Zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship tips

The photo diary of a trans couple transitioning together | Dazed

zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship tips

In Relationship, Artists Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst Explore Love in a Time and we still consider it such a masterful work in many ways. Relationship, created by Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst, debuted at the Whitney Biennial. The JSMA exhibition features 26 photographs from the project, . Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker's twenty-two- minute film She Gone evolution of their relationship makes this point vividly. These pictures.

The photo diary of a trans couple transitioning together

We caught up with them to discuss the launch of the book. When you began documenting your lives, your relationship and your transitions — how conscious were you that it would ever be seen by an audience? We always preface discussing this work by saying that from to we never thought it would be seen by anyone.

zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship tips

No one ever saw the images. It began as a completely private document — a visual diary just for us. We never showed the images on social media, either.

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How soon into your relationship did you start this process of taking photographs of your lives? It was right at the beginning of our relationship. Yeah, the very first image, is one of us where I have short platinum blonde hair wearing a bra.

zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship tips

That was about a week after we had met. We are both artists so it was a natural impulse for us to document our lives. Rhys had been documenting his own transition and his own life but when you get two artists and two filmmakers together — Rhys Ernst: Zackary is right when she says that before we met, when I was living in New York, I was taking a self-portrait every day and I intend to do that for years and make a time lapse. Many of the photographs were taken at home in LA, with a few different houses and apartments representing different stages in our lives.

Homes of our families are represented too: The desert is our favorite getaway. What was it like working with them? All three of those extraordinary people were crucial in my development as an artist and human. This series is more Basically you are adorable.

“Relationship” | RHYS ERNST

Is that on purpose, to show how normal your relationship is? Or has being in a long term relationship calmed you both down a bit?

Transparent producers Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker

Art for me has always been a safe place to act-out. My work is about being a human, which is sort of against my training - making art about being an art theory book.

zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship tips

What effect do each of you have on the others work? I have more structure to her looseness. We have lots of opposites that overlap.

zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship tips

We have ideas for future presentations of this that work that are more elaborate. Is this a full collaboration? A relationship is definitely a full collaboration. Not the most biting question, but in one cute picture with the little kid I noticed a towel — Rhys — why do you have a towel on your head in some of the pictures?

Over the years, we noticed that a number of the photos were taken when one of us was sick with a cold or whatever else. What is your fantasy? To live in a world where gender identities are invented uniquely, every time, independent to every living person, and nothing is prescribed. To live in a world that is safe for our brothers and sisters and for future generations of gender outsiders.