Alexander the great and olympias relationship

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alexander the great and olympias relationship

She wanted only Alexander in her life and their relationship can best be and remained untouchable as mother to greatest man in the world. Know everything you wanted to know about Alexander's mother Queen Olympias - Her Early Life, Biography, History, her relationship with. In Antiquity, people believed that the birth of a great man was accompanied It is true, Philip appointed Olympias' brother Alexander (not to be confused Although the relations with Alexander were cordial, he kept her far away from politics.

Olympias: Mother of Alexander

He was already very much in love with his boyhood friend Hephaeston with whom he shared an active and barely disguised sexual relationship. As a result, Olympias constantly hectored him to marry procuring for him an endless stream of women in the hope to weaning him from what she considered an aberration. Alexander also recognised the need for him to marry and sire an heir but he would do so according to his own will and now as King he had no further need for his mother as protector and mentor.

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She may have secured him the throne but he now displayed his gratitude by shunning her. As he proceeded to conquer much of the known world he refused to take her on his campaigns and ignored her constant pleas to be allowed to travel to his capital at Babylon.

He even appointed a Governor to rule over her in Macedonia. Despite this she lived and behaved in Pella as if she was a Goddess and remained untouchable as mother to greatest man in the world.

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But she would never see her son again. In BC, Alexander died in Babylon, aged just He had not proved immortal after all but in his short life he had conquered far and wide from Egypt to Persia, from Afghanistan to India and beyond. He had also married much to the disgust of his inner-circle, a barbarian woman named Roxana who in the weeks following his death gave birth to a son she named after him.

Hated and despised though she was no one would lift a finger against Olympias whilst Alexander lived, now he was gone she was shorn of his protection, but even so she would not hide nor would she flee. Indeed, she became more imperious than ever.

alexander the great and olympias relationship

Alexander was succeeded as King of Macedonia by his half-brother Philip III but he was both physically and mentally handicapped, the result of a previous attempt by Olympias to poison him. Now she tried to control him as she had Alexander but he was to prove utterly incapable of ruling so she took advantage of his incapacity to try and win the throne for her grandson; but she was playing a dangerous game of bluff and counter-bluff as Alexander's old comrades squabbled over his legacy. For a long time she refused to throw her weight behind one side or the other but she could not remain on the sidelines forever and eventually married her daughter Cleopatra to Perdiccas greatly angering his rival for power, Cassander.

Queen Olympias — The Bad-Ass Mother Of Alexander The Great

But when the two old General's met in battle it was Perdiccas who emerged victorious. Olympias, it seemed had played a clever game but her success was to be short-lived for within the year Perdiccas died. She chose the latter and again it seemed a wise choice for Polyperchon captured Cassander's nominal ally, the infantile Philip III. Polyperchon was inclined to be lenient toward the disabled King but Olympias insisted that he be executed.

alexander the great and olympias relationship

She then sought out and murdered as many of Cassander's known supporters as could be found but before their work was complete she learned that Polyperchon had been defeated and killed in battle.

She now fled Pella and sought sanctuary in the city of Pydna.

alexander the great and olympias relationship

Although she was permitted to remain in Pydna few wished to be associated with her despite being no less imperious and demanding but now she was a majestic presence with no subjects to rule over, no one trembled with fear at her threats, and it was only a matter of time before Cassander came for her. Cassander brought his army to Pydna and surrounded the city but rather than force the issue he requested that Olympias surrender herself to his charge.

He even offered her terms promising protection for her family and that he would do her no harm. Ancient Greek historian Plutarch said that when Philip II gazed upon her, he fell passionately in love with her red hair and matching fiery temper.

Whatever the motivations, they were married in B. Wikimedia Commons A Roman coin featuring the likeness of Olympias. Legend has it that both Olympias and Philip II had visions on their wedding night that they would conceive a powerful world leader. Less than a year later, Alexander the Great was born. One possible competitor was his half-brother Philip Arrhidaeus, who Olympias poisoned and left severely damaged. Olympias raised the young Alexander to be proud of his heritage.

Her family claimed to be descendants of Achilles, the Greek demigod and hero of the Trojan War.

alexander the great and olympias relationship

This sparked the wrath of Olympias and she had Cleopatra and her infant daughter killed. As for Philip II, he was assassinated by one of his own bodyguards at a wedding banquet in B.

The details remain unclear but some historians of the era claim that Olympias may have been behind it.