Blink 182 meet and greet 2016

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blink 182 meet and greet 2016

Buy blink tickets from the official site. Find blink tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos. blink want to see YOU when our 'Kings Of The Weekend' Las Vegas Residency takes over Pearl at Palms Casino & Hotel this Summer & Fall! Limited VIP. Find out when blink is next playing live near you. List of all blink tour dates and concerts. You go to a five minuet sound check and for the meet and greet, you don't even do anything. . It was an honour meeting Mark Hoppus after the show where he signed my ticket for me. .

While the album was not commercially successful, it picked up a lot of buzz and is considered an iconic pop punk album of the time. The buzz generated by this first album caused a bidding war between multiple mainstream labels and the band eventually signed with MCA. The stress of constant touring and promotion as well as differences about where the band should go with their next album boiled to a head and caused the band to go on an indefinite hiatus in Blink has cited The Ramones, The Cure and The Vandals, amongst others, as influences for their music, but the reality is that Blink are massive influencers and inspirations for musicians all around the world.

blink 182 meet and greet 2016

The band inspired the second wave of pop punk music in the new millennium and also single-handedly bought this music into the mainstream. For this reason, their music will certainly live on for generations.

Live reviews blink Well let me start off by saying that this was my first rock concert that I have ever been too. It was amazing, the sound was amazing and they were amazing.

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I've always liked Blink because they were kind of more on the "nice" side of rock. Not like heavy metal. I am not sure if that is the same for everyone. If you don't like heavy metal than I would suggest skipping the All Time Low act.

blink 182 meet and greet 2016

Also, don't be in a rush to go to there concert because I got there at 6: They started playing around 9: So its okay if you were a little late. A lot of jokes about sex and some of them are worse than others. Speaking of, they were really great live. I wish they had played the longer opening set but I enjoyed seeing them live for the first time in over 10 years!

Then I finally got to go in and meet Matt, Mark, and Travis and while I think most people either just say hi or shake their hands I went straight in for the hugs.

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Okay well I asked if I could hug them first and they all happily obliged. What did I tell you? After I gave him a hug Mark immediately told me he loved my hair and so now that means I have to have pink hair for the rest of my life.

blink 182 meet and greet 2016

We got our picture taken and I took my chance to thank them for everything. So I chose one of the 8, stories and they listened to me genuinely. I hugged them each again and was on my way.

blink 182 meet and greet 2016

Matt sounded amazing and brought amazing energy to the stage. Mark might be on stage right but he makes sure to use the entire stage. He does not stand still unless he has to be in front of the microphone and I love it.

You can tell how much Mark loves being on stage and how much he loves the interaction with the crowd. He pulls faces and goofs off and has a ball. While I did miss his big drum solo that he used to do he does still have the solo at the beginning of Violence that just absolutely slays.

blink 182 meet and greet 2016

I will say though that as much as I love blink my one complaint is that their set is so short and it goes by SO quick. They technically have about 24 songs on the set but of those 4 of them are joke songs, which last about seconds.

Then there is the fact that considering they are touring a new album they only played four actual songs from it. There are at least songs that I wish they had added to the set list from the new album.