Britney meet and greet experience

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britney meet and greet experience

OT: Trisha Paytas had a video ranting about her meet and greet experience with Britney, and I'm convinced that Britney shouldn't be doing. Also, I won't buy any Meet and Greet for Britney anymore while she . I feel sorry for everyone with a bad m&g experience, this is just sick. Even though I have met Britney twice in the past and had a really great experience each time, my third meet & greet from last night is my favorite.

For some reason, I went into the show thinking she would sing live. I just refused to believe what I thought were rumors, but unfortunately those rumors were actually very much the truth.

Quite a few times Britney stumbled on words and even at times stopped moving her lips while the vocal audio backtrack continued to play in the background.

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Let me back track a bit. I have done a number of meet and greet experiences, and I have to say the merchandise included seemed a little underwhelming compared to other bundles I received for a much less price.

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Our tour guide went through a few of the outfits asking us if we recognized any. The outfit was actually just a replica— our tour guide explained to us the original was auctioned off, but she then proceeded to show us the original boots which were a size 7. After going through her wardrobe, we were brought on stage where our tour guide continued to provide us with useless facts about the screen, stage, equipment and so on.

britney meet and greet experience

After our look on stage, we were finally set to meet Britney Spears herself. Fans were ecstatic, some even in tears, while I stood there waiting expressionless. The wait was pretty long due to some lighting issues, but the experience was unreal.

britney meet and greet experience

We also got a special treat by getting to see the quick change room on the side of the stage where Britney changes into all her outfits and we saw her shoes and outfits! And then after the whole backstage fun we got a break to go walk around and get drinks and then 20 minutes later we went around the back and got the run down of the rules before the meet and greet. First the fun rules from Fe She said "Britney feeds off of energy so if you are happy then she is If you are nervous then she will be So be excited not nervous and tell her whatever you want to tell her And if you're too scared then I'll tell her what you want to say for you!

Britney Spears: Meet & Greet Experience + Show Review

We went up one at a time and got our special time with Britney Britney Spears broke my heart in Paris. Those who know me know it. Britney Spears is everything for me.

britney meet and greet experience

Whenever one of her songs is played on the radio, whenever an article is written about her, whenever her name is dropped in a conversation, my friends think of me, Tristan, the guy who keeps on supporting her, posting hundreds of Facebook and Twitter posts about her, playing her music whenever there's a party to cheer people up. In short, Britney is an integral part of my life, she's more than an idol to me, she's my everything.

I'm not a stupid "fan" who cries as soon as I see her on stage, says AMEN to everything she does, I also know how to remain unbiased, and be realistic about her new music or sometimes poor career choices.

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But, in any way, I've always been fascinated by this woman, a global superstar with undeniable stage presence and charisma, beauty, with a "Girl Next Door" side, a little goofy, simple, and funny.

I'm going to meet Britney, she'll see me, I'll talk to her, maybe even touch her. I prepare myself psychologically, and physically, to what will be the biggest meeting of my LIFE! After 9 months of sport and diet, the results showed: I lost 30 pounds, I've never felt so good both physically and psychologically, and I was ready to experience the greatest moment of my life.