Yamcha and bulma relationship help

Things You Didn't Know About Vegeta and Bulma's Relationship

yamcha and bulma relationship help

Moderators: Kanzenshuu Staff, General Help From someone who has no concept on how relationships work, this is what my perspective is on each one. 1. Chi-Chi is obviously obsessive about Goku when she first meets. Okay, so we all know that Goku and Bulma are the best of friends, had awesome, crazy adventures and just had a ton of fun. But could their. Moderators: Kanzenshuu Staff, General Help Dragon Ball Chapter wrote: Goku: "I always thought she'd end up with Yamcha, but. with Bluma attaching herself to other individuals during her relationship with Yamcha.

Even when Goku tells him that the fusion is permanent, the prince puts it on anyway. You might remember the internet blowing up a while back about how Captain America and Winter Soldier should be together. The Dragon Ball fan community is no stranger to this and one of the most persistent shippings in the fandom are the first two characters we ever see; Bulma and Goku.

Goku would probably make the most if he were single, to be honest. There is quite an argument to be made that Bulma should have pursued the man she knew since she was a teenager instead of the royal saiyan who would come later. There are two occasions in the series where Bulma ponders pursuing him. The first time being at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and again on Namek where she thought that she picked the wrong man she was with Yamcha at the time. The bond between Bulma and Goku has always been stronger than Goku and Chi-Chi so it makes a lot more sense for her to be attracted to Goku than Vegeta.

Also, think of the humor of trying to get Goku acclimated to life in the city? Comedic opportunities waiting to happen.

The truth is, though, that Goku is much less of a moral pillar than the Man of Steel is and that was proved when Vegeta rightfully scolded him in the Buu saga for suggesting something awful. I know fans accuse Vegeta of having a big head, but this is ridiculous. Despite the Earth being at risk, the Old Kai is not willing to allow Goku to use the Dragon Balls in order to bring back all the lives of those lost due to Majjin Buu. Goku, however, has an idea!

Knowing that all old men in the world of Dragon Ball seem to be creepy, he tells Old Kai that if he lets this slide, he will give him pictures of a human woman. Sensing something is up, Vegeta probes him about which one he's talking about and Goku confesses that he means Bulma. Vegeta refuses to let this happen defending the honor of his wife. Bulma probably would have 'rewarded' him greatly if she found out about this. Goku, on the other hand, would need Zeno to save his behind from the whooping Bulma would give him.

In the case of the blue haired wonder, her first visual of the prince was him blowing through Zarbon in his monster form. While technically Vegeta protected her really he was just protecting the Dragon Ball she is quite horrified by his blood lust and rage. That would serve as the basis for the nightmare she has of the prince later on in the saga.

The voice acting from Chris Sabat and Tiffany Vollmer in the Funimation dub is on point in this scene. While Bulma is trying to keep some sleep in a cave on Namek, she dreams that a red-eyed even more sinister looking Vegeta has tracked her down and wants the Dragon Ball. More than that, however, he wants her in the ground six feet under.

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Ignoring her pleas for mercy, "Nightmare Vegeta" charges an energy blast that would have incinerated her but Bulma wakes up just in time. I don't know what's darker, the fact that I can see Vegeta at this point of his life totally doing this or the fact that Bulma proceeds to call him cute near the end of the saga.

yamcha and bulma relationship help

Maybe these two messed up people truly deserve each other. Although it definitely doesn't start out that way. Early in the saga, Vegeta realizes just how far away he is from the resurrected Goku on a power level and decides drastic needs for vindicated pride call for drastic measures. If Vegeta hadn't knocked out Goku, would they have been able to beat Majjin Buu together?

Vegeta enters a Faustian bargain with the evil wizard Babidi and is granted a massive power increase at the cost of his soul. With this new power, he is able to take on Goku in combat Goku could have gone Super Saiyan 3 the entire time, but we'll just ignore that but Goku eventually smacks some sense into this dense Prince and tells him their fighting is going to unleash the greatest evil the galaxy has ever seen.

yamcha and bulma relationship help

Once he gets the truth knocked into him, Vegeta decides that he will be the one to save the planet from Majin Buu but all his attacks are useless. Seeing only one option, he decides to destroy himself in a self-destruction attack and I'll let his own words end this; "Trunks, Bulma I do this for you.

And you know what, despite the events of the Cell Saga, I still don't think that Vegeta would have actually become a loving husband and father to Bulma and Trunks if it wasn't for one person; Goku. If Goku was alive, he'd definitely be Vegeta's best man at the wedding. Let's think about this for a second.

Their first impression of each other was not good; Vegeta threatened to kill her if the Dragon Ball was not given to him and she preferred Zardon to win against Vegeta, making him label her as an idiot. Vegeta is forced to fight Zardon and brutally kills him, which leaves Bulma horrified. Vegeta offers to spare Krillin and Bulma if the Dragon Ball is given to him, which Krillin obliges and Vegeta leaves in a good mood. When he runs into Gohan, who questions where he got the Dragon Ball from, Vegeta admits he got it from Krillin and Bulma, whom he refers to as a beautiful girl.

After Frieza's defeat and everyone is teleported to Earth, Bulma is disappointed that Vegeta was brought back and she is disgusted at him when he mocks Goku for staying on Namek to fight Frieza as it explodes and fights with Gohan who defends his father.

Vegeta later suggests a way to resurrect Goku back to life with the Namek Dragon Balls and Bulma praises him for his idea, even offering him to stay with her at Capsule Corp. Vegeta reluctantly accepts and is bemused when she says he is cute and he should lighten up a bit. Over the next year, Bulma worries about Vegeta as he searches for Goku in space and admits to Yamcha she had a dream about kissing Vegeta.

When Vegeta returns, he is openly rude but is left speechless as Bulma orders him to clean himself up and behave more modestly, and he ends up submitting to her demands, which leaves everyone stunned at how easily Bulma can keep Vegeta under control. He goes with the Z Fighters to counterattack against Frieza, who also survived Namek's explosion, and Bulma accompanies them because she wants to see what Frieza looks like. Vegeta praises her for her courage but then calls her an idiot for being so naive and then orders her to leave but she ignores him.

However, Frieza is killed by Future Trunks, who later tells Goku upon his return that he is the son of Vegeta and Bulma from the future, which shocks Goku.

Future Trunks explains Bulma will break up with Yamcha for being unfaithful and she will turn to Vegeta for comfort, and ultimately leading to his conception.


During the three years of waiting for the inevitable arrival of the Androids, Vegeta continues to live with Bulma at Capsul Corp. Bulma worries about his well-being and even takes care of him when he severally injures himself. Vegeta tries to thwart off her concern but Bulma assures him he is strong enough and doesn't need to prove himself. This not only causes Yamcha to get jealous but show resentment towards Vegeta, whom he blames for his failing relationship with Bulma.

After two years, Bulma breaks up with Yamcha after having grown tired of tolerating his unfaithfulness and she attempts to befriend Vegeta, who gradually turns to Bulma for support as he struggles to become a Super Saiyan. Ultimately this leads them to develop a mutual attraction and they begin an affair, which results in her becoming pregnant with his child. By the time Bulma gives birth to their son, Trunks, Vegeta flees to space to become a Super Saiyan and doesn't return until a year later when the Androids arrive.

At this point, Vegeta and Bulma are estranged due to Vegeta not showing any interest in Trunks and being indifferent towards Bulma.

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Gero attempts to to kill Bulma and Trunks, Vegeta doesn't attempt to save them, telling Future Trunks they don't mean anything to him. Bulma humiliates Vegeta in retaliation by saying Vegeta's "ugly mug" makes Trunks cry.

Despite their estrangement, Bulma creates new armor for Vegeta and demonstrates genuine concern for him as he fights Cell. Bulma also insists that Vegeta would never let anyone hurt Trunks and she strongly hints she is open to having a relationship with Vegeta if he feels the same way. After the battle, Vegeta resolves to be a better father out of guilt when Cell kills Future Trunks. At some point after Future Trunks returns to the future, Vegeta and Bulma reconcile and get married.

Seven years pass, and by then, they have a much better relationship, due to having fallen truly in love with each other. However, Vegeta is secretly ashamed of himself for sacrificing his warrior lifestyle for the sake of his family and comes to believe it is his attachment to his family that made him weak. Vegeta allows Babidi to take control of him to turn him evil and increase his strength, and tries to force Goku to fight him by killing hundreds of innocent people, almost hitting Bulma, who is left horrified by her husband's actions.

Vegeta admits to Goku he allowed Babidi to control him in order to get the strength needed to defeat Goku, along with he felt torn between his desire to be evil and get stronger versus his growing love for his family and contentment living on Earth.

Goku tries to persuade Vegeta to stop when Majin Buu is resurrected but Vegeta says he doesn't care if Bulma and Trunks are killed, but Goku deduces Vegeta is lying. Ultimately, Vegeta acknowledges this to be true and feels genuine remorse for his actions, deciding to atone them by fighting Majin Buu to the death.

When he realizes he can't win, Vegeta sacrifices himself to kill Majin Buu, bidding an emotional farewell to Bulma and Trunks. Bulma is enraged at Vegeta for his betrayal but worries when she senses something bad has happened as he sacrifices himself. When Goku tells her about Vegeta's death, she breaks down into tears. Vegeta is later allowed to return to fight Majin Buu and he learns Bulma has been killed and Trunks has been absorbed by Majin Buu.

Vegeta is overcome with sadness and rage that he has lost his family and agrees to fuse with Goku in order to avenge his family.

When Vegeta finds out Goku planned to bribe Old Kai with naked pictures of Bulma, he is enraged and berates Goku for being so senseless.

During the final battle, Vegeta acknowledges that while he knew he loved Bulma, he never fully understood his feelings for her until Majin Buu killed her and he is willing to do anything for her forgiveness. His plan to use the Namek Dragon Balls to bring back Earth and everyone who died results in Bulma, Trunks, and all the Z Fighters brought back to life. Bulma hears Vegeta ask for everyone's energy to help Goku create a Spirit Bomb and she is happy that he is back and she is the first person to oblige to his request.

After Majin Buu is defeated, Bulma is so happy at Vegeta's accomplishment in saving the universe that she confesses her love for him and welcomes him back when he returns. She asks him why he suddenly took time off from training to go on vacation and he explains he is keeping a promise to Trunks. Bulma points out Vegeta has changed since fighting Majin Buu and has even gotten soft with Trunks but he denies this.

yamcha and bulma relationship help

He certainly had no luck at getting revenge against Buu after the villain killed Bulma. Everyone recalls Vegeta getting furious and attacking Beerus after the latter slaps Bulma, but Vegeta soon lost that battle.

Lastly we saw this again when Bulma tried to subdue Zamasu by pretending to be attracted to him, only for Zamasu to render her unconscious. Once again, Vegeta failed to beat Zamasu, leaving him with a really bad success rate of defending his wife.

In the episode of Super where Bulma reveals her and Vegeta's daughter will be named Bulla, Vegeta initially protests. He says he wants to give her a Saiyan name, suggesting Eschalot. That's probably not a word most people have heard, but an eschalot is just an onion.

This fits with the theme of how all the pure-blooded Saiyans in Dragon Ball have vegetable-related names. But it makes sense that this would get shut down since Bulla is not a pure Saiyan.

Still, lots of people noticed Bulla's head was basically drawn like an onion, so the joke is conveyed, even if you don't know what an eschalot is. Though Eschalot might have been a better name since everyone in Bulma's family is named after underwear, so Bulla is really a word that means Bra. DBZ kicks off with Goku finding out he has a long lost brother named Raditz, and then Frieza's dad King Cold pops up out of nowhere to save his son, followed shortly after by Trunks arriving from the future and announcing he's the son of Vegeta and Bulma.

So when it turned out Vegeta and Bulma had more relatives they never once mentioned, it was quite par for the course. Son Goku and His Friends Return!! She really has no excuse since her sister Tights actually is canon, first appearing in Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.

Apparently Bulma just never mentioned her sister for like fifteen years, not even to invite Tights to her wedding. Share your thoughts in the comments!