Vanille and fang relationship advice

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vanille and fang relationship advice

Following advice from his father, Hope used a sharp rock to mark a boulder to . tells his father everything that has happened and the two repair their relationship. Though Serah and Dajh also awaken, Hope is upset Vanille and Fang did. Fang - After Sazh she was my favourite character but again I think she stood .. I think his relationship with Vanille really helped his character for me. . Mostly she just sort of goes with the flow of things and offers advice on. I am only at chapter 11, but from my point of view, its been hinted many times in the game that they obviously cared for each other a lot.

This beautiful sketch art creates a tender scene between the two, a brief moment of peace between the chaos that could make way for a passionate kiss. An orphaned street thief who, like Luke Skywalker, dreams of destroying the Empire and eventually owning an airship of his own, Vaan would be much better suited in the arms of a bona fide sky pirate like Balthier.

This art makes that dream a reality, because, let's face it, there's not much in the way of romance going on between Balthier and his 'life partner' Fran, anyway. As one of the game's few royal protagonists, the prince Noctis seems a little reluctant to take part in the practise of commoners, but if anyone can convince him, it's Prompto. Their paparazzo companion is a little jealous of his friend's nobility, but, as this fan art proves, class can't stand in the way of friendship, or even romance.

If Noctis thinks being a prince comes with responsibilities, wait until he realises the full weight of Lightning's burden. If anyone deserves to settle down with a good-looking and heroic prince, it's Lightning. Once Rydia leaves the Feymarch, she has grown into a young woman and, therefore, at the mercy of Edge's persistent flirting. Maybe if Edge hadn't tried to leave Rydia and her friend Rosa behind during their adventure, which he describes as "grown-up work," he would have stood more of a chance.

This piece thankfully puts the pair on equal footing, and depicts a tender kiss rather than Rydia giving in to his relentless pursuing. They've decided to ditch the gloomy fantasy aesthetic and grab a milkshake with two straws in a classic American diner, complete with a juke box and a leather jacket. It almost makes you forget about her romance with Zack.

Fang even sacrifices herself to protect Lightning's home world Cocoon. Hundreds of years later, she and Vanille emerge from their crystallised shell, and Fang teams up with Lightning to try and prevent the Apocalypse. Other than its black and white style, this piece could have been lifted straight from the game, the two characters sharing an intimate moment after almost witnessing the end of the world.

vanille and fang relationship advice

Planning to have Dajh ask him for something so he can have an excuse to leave and head towards the ruins, Sazh says he will buy something for Dajh once he finishes the tests.

However, Dajh still insists on going to Nautilus Park, so Sazh promises him they will go there together after the tests are done. Dajh runs back into his room and Nabaat thanks Sazh for his cooperation. Then he says he'd like to go to Palumpolum to buy a toy or picture book for Dajh and be back by tomorrow afternoon the latest.

Nabaat agrees to the idea and suggests that Sazh use a military airship for transport, confirming Sazh's belief that they will keep monitoring him but he knows he can shake them in a large crowded city like Palumpolum, so he accepts the offer.

Making it back to Bodhum the next day, Sazh says his wife and child are in the town, and that he wants to be with them so they could be sent to Pulse as a family. PSICOM doesn't bother to check Sazh and he easily gets back into the town as they have orders not to let anyone out, and therefore wouldn't suspect anyone trying to get in. Grateful for how much it helped him and Dajh, Sazh tries to part ways with the chocobo chick but it attacks him, not wanting to leave.

The only operating train at the station is bound for the Hanging Edge at the farthest end of Cocoon. Unlike what he saw on the news yesterday, the people in Bodhum aren't going against the soldiers. They are now in despair and have resigned themselves to their fate as they prepare for their last train ride.

Walking and looking down at his feet like the rest of them, Sazh lines up and goes towards the station entrance. Despite knowing it may be a one way trip, he is determined to get to the Pulse fal'Cie with the chocobo chick alongside him. Search This is what you are thinking right now.

You are a l'Cie of Pulse, and all of Cocoon is your enemy. But there are exceptions to anything, you know. She doesn't find Vanille and the food they had brought back hasn't been touched.

Fang thinks Vanille hasn't returned to Bodhum or is still hiding. She assumes Vanille is lonely and crying in her sleep as usual. Fang goes to the shopping mall to get a drink from a vending machine and catches another glimpse of the human-looking white bird. Believing the bird to have brought luck whenever she and Vanille saw it, Fang thinks she can now find her wayward friend, but is quickly discouraged. Someone tells Fang to pick up the can she had placed on the ground. Fang ignores the voice, but is pursued by a soldier in an unfamiliar blue uniform.

She leaves the mall and keeps running until she gets lost. The soldier jumps her, but claims to not be an enemy. He introduces himself as Rygdeaa member of the Cavalryand asks Fang to come with him. Now surrounded by soldiers holding her at gunpoint, Fang is handcuffed and blindfolded, although Rygdea promises she won't be bound for long.

Fang is forced onto an airship where she meets Cid Raines and her handcuffs are removed. Raines identifies Fang as a Pulse l'Cie, an enemy of of Cocoon, and introduces himself as the Cavalry leader. He claims to not be Fang's enemy even if it is his job to help protect Cocoon. He takes out a wireless communicator to ask Lieutenant Jihl Nabaat of her status, who says a perpetrator is still on the run. Raines tells Nabaat things are also coming up empty on his end. Fang remains unconvinced, believing the Cavalry captured her to get intel on Pulse.

vanille and fang relationship advice

She tells Raines that she has no information he could want because she's a broken l'Cie, and that she doesn't have time to help him since she's looking for a friend. Raines says it's up to Fang whether or not she'll help, but says she will be staying with them.

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Raines asks Rygdea to take Fang to the residential area. Fang realizes they are on an airship. Despite most of the creatures and people in Cocoon being weak with the exception of a few like Rygdea, it has a vast assortment of technology, potentially making them a worse enemy than Fang and Vanille imagined.

Fang is given a room with only a bed and a table. Rygdea says the Cavalry looked at the security footage from Euride, and they could tell Vanille is strong like Fang. Fang is relieved Vanille hasn't been captured, and thinks about how Vanille always cries, wakes up from a bad dream and holds on to Fang begging not to leave her alone, and how Vanille would sometimes laugh at the strangest things, ever since they were children.

Now believing she can trust Rygdea, Fang agrees to the deal.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fang and Vanille

Rygdea believes Vanille is somewhere in Bodhum. He meets Lightning again and asks of places where teenagers like to hang out, and gives Lightning a vague description of Vanille as an outgoing pigtailed girl who ran away from home.

As she fixes Rygdea something to eat, Maqui appears and asks Lebreau on Snow's whereabouts, to which Lebreau says that Snow just left to meet with Serah. Rygdea describes Vanille to Lebreau who promises to inform him if a girl matching his description comes by. Rygdea later returns to the Lindblum and Fang is not surprised he returns empty-handed. She says Vanille might be near a forest or ocean for food, as she likes cooking even though some of her meals turn out terrible.

Fang asks why Rygdea is with Raines, and if it is because something about Raines appeals to him. Rygdea simply calls himself a man who relies not on his feelings, but on whether or not something makes sense, and that he does not fight unless he is sure to win.

He says Fang misread him, but Fang disagrees, thinking Rygdea lets his emotions dictate his actions more than he wants to admit. Fang worries how much time Vanille has left as her l'Cie brand is still evolving, and decides to look for Vanille herself. She sneaks out of her room and plans to find the ship used to bring her aboard the Lindblum and escape, but runs into multiple dead ends. Raines appears and says barriers were put up to restrict Fang's movement. Raines offers his sword to Fang, saying she can take it and do whatever she wants to him when his men arrive.

Fang takes the sword and follows him to a room. Rosch and Dysley ponder whether it was too soon to remove the barricade, and about the rumors spreading that what happened wasn't an accident. Nabaat says they can use that information to their advantage, but Dysley claims the fal'Cie Eden reprimanded him for hiding the truth from the public.

He wants to end the investigation after lifting the barricade so everyone's lives would return to normal. Rosch disagrees since the l'Cie remain on the loose, but as the fal'Cie spokesperson, Dysley can't defy their commands. An inside man recorded the conversation, which Raines calls "the real Cocoon" where Dysley thinks of the citizens as sheep. As long as Cocoon remains under Sanctum rule the people remain tools of the fal'Cie.

Raines believes Fang's Focus is to defeat the Cocoon fal'Cie and possibly destroy Cocoon by extension. This makes Fang think her and Vanille's Focus may not be to destroy the structure of Cocoon itself, but its core. Raines claims that Fang has the power to destroy fal'Cie, and asks her to lend them that power because he wants to destroy the fal'Cie Eden and the Sanctum.

vanille and fang relationship advice

Fang asks if Raines is willing to betray Cocoon. Raines answers he will do anything to achieve his goal, but Fang says she will make her decision about helping him after Vanille is found. Raines tells her about Bodhum's fireworks festival and that PSICOM won't be able to make a move against her if she blends in with the tourists.

Fang agrees to stay on the Lindblum until then, though she still hasn't decided on whether or not she will help Raines. For the next two days, Rygdea continues unsuccessfully looking for Vanille and Fang has no luck trying to recall the missing pieces of her memory. The following day Raines lets Fang attend the fireworks festival as promised, giving her a wireless communicator and a device to give her quick access to her weapon.

vanille and fang relationship advice

She returns to the Vestige and sees the priests' robes thrown on the floor and Vanille's weaponmeaning she had been there. Fang folds up the priests' clothing to let Vanille know she is looking for her. She spends the rest of the day looking for Vanille in the areas around Bodhum they previously visited. Believing that Vanille would avoid the Vestige from now on, Fang walks to the shopping mall as it gets dark.

As fireworks light up the shopping mall and beach full of people, Fang looks everywhere for Vanille. Lebreau tells Snow that Serah is waiting at the usual place. As he leaves, Fang doesn't get a good look at him but remembers his clothing.

Fang describes Vanille to Lebreau who tells Fang about the wishmaking tradition. When Fang leaves, she looks at the sky and prays she will find Vanille. Rygdea tells Fang through the communicator to return to the meeting point as something terrible has happened.

The Cavalry and Bodhum's security force are ordered to pull out. Raines thinks that PSICOM is stalling for time before the info gets leaked and will reveal the discovery after they've barricaded the city to contain the panic.

Raines gets a call from his inside man and asks Rygdea to step outside, making the latter suspicious for how Raines's demeanor suddenly changes. After Fang is picked up, Fang unleashes her fury upon learning the Cavalry is going to leave Bodhum. Rygdea assures they will continue to search for Vanille in the regions outside of town. Raines tells her that the Sanctum will Purge everyone in Bodhum to Pulse, and bring them to the Hanging Edge by train before sending them to Pulse along with the Vestige.

Raines reaffirms his desire to destroy the fal'Cie and Sanctum, but Fang says she doesn't care about his power struggles, and asks what he really wants. He tells her he wants the people of Cocoon to have rule over their own hearts and live as humans, neither as sheep nor tools of the fal'Cie.

Fang thinks she recognizes the same kind of look in Raines's eyes that she saw in the eyes of those on Pulse whose homes were destroyed by Cocoon fal'Cie. Raines promises the Cavalry will use all of its power to find Vanille, but they can't ignore the lives of the people in Bodhum being destroyed simply for having the slightest brush with Pulse. Knowing the Cavalry would have to make sacrifices to save Vanille from a heavily guarded Purge train, Fang says she owes Raines.

She closes her eyes and prays that her and Vanille's Focus is to destroy the Cocoon fal'Cie, and that she is not making a mistake with her decision.

Hope Estheim

Fang tells Raines once Vanille is found, they will help him crush the fal'Cie. Two days later, on the day the Purge train leaves Bodhum, the Lindblum lands on Lake Bresha 's surface. As Fang rides in a smaller vehicle toward the Hanging Edge, Rygdea says the Purge train will arrive in an hour. Fang spots the strange white bird as it disappears into clouds. Now seeing the bird as a sign of luck, Fang smiles at the knowledge the Hanging Edge is close and that she would find Vanille.

Friends Whatever, let's not talk about him. I mean, whether he's here or at home he'd just say the same things anyway. Having planned it half a year in advance, Nora hopes to use the vacation to try and heal the rift between Hope and his father, Bartholomew. One evening, Bartholomew calls Nora and says he has to go on a business trip but will join up with her and Hope for the festival. Hope is unsurprised and doesn't believe it since his father often neglects him and Nora for his job.

Hope resents Nora never blaming his father for breaking his promises and for making excuses for him. Nora wants to go to Euride the next day as the clean-up operation after the accident three days ago has ended. When Hope says his father is not coming just as he thought, Nora says there is nothing Bartholomew can do about it since the Euride incident affected his job. Nora sees a pet shop that sells chocobo chicks. Some kids run past Hope and hearing them mention the Sunleth Waterscape makes him think about his school trip there six years ago, and the misadventure he had there with his two classmates Kai and Elida Karmic.

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He thinks about what his father said about keeping promises no matter how small they are. Hope believes his dad no longer keeps his promises to him and Nora. All Hope can remember about the last time he began a conversation with his dad was how Bartholomew had brushed him aside.

vanille and fang relationship advice

Having seen the fal'Cie Kujata, Hope and Nora return to the entrance. When he was younger, Hope had wanted to become like his father, but he now doesn't wish to become the kind of person that feels work is more important than family.

The people passing by were talking about a boy being hurt in the accident, and how the local security force could barely look at his father.

Nora hopes the child does not die since there's nothing worse than a child dying before their parents. Hope ponders that when a family member dies it's still sad for those left behind regardless. Nora asks if Hope hates his father, and says Bartholomew isn't good at these kinds of things, but many people in the Sanctum depend on him and he wants to do a good job.

Hope says he's not mad since his father will join them in time for the fireworks, which is the most important part of the vacation. Hope thinks about talking to his dad on the night of the festival. Bartholomew may not say much, but Hope strives to make his mother happy.

Seeing his mother looking worried, he says they should return to Bodhum, and Nora suggests they visit the shopping mall again. Hope thinks about talking to Kai and Elida when he gets back to Palumpolum and tell them about his vacation, making it the first time they've been together in three years.

Present -Gift- Yeah, that's why I never know what to get her. I always think there must be something better out there. When you see how happy they are with what you've given them, all those worries go away!

Though Lightning has been like a mother to her, Serah still hasn't told her about being made a Pulse l'Cie, an enemy of Cocoon. She told Snow three days ago and tried to break up with him, but he promised to help her figure out her Focus and complete it.

Snow tried asking people what they knew about Pulse or l'Cie, but had no luck. He even thought of confronting the Pulse fal'Cie about Serah's Focus, but she objected because that could make Snow a l'Cie as well as, and endanger everyone in Bodhum. Serah and Snow had decided to tell Lightning everything on her birthday, but Serah doubts she has the courage.

To cheer Serah up Snow points to a large stuffed Carbuncle toy in a store window. Serah jokes Lightning would like a Carbuncle doll, and they move on. Due to Lightning's job as the raid leader of the Bodhum Security Regiment, Serah thinks of getting her a good-luck-charm. Planning to propose to Serah at the fireworks festival, Snow looks at rings on a corner table, but dismisses the idea. Serah overhears him, but believes he is thinking of getting a ring for Lightning. Snow moves on to the next display showing bracelets.

He considers the ones with birthstones but relents after seeing a middle-aged woman use a bracelet as a collar for her tiny dog. Snow and Serah move on to the next table displaying earrings. She notices Snow has been acting oddly. He is about to tell Serah to forget about it and help pick out some earrings when a voice from a young couple catches his attention.