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So, why does it happen and what does it actually mean? To resolve this query, we got in touch with Dr Avani Tiwari, senior consultant psychiatry and sexology, Metro Multispeciality Hospitality, Noida. When we talk about dreams there are obvious, literal interpretations and then there are symbolic meanings. Dreaming about an ex, either friend, partner or spouse can have several such connotations.

Depending on what exactly are you dreaming about it can indicate your need for fulfilment of that very act. Either the act is symbolic of the person or the person is symbolic of the act. It can be powerful indicator of you missing the activities that you used to do together.

Simply said you are missing him or her.


You wanted to do those acts together but never did or didn't do it often enough. It can be sexual, physical, supportive, emotional or nurturing act. These acts themselves can also be expressed directly or through symbolism.

It is the quality that you see or refuse to see lacking from your life similar to the ex-partner who's also not there in your life. A person may dream of adventurous journeys with ex. Neither of his partners, ex or current have that quality, but what he's expressing through his dream is that he doesn't have that in his life like his ex-girlfriend.

Dreaming about your ex? A psychiatrist tells what it means!

He is equating the act with the person making her symbolic of the act. If the past relationship has not been very fulfilling or even traumatic you may associate negative imagery with your ex. For me, conversation and intel lect are right up there. Also, I can always say if someone is being sincere or not. It's refreshing to meet someone genuine like that.

Also, if a woman who is a traditional flirt knows you from before, you have a better chance of bagging a date, since she would prefer to sit back and wait to be wooed.

It's mostly the case when introverts try to flirt. The downside of this is that the woman might not always realise that the guy is flirting with her.

My friends tell me later that they felt he was! For instance, the girl you just met might not be interested in knowing about how exactly your last relationship failed or what your gym routine is.

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Women on the other hand, develop a more intimate connection if they take this approach. So, if there's lots of personal information being disclosed by a woman, you know that she's the sincere kind and that she's interested.

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Dating expert Ankit Anubhav says these kind of flirts usually have a good success rate. However, women shouldn't look at anything long-term with them.