Vash and meryl relationship test

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vash and meryl relationship test

Meryl Stryfe (メリル・ストライフ, Meriru Sutoraifu) and her junior coworker, Milly Thompson, are agents of the Bernardelli Insurance Society sent to evaluate claims regarding Vash The Stampede. Although she doesn't often fight alongside Vash, she hides many derringer. Knowledge Quiz based upon Which Trigun Character Are You, the Anime selector quiz by Vash The Cowboy. Test your knowledge of: Single-Shot Meryl Strife. The Trigun anime and manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by At odds with Vash and his companions is his twin brother Millions Knives, who . Although she does not have a relationship with Wolfwood in the manga, . The crew proceeded to perform extensive tests on Tessla, actions opposed.

I love how it frustrates her so much that she throws herself against him. He tells her everything. How many people know everything there is to know about Vash the Stampede? This is trust in action. He trusts her with every piece of him, with the good and the bad, the hidden and the horrible.

He could have taken the path he did so many other times of just leaving, but she asked him for the truth. She pleaded with him for it. He showed her the darkest parts of himself. He opened himself up to her in a way he never had before with anyone.

He knows she wants to be there, at this point. Back at the beginning of the series, he was always alone. He had some friends here and there, but he never stayed long. He steps around her when he leaves, redirecting her efforts to Milly, giving her a task. Of course, many point to the fact that Vash killed Legato to save the girls. Meryl is one of his memories.

When Vash wakes after ten days of slumber, the most important memories flood him, and one of them is his conversation with Meryl. I know this is a finer detail, but it sticks out to me because of the weight of the other memories he reclaims. Wolfwood dying, then Meryl, then the dead saxophone player, then Legato.

There are three deaths in those first four memories, and one life. That might not be so bad. He watches her, transfixed as she walks towards the man holding the gun, the one who wants to kill him. In that moment, he sees another human, like Rem, who would dare to save lives by ending the cycle of hatred.

That must be it! He jumps up, but stays at her level, holding her close as his eyes close. You only know it because he has to turn all the way around to face Milly when she arrives.

vash and meryl relationship test

He leaves behind the coat. He finally makes the decision to move on, his business with Knives concluded, and he returns to Meryl.

vash and meryl relationship test

And the smile on his face is that of a soldier returned home. I would say that he does. At first, he lets the insurance girls see nothing but the silly side of him, trying to protect them from the darker side of things. By the end, he tells Meryl everything. He draws her into his life and his past and his fears.

Vash can be himself with Meryl, in all his incarnations. She has not only seen his wounds, but dressed them and cared for them. They are no longer his story alone, hidden beneath the geranium-red coat, but hers as well. In the anime she survives her encounter with Vash but is killed by E.

Mine and her body is tied to a cross to display for Vash. She commits suicide in the manga to avoid being punished. Mine[ edit ] Voiced by: Mine is a violent man who wears a suit that resembles a sphere and contains control threads for deploying lethal spikes.

Further manipulating these threads, Mine can hurl them towards an enemy. He is quickly defeated in the manga, and he is killed by Rai-Dei after Vash defeats him in the anime. Rai-Dei the Blade[ edit ] Voiced by: He carries a sword with a built in gun that can be fired from the hilt, but not meant for shooting, instead when he fires the gun in the middle of his swing it allows him to swing his sword with enough force to create a sonic blast.

In the anime, he expresses anger in the fact that Vash is refusing to make his mark true and aim to kill, claiming he wants "a real battle". He escapes after Vash's Angel Arm is forced to activate, though Wolfwood soon kills him. In the manga, he wears "roller skates" that allow him to move at phenomenal speeds. After Vash defeats him, Rai-Dei attempts to attack Vash from behind, but is quickly killed by Wolfwood. Leonof the Puppet-Master[ edit ] Voiced by: Kaneta Kimotsuki Japanese ; Milton James English Leonof the Puppet-Master is an elderly man who controls numerous puppets with an elaborate system of wires.

He can manipulate them to look like real people, and uses them to do horrible things to people close to Vash. His real name is Emilio, having known Vash during his childhood. His love interest dies sometime after, and he goes into puppet making to mend his broken spirit.

He cares for her body for a number of years until he battles Vash in the ruins of the station he had Vash lived on. During the battle, his love's corpse falls off a cliff, causing him to jump after it and fall to his death.

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The anime does not feature his background, and he is simply an assassin who can use his puppets to do various tasks, such as delivering reports to Legato, spying on people, and attacking them. After Leonof kills Brad using a puppet double of his longtime friend Jessica, Wolfwood kills Leonof in turn.

Vash uses some of Leonof's control wires in his fight against Hoppered the Gauntlet, and later during his final showdown with Knives. Gray the Ninelives[ edit ] Gray the Ninelives is a very large man known for being indestructible.

The manga version shows that he is actually formed from nine dwarfs controlling a mechanical suit from the inside, allowing them to keep fighting until all nine are dead. The suit is destroyed and only two survive. They are captured and turn over their coin, and later escape. The anime version is a cyborg whose only remaining human part is his brain, which is deeply encased in armor.

Wolfwood shoots out a pipeline filled with corrosive liquid, which pours down on Gray and melts his armor to expose the brain and internal frame, and he then blows Gray's upper body apart with the rocket launcher in his Cross Punisher.

vash and meryl relationship test

However, the legs remain active and deploy a hidden launcher of their own to destroy one of the plants powering the ship, leading to its crash. Hoppered the Gauntlet[ edit ] Voiced by: Keiichi Nanba Japanese ; Jonathan Fahn English Hoppered the Gauntlet is a masked man who wears a set of armor to cover his degenerated and vestigial legs, while using his large arms to move.

The armor acts like a top and he uses a shield to propel himself at high speeds.

vash and meryl relationship test

He seeks to kill Vash to avenge a mute and blind woman detached from the world, killed during the destruction of July. He eventually loses his mask, exposing a large cross carved into his face. During his final battle, he sees Vash's memory of July, has a revelation that he has made the wrong choice, and he is killed after turning against the Guns. The anime does not feature his backstory or expose his face, and instead has him just wish to make Vash suffer. After Vash deflects his attack with a well-placed gunshot, he hurls himself into one of the plants powering the ship, leading to its crash.

Zazie the Beast[ edit ] Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya Japanese ; David Umansky English Zazie the Beast is a collective of group-minded insects able to take over the bodies of humans.

These insects are the original inhabitants of the planet No Man's Land, who form an alliance with Knives to see whether humans or Plants are better to co-exist with them. They originally take over the body of a young boy, but it is destroyed by Hoppered after spying on him.

Zazie later reappears in the body of a teenage girl, though it is also destroyed by Legato after trying to infect Knives. The last body is an odd-looking man in disco-clothing used to deliver his coin to Vash.

The main hive is destroyed by Knives soon afterward. In the anime, Zazie is a demon who has possessed the body of Bete, a troubled young boy capable of controlling sand-worms with a high-frequency device he wears on his head.

Vash shoots and destroys the device, and Zazie takes full control of Bete to hold Vash, Meryl, and Milly at gunpoint. He is killed by Wolfwood, prompting a heated disagreement between the two over their morals.

In the manga, the conflict is triggered by Wolfwood's killing of Rai-Dei. Midvalley the Hornfreak[ edit ] Voiced by: Tomohiro Nishimura Japanese ; Steve Bulen English Midvalley the Hornfreak is a violent musician who is able to use his tenor saxophone to generate destructive sound as well as play frequencies that drive those that hear it into a murderous frenzy.

He is also capable of neutralizing sounds completely by playing counter-frequencies. He and his band originally just killed for money until being found by Knives, who killed all except Midvalley after they refused Knives's offer to join him. Terrified and resentful of Knives and Legato, Midvalley attempts to betray and desert the Guns, but once discovered by Legato, he is quickly killed himself. Legato uses Midvalley's body to attack Hoppered, and it is buried with his saxophone on his gravestone afterward.

In the anime, Midvalley plays Sylvia, a hybrid between an alto and tenor saxophone, mainly acting as Legato's bodyguard before being the last Gun to fight Vash. In their battle, Midvalley reveals his ability to synchronize sound waves with pain receptors in the body. Vash damages his horn with several carefully placed shots, preventing him from being able to play, and Midvalley commits suicide by triggering the now-jammed machine guns hidden in the bell so that they backfire into his chest.

vash and meryl relationship test

He is a mute, talented sniper who utilizes a rifle with a barrel many meters long; its scope allows him to fire on targets from many miles away. The poncho he wears can change its coloration to perfectly blend in with his surroundings, and he also wears a broad-brimmed hat and a steel mask whose left eye is patched shut. Vash distracts him long enough to shoot his rifle to pieces, but instead of surrendering, Caine commits suicide by shooting himself in the head with a revolver.

He is later buried in the desert, with his hat and a piece of the rifle barrel marking the grave. Elendira the Crimsonnail[ edit ] Elendira the Crimsonnail, referred to as the lost thirteenth Gung-Ho Gun in the manga, is the most powerful of the group. She is a transvestiteand normally wears feminine clothing and a pillbox hat. She shoots giant nails from a large briefcase that transforms into a crossbow with great proficiency, being capable of launching several in less than a second.

However, underneath her outer garments she also wears restraining armour, and after disabling it, she is able to move at blinding speed. Elendira also has the power to project the image of the death of her opponents by touch, crippling them with the realistic illusion.

She is jealous of Legato, as Legato is not part of the Guns, suggesting that Legato is more important to Knives than she.