Uhura and kirk relationship quizzes

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uhura and kirk relationship quizzes

Answer: Over whether Kirk should be allowed to talk to Uhura is Vulcan; and the movie explores how Spock's relationship with his mother is a tender spot. There's so much to know about Star Trek's Lieutenant Uhura. Her role James Kirk isn't even a cadet at Star Fleet Academy when he first meets Uhura at a local bar. According to Nichols, the relationship ended well before production on Star Trek began. .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. 5) Do you think the Spock/Uhura relationship—in the story—is 11) Out of the other dramatic elements in the film—death of Kirk's father.

It soon becomes apparent why: It also raises interesting questions about his adherence to the cadet code of conduct Earth Driven by rage and the need for revenge, Nero seeks to wipe out all planets that are part of the Federation.

Vulcan is chosen as his first target, because he holds Spock responsible for the destruction of his planet in the future. With Vulcan destroyed, Nero turns his ship towards his next target, a destination that is figured out by the crew of the Enterprise, based on the trajectory of the Narada. Leonard McCoy and Kirk meet on the shuttle to the Academy. Where, are we led to believe, does McCoy's nickname of 'Bones' come from? Kirk points out that McCoy is signing up with Starfleet, which conducts all its business in space.

McCoy replies by saying, " Yeah. Well, I've got nowhere else to go.

uhura and kirk relationship quizzes

The ex-wife took the whole damn planet in the divorce. All I got left is my bones. Historically, naval surgeons have been given the nickname of 'sawbones', which is presumably where the nickname came from in the original series. McCoy is played by Karl Urban.

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Chekov devises a plan to conceal the Enterprise from the Narada, allowing them to secretly beam a small team aboard the enemy ship.

Where does the Enterprise hide? Behind a moon of Saturn Displaying skill and ingenuity far beyond what the character ever showed in the original series, Chekov realizes that Saturn's magnetic field will hide the ship from the Narada's sensors, while its rings will hide it visually. Since Nero isn't expecting the Enterprise to follow him, he won't be looking very closely for them anyway. Given how badly the Narada's futuristic weapons outclass the Enterprise's, their only reasonable chance to defeat the enemy is through surprise.

After a fraught conversation with his Vulcan father, Sarek Ben CrossSpock masters his emotions by accepting and using his anger rather than suppressing it. Placing himself under Kirk's command, he volunteers for the mission aboard the Narada, and makes a token and unsuccessful objection when Kirk decides to go too. Realizing that the main fleet is too far away to respond, the Admiral stops dressing down Kirk and starts scrambling the cadets to help man the seven ships that are close enough.

Who is sending the distress signal? The planet Vulcan Vulcan is a founding planet of the United Federation of Planets as well as homeworld to some of "Star Trek"'s most popular characters the fascinating Mr. Spock among them ; there is nothing Starfleet will not do to protect that world.

Unfortunately, when Vulcan High Command sends a distress signal reporting a cataclysmic and inexplicable space lightning storm, Starfleet's main forces are much too distant to respond; instead, Admiral Barnett a cameo by filmmaker Tyler Perry scrambles the incompletely manned ships in Earth orbit, sending senior cadets to fill out their crews.

Among these ships is the Enterprise, flagship of the fleet, commanded by Christopher Pike and making its maiden voyage earlier than planned. Spock Marooned on the cold and inhospitable surface of Delta Vega, Kirk finds himself being pursued by the local fauna. He is rescued by a Vulcan, who Kirk is surprised to find, knows him by name.

When questioned about this, the mysterious Vulcan replies "I have been and always shall be your friend. The elder Spock is played by Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock on the original television series.

uhura and kirk relationship quizzes

What colour is her skin? Her skin is a bright, unmistakable green, although we never find out what race she is. Her roommate, who turns out to be Uhura, returns earlier than expected and Kirk hides under the bed, until Uhura figures out that someone is there.

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In the television series, Kirk was very much a ladies man, and although this is often alluded to in the film, this is the only romantic encounter we actually see him in. Kirk and Spock are in the transporter room, preparing to beam aboard the enemy ship.

They might not come back, so this is the moment for sweethearts to say goodbye. While Nichols broke off the relationship before the show aired, Barrett continued and was reportedly disliked by the cast and crew as a result. She was played by Grace Lee Whitney who was released halfway through the first season but returned in several of the Star Trek movies. At the time, the producers said she was fired because they wanted to free Kirk up to pursue other women, but later it came out they just wanted to cut costs.

Whitney was extremely bitter about her experience on the show, later admitting it drove her to substance abuse. It wasn't just her loss of the job, but also as she later revealed that she was sexually assaulted by an executive on the show.

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The executive was never named, but apparently never faced justice for what he did to her. He also developed the characters and humor of Star Trek, particularly the relationship between Spock and McCoy. Unfortunately, Coon left during the second season because of arguments with Roddenberry. Some fans have pointed to his leaving as one of the reasons for the decline in quality in the third season. For most of its history, Roddenberry has been given the credit for that, and NBC was made the villain who fought his attempts to put people of color and women on the bridge.

uhura and kirk relationship quizzes

We now know the opposite was true. In the original pilot created by Roddenberry, the cast was entirely white and male except for Number One, the female first officer. Newly discovered memos have revealed that it was NBC who enjoyed great success with adding diversity to its other shows that pushed Roddenberry to include more colorful faces and females in the cast when the show went to full series.

Leonard Nimoy received way more fan mail than other cast members and public appearances became mobs. Privately, Nimoy didn't enjoy the fame and the pressure drove him to become an alcoholic.

During the second season, his nightly glass of wine after shooting became a night of binge drinking. His addiction was a closely guarded secret from most of the cast since he was careful not to let it affect his work.

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Nimoy would start drinking early on his days off and alternate between binging and passing out until the day he went back to work. When he directed, he would have a secretary standing by with a drink in a paper cup, ready to hand it to him when the shoot was over. Several cast members have said they disliked him and members like George Takei have feuded with him, and continue to do so to this day.

The dark reason why is that he was a scene stealer. Star Trek was originally supposed to be an ensemble show with a wide cast of characters like Scotty, Uhura and Sulu. Yet if you watch most episodes, the supporting characters had very few lines.