Archana and manav meet after 18 years

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Manav thinks to himself, I had decided that I will never meet Archana again in Archana thinks to herself, when I got your phone call after so many years then I thought 18 years never passed. Why did you not call me in these past 18 years. [3] Plot Pavitra Rishta is the love story of a couple, Manav Deshmukh (Sushant After a leap of 18 years, Archana and Manav are about to be divorced and are [3] References "Ragini MMS Meet the show's lead, Karishma Sharma". Well on yesterdays Episode, Purvi and Arjun finally got married after all the obstacles their Manav meets Archana when he visits Mumbai on business. Damodar also reveals how, 18 years ago, Savita lied to Archana that Manav wanted a.

Enjoy… Pavitra Rishta is a story about the strong emotional bond that every daughter shares with her mother. This interesting saga brings in the flavour of the mother-daughter relationship and a mother's search for a desirable match for her daughter. Archana's mother Sulochana is one of the few people who appreciates the middle-class girl and she is determined to help her daughter make a good match with a man who can support her comfortably.

Because of this, mechanic Manav's mother Savita lies about Manav's circumstances so he can marry the girl he loves, but when his lie is discovered shortly after their wedding, Archana's mother tries to prevent their union.

In this she happily fails.

  • TV Review: 'Pavitra Rishta' leaps and meets expectations
  • Archana MEETS Manav in Pavitra Rishta

Savita starts hating Archana and her family. Archana's brother Vinod's wife Manjusha had also lied to Sulochana about Manav's circumstances. Her brother Ajit and mother Rasika always try to create problems between Manav and Archana.

Savita also accepts Archana. They have a son Soham and twin daughters Ovi-Tejaswini. They have also adopted Manav's fatherless nephew Sachin. Manav has now become a big businessman. Archana's sister Varsha kidnaps Soham as she is not able to conceive and both are presumed to be dead. Manav blames Archana for this and takes their daughters away from her.

Archana stays in India and tries to make a new family by adopting the orphaned Purvi. After 18 Years Although separated, Manav and Archana remain married. Archana lives with her mother Sulochana and adopted daughter Purvi; while Manav lives with his parents and children in Canada. Manav meets Archana when he visits Mumbai on business. He decides to complete the proceedings for divorce. Archana, unaware of her forged signature, is surprised when the subject of divorce is raised.

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She still loves Manav. But Sachin asks Archana to agree to divorce Manav for the sake of his real mother, Shravani. Savita has allowed Sachin to believe that Archana was responsible for his separation from Shravani. Archana goes along with this, but Purvi is somehow able to delay the divorce by six months. Purvi and Ovi are caught in a love triangle with Arjun- the son of Manav's ex-boss and current business partner DK. Purvi and Arjun have fallen in love.

However, DK announces that Ovi and Arjun are to wed. Savita arrives in Mumbai and tells Ovi and Teju that Archana is their mother. Purvi and Arjun's love affair is exposed.

Ovi still believes that Arjun loves her and it is Purvi who trapped Arjun. Archana tells Arjun if he really loves Purvi, he will have to prove himself. Arjun starts living in a lower-middle-class settlement near Purvi's house. He begins to work as a car mechanic. He works hard to answer Archana's challenge. It is now revealed that Soham and Varsha are alive. They live in Patna.

Soham is known as Vishnu and is a small-time criminal. He comes to Mumbai on an assignment to kidnap Manav, but instead kidnaps Purvi. Manav and Arjun save Purvi. Soham is then arrested by the police. In the meantime, Archana approves of Arjun and starts preparing for his wedding with Purvi.

For Archana's sake, Purvi accepts and forces Arjun to marry Ovi. Arjun is very unhappy about having to marry Ovi and when he finds out about the agreement between Purvi and Ovi he becomes furious. Later, Ovi confesses about the agreement to Manav and everyone else as well. Manav feels very upset. Then the whole family comes to know that Savita had forged Archana's signature on the divorce papers.

Manav confronts Savita and Sachin. Damodar also reveals how, 18 years ago, Savita lied to Archana that Manav wanted a divorce and forged Archana's signature. After finding out the full truth, Manav decides to live far away from Savita, leaving her devastated. Manav then fixes things up with Archana, and all three of his children apologize to her. She forgives them and they begin living together again. When Archana finds out that Vishnu is Soham, she approaches him, with the police behind her.

Vishnu thinks that she is trying to get him arrested, so he puts a gun on Archana's head to escape from the police. He then takes Archana hostage and flees. Manav, who doesn't know that Vishnu is Soham, tracks Vishnu down and shoots him. Later, when Manav finds out who he shot, he goes to the police and begs them to take him as a prisoner. Soham is taken to the hospital. Soham get to know about his real parents, but still hates and distrusts them.

Purvi leaves Mumbai so that Arjun can forget her and start his married life with Ovi. Arjun and Ovi appear to be a happy couple but it isn't true.

Ovi constantly questions Arjun, whether or not he has forgotten Purvi. Later, Arjun goes to Kolkata for business purposes and to find Dr.

Onir Dutt, who is a renowned Gynaecologist and the only doctor who is capable of treating Ovi. He finds the doctor and calls Ovi to come to Kolkata for her treatment. Ovi is accompanied by Archana and they arrive at Kolkata. Onir and refuses to get treatment from him.

On the occasion of Durga Puja, Archana happens to meet Purvi who is also pregnant. It is now revealed that six months before, Purvi went to Kolkata and met Dr.

They became friends and soon got married.

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Arjun and Ovi also come to know about Purvi when they arrive at Dr. Onir's home for dinner. Ovi thinks that Arjun is having an affair with Purvi. She gets angry and returns back to Mumbai. Onir also refuses to treat Ovi because of her strange behaviour. At this point, Purvi reveals to Onir that Archana and Ovi are not strangers, but her mother and sister.

Purvi leaves Onir's home and arrives at Mumbai. She does this so that Onir comes to Mumbai for Ovi's treatment. Ovi and Purvi's tests are conducted and then it is revealed that Purvi is pregnant with Arjun's child and this was the main reason of her leaving Mumbai. She married Onir only to give her child father's name and still loves Arjun. Teju and Sunny have fallen in love with each other and now they are struggling to win Savita and Snehlata's heart respectively. On the other hand, Onir learns about Arjun being the father of Purvi's child and supports Purvi.

Ovi turns good after seeing Onir accepting Purvi, so Ovi also decides to move on with Arjun and their baby. Meanwhile, it is revealed that, Punni loves Mittal and wants to marry him. Punni signs a pre-nuptial promising Mittal the Karanjkar house. On learning that Ovi has lost her child, Purvi decides to give away her daughter to Ovi.

Later Purvi struggles to stay apart from the baby. Her mother is against it, but Poorvi is supportive. This is an Ekta Kapoor serial, so don't ask how it can be the morning of the anniversary in Mumbai and the night of the same date in an unnamed city in Canada when India is ahead of the North American country in terms of time zones.


The first episode was a bit slow, but it picked up in the second episode and a point which we already know is made clear - that Archana doesn't know where Manav is, but Manav is unaware of that fact and is upset she hasn't bothered to call all these years.

Hiten looks really suave with his spectacles and suit, while Ankita looks exactly the same as she did earlier. That's a bit confusing when it comes to the several flashback sequences that peppered the two episodes so far. Hiten and Ankita really nail their chemistry in these scenes and it is a joy to watch them.

However, Shruti Kanwar doesn't really engage your attention as Ovi, while Mrinalini Tyagi's Tejaswini seems too much like a Mumbai brat when she is supposed to have grown up in Canada.

Pavitra Rishta

The same goes for Usha Nadkarni's Savita. Here's a woman who has lived in Canada for 18 years, and she is still clueless that women wear short dresses? What we missed most was the absence of Puru Chibber.