tyler asks how she did it but Caroline pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about. Caroline claims that he is just in shock. Tyler leaves and kicks over a bin in anger, but it flies away and hits a car.

When Caroline arrives home, Tyler sneaks up behind her and tells her: Caroline laughs, but Tyler pushes her up against a wall frustrated, telling her to stop lying. Her teeth come out, revealing that she is a vampire, and says: Tyler admits that he feels as if his skin is on fire and says that everything has been heightened emotionally.

Tyler is shocked that Caroline is a vampire and asks who else is like her, but she lies that she is the only one. Tyler explains that he is the only werewolf he knows apart from Mason.

Caroline announces that Tyler cannot tell anyone about them. Tyler admits that he has no one else to tell.

It's going to happen to me. The next full moon I'm going to turn and I won't be able to stop it. In The Sacrificeback at school, Tyler is playing basketball by himself.

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Matt approaches him and apologizes for picking a fight with him. He admits that he has been avoiding Tyler because he doesn't know what to say. Tyler accepts his apology and Matt leaves, running into Caroline. They chat for a moment but Matt claims that he has to get to class and walks off, leaving Caroline unhappy with the state of their relationship. She heads over to see Tyler and asks if he has figured out what he's going to do at the full moon yet. He reveals that he has a plan but says that it is private.

However, Caroline persuades him to let her help out. Tyler and Caroline walk through the woods and Tyler admits that Matt is struggling to get over Caroline. Caroline agrees but insists that it is better this way. Tyler claims that he understands, saying: It's not really fair to be with someone and not let them know who you are. The pair go downstairs and Tyler points out the old claw marks on the walls and the bolts and chains.

Caroline discovers something wrapped up and, when she opens it, finds a journal. The pair realize that Mason kept a diary of what happened to him. At Caroline's house, Tyler puts Mason's memory stick into a computer and the pair discover that Mason taped his first transformation. Caroline looks at the journal and finds that he wrote about it the next day. As they watch Mason being sick on the tape, Caroline reads that he tried to drink wolfsbane to make him weaker.

However, Stefan already holds romantic feelings for Elena and rejects Caroline much to her annoyance. Aside from her crush on Stefan in the first season, there isn't much interaction between as Caroline later begins a relationship with childhood friend, Matt Donavan. In the beginning of the second season, Caroline and Stefan begin to form a friendship when Caroline becomes a vampire.

Stefan helps Caroline through the process of becoming a vampire and eventually they both become personal confidants and eventual best friends. They begin to form a close friendship, similar to Stefan's friendship to his best friend, Lexi. Caroline is also a big supporter for Stefan and Elena's relationship, believing they are each other's soulmates.

However in the beginning of the sixth season, Caroline and Stefan's relationship becomes strained as prior to the beginning of the season, Stefan when leaves Mystic Falls without saying goodbye.

Caroline Forbes

Caroline becomes hurt upon learning Stefan has given up on trying to find a way to bring back Damon and Bonnie after their deaths and has completely moved on from his life while completely cutting ties with everyone. Eventually in Season 8 Stefan becomes human. Caroline and Stefan get married in a ceremony performed by Stefan's Brother Damon who happened to be a certified ordained minister. But their marriage is cut short when Stefan sacrifices himself to save Mystic Falls and Kills Katherine Peirce once and for all, leaving Caroline widowed.

Originally Caroline and Tyler didn't get along well as both has completely different personalities and interests. Both viewed each other to be jerks due to Caroline's insecurities and insensitivity and Tyler's reckless, rude and overall arrogant behaviour.

In the first season there wasn't much interaction between them as Caroline was in a romantic relationship with Tyler's best friend Matt Donavan and throughout the season, Tyler and Matt had a rocky friendship due to Tyler's actions.

tyler lockwood and caroline forbes relationship

Caroline tries to help mend their friendship and overtime they both reconcile. In the second season, Caroline and Tyler begin to grow more closer as both experience changes in themselves as Caroline becomes a vampire and Tyler triggers the werewolf curse and becomes one himself.

When Katherine compelled Matt and Tyler to fight resulting in the death of classmate Sarah, thus triggering the werewolf curse. However, the relationship has gone through rough patches, due to Tyler becoming a werewolf and Tyler and Matt both being in love with Caroline Forbes. However, they eventually worked through this issue and are back to being close friends. They even joined Mystic Falls' police academy together, but this was short lived for Tyler.

They are still close today despite Tyler leaving Mystic Falls.

tyler lockwood and caroline forbes relationship

Matt isn't impressed with the idea of Tyler having a relationship with his sister, Vicki. He is even less impressed when Jeremy Gilbert implies that Tyler tried to force himself on Vicki sexually.

Matt is quick to be suspicious of Tyler, suggesting that while they may be friends, their friendship is not a close one. The pair have a fight in the locker room during a football game, where it is revealed that Matt is fed up with Tyler's behavior.

tyler lockwood and caroline forbes relationship

The two become more distant after this fight, though Tyler does make the effort to approach Matt and expresses his sympathy over Vicki being missing, and offers to help find her. The friendship appears to be on the road to recovery later on when the pair up to play basketball together, discussing relationships, as Matt has just begun hanging out with Caroline Forbeswho he begins to like.

tyler lockwood and caroline forbes relationship

Matt punches Tyler, and Tyler's anger issues rise to the surface, causing him to completely lose control and beats Matt up badly before being pulled off him by Alaric Saltzman. We later see that the party was on a full moon, which only intensified Tyler's rage due to his then unknown werewolf gene. Mayor Lockwood, angry that his son embarrassed him, smacks Tyler around before re-joining the party.

Matt and Tyler stop speaking to each other for months until Caroline convinces them to become friends again. Matt and Caroline end up breaking up, as Caroline feels bad for having a secret she can't tell him.

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Matt gets them both drunk, and begins to spill vodka all over the floor and a photo of the Mayor. When he brings up how the Mayor used to beat Tyler, they begin to fight again.

Caroline and Tyler Collab

Caroline is able to break it up and knock Matt out before he gets killed, but Katherine had a back-up plan, Sarahwho stabs Tyler with a letter-opener. Tyler pushes her and accidentally kills her, triggering his curse. Days later, Matt apologizes to Tyler about how he acted though Matt was unaware Tyler had accidentally killed Sarah.

Soon after Tyler's first transformation into werewolf, Matt began to suspect there is something going on between Tyler and Caroline as he frequently saw them together; Matt doesn't know it was because Caroline was helping Tyler with his transformation. Matt, who still has feelings for Caroline, kisses her and she briefly reciprocates before pulling away and telling him he can't do that.

Later that evening, Tyler comes over and asks her why Caroline would help him with his transformation, if she could die if he accidentally bite her. Caroline is frustrated that he is unable to accept help from people, and Tyler becomes overcome with emotion and kisses her.

Again, Caroline reciprocates for a moment, but then runs into the house, yelling "Everyone just needs to stop kissing me! Matt calls Caroline, who obviously forgot about their plans after the days events, and she lies and tells him that she's with Bonnie, who is having problems.

Tyler and Matt

Matt tells both Caroline and Tyler that if there's something going on between them, they should just stop lying about it and tell him. Both Caroline and Tyler deny that there's anything going on between them. After losing Caroline's friendship, Tyler decides to leave town with Jules, and begins saying his goodbyes. He meets with Matt and confesses that Caroline has been helping him through a difficult situation, and though there's nothing going on between them, he fell for her. He reassures him that Caroline loves Matt, and admits that she deserves someone like Matt.