And khrushchev meet

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and khrushchev meet

Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev caps his trip to the United States with two days of meetings with President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Khrushchev arrived in the United States on September 15, , for an extended visit and summit with Eisenhower. A summit meeting scheduled for Geneva. PX 03 June President John F. Kennedy meets with Chairman Nikita Khrushchev at the US Embassy residence, Vienna, Austria. US Department. Already in Vienna Kennedy was distraught that Khrushchev, assuming that meeting with Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, the Khrushchev.

Khrushchev opened the conversation by expressing the Soviet perspective that a united Germany "[constituted] a threat of World War III. Only 15 years after the end of that war, Germany again posed a "military threat" as a member of NATO.

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Such a treaty, he argued, "would not prejudice the interests of the U. Kennedy replied that American forces occupied Berlin "by contractual rights" rather than by the agreement of East Germans. Although Kennedy argued that the current balance of power in Germany was effective, Khrushchev said that "no force in the world would prevent the USSR from signing a peace treaty.

He insisted that the city of Berlin should belong solely to the German Democratic Republic. West Germany, Khrushchev told Kennedy, would remain under American influence. Kennedy countered by saying that the U.

and khrushchev meet

In light of this remark, Khrushchev suggested that an "interim arrangement" be considered. Khrushchev only rebuffed the United States for playing a significant role in the overthrowing of the Laos government. The next day, Kennedy approached the Laos subject again.

and khrushchev meet

This time, Khrushchev negotiated more willingly. This agreement proved to be one of the only accomplishments of the Vienna Summit. Topping correctly identified the major points of conversation that dominated the conference—the Berlin and Laos questions.

Clearly, both the Americans and the Soviets had ample information regarding the other's position prior to the opening of the Summit.

JFK meets Khrushchev in Vienna and Prime Minister MacMillan in London 1961

However, no one could predict the outcome of the summit, including the leaders' reactions to each other. For the Americans, the summit was initially seen as a diplomatic triumph.

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Khrushchev talked about nuclear weapons in a very informal way that worried Kennedy. Kennedy, when he came out of that meeting with Khrushchev, was really shaken. I will tell you now that it was a very sober two days.

and khrushchev meet

There was no discourtesy, no loss of tempers, no threats or ultimatums by either side, no advantage or concession was either gained or given, no major decision was either planned or taken. No spectacular progress was either achieved or pretended. He assumed certain things about Khrushchev that proved to be wrong. If this guy doesn't share my concern about nuclear danger, how am I going to deal with him over Europe?

There was no ground that he could see for compromise. And that left Kennedy in a very dangerous situation.

and khrushchev meet

Above all, he had discovered that the portly Russian—who weighed over pounds and when disrobed displayed a stomach resembling a beach ball—had never learned to swim.

Mao swimming in the Yangtze at the age of His fat made him extremely buoyant. Public Domain Mao, in contrast, loved swimming, something that his party made repeated use of in its propaganda. So when Mao turned up at the talks of August 3 dressed in a bathrobe and slippers, Khrushchev immediately suspected trouble, and his fears were realized when an aide produced an outsize pair of green bathing trunks and Mao insisted that his guest join him in his outdoor pool.

and khrushchev meet

A private swimming pool was an unimaginable luxury in the China of the s, but Mao made good use of his on this occasion, swimming up and down while continuing the conversation in rapid Chinese. Soviet and Chinese interpreters jogged along at poolside, struggling to make out what the chairman was saying in between splashes and gasps for air.

Khrushchev in Water Wings: On Mao, Humiliation and the Sino-Soviet Split

But he swims around, showing off, all the while expounding his political views…. Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis,left, and Nina Khrushchev: The Sino-Soviet split was real, and with it came opportunity for the U. Disengagement, in turn, led quickly to the SALT disarmament talks—and set in motion the long sequence of events that would result in the collapse of the Soviet bloc in All in all, quite a lot to have been set in motion by some oversize green bathing trunks and a pair of water wings.

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