Breakfast and lunch before a track meet

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breakfast and lunch before a track meet

A medium sized snack or small meal minutes before your run is optimal. workout days and race day, you'll know exactly what foods sit well with you. Time of competition makes a big difference when it comes to breakfast before a track meet. If he eats breakfast before the bus leaves at 8 am. Studies have shown that having a fueling and hydration plan for competition can improve Have your breakfast as a late night snack the night before. Example.

The foods at this time should be high carbohydrate, low-fat, low-fiber, moderate protein. General Rule of Thumb: Snacks hours before competition - Bagels, toast, yogurt, graham crackers, dry cereal, pretzels, trail mix, fig newtons, energy bars, animal crackers, rice cakes, canned or fresh fruits, juice, oatmeal cookies, etc. The closer to competition, rely more on liquids and small snacks - Gel, sport beans, pudding, juice, sports drinks, honey, etc.

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What is "Nutrition Conditioning"?!?! Training your gut by eating the same meals and snacks in training that will be used in competition.

Are fluids really that important? Being only slightly dehydrated can decrease muscle strength, speed, stamina, energy, cognitive process, and increase risk of injury. Drink 16 oz sports drink 2 hours before race produce a light-colored, but not clear urine Drink oz sports drink 15 minutes before event After Event Hydration: Drink oz sports drink Why are sports drinks better than just plain water for training and competition?

They are formulated to taste better than water which encourages re-hydration, provides carbohydrates for muscle glycogen, and the sodium helps the body retain more fluids. If there is more than 2 hours between competitions, choose both Carbohydrate and Protein.

If there is less than 2 hours between competitions, choose mostly Carbohydrate.

What Should I Eat Before I Run?

Fueling after event s: Refuel and re-hydrate within 30 minutes after event. The goal is to restore muscle glycogen, repair muscle damage, and replace fluid and electrolytes.

The amount of time you need to eat before your run is dependent upon your timing experiment from step one. If you do have a longer run scheduled, try a small snack about 30 minutes before you head out the door.

The Pre-Race Meal

Find a Food That Sits Well in Your Stomach The most important aspect of a pre-run meal is finding something that agrees with your digestive system. While bananas may be perfect for your running friend, they give me heart burn, so I avoid them.

breakfast and lunch before a track meet

Likewise, you need to experiment on your easy training runs to see what works best for you. Avoid fatty or high fiber foods, which sit in your stomach and take longer to digest.

breakfast and lunch before a track meet

Ideally, you want a snack with a good blend of simple and complex carbohydrates and maybe a dab of protein to help you feel more full. Need Some Pre-run Snack Ideas?

breakfast and lunch before a track meet

Natural energy bars — A Granola bar is a great way to eat more natural, but still stick with a light snack filled with carbs. The guide contains 5 of the most nutritious foods to eat before a run lasting 60 minutes or less and 10 foods that will fuel you through your runs over 60 minutes.

Each of these carefully selected pre run foods will help you feel better in your training while making sure they do not upset your stomach!


Timing Timing is perhaps the most important consideration. The ideal time for a pre-race meal is about four hours before the race, because it's early enough to digest and store a large amount of energy i.

Most running races start early in the morning, and since sleep is also important, it's often impossible to eat a full breakfast four hours before the horn sounds. It's usually possible to eat at least two hours out. While you won't safely be able to eat as much this close to race time, you can still eat enough.

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The appropriate size of your pre-race meal depends on three factors: The longer the race you're competing in and the heavier you are, the larger your pre-race meal should be.