Butterfree and ash meet again tat

butterfree and ash meet again tat

is there a chance, small as it may be, that you might meet it in the wild ever again? Instant thought to this: This is the Butterfree Ash let go and its taking one. Instant thought to this: This is the Butterfree Ash let go and its taking one last look at its Ok, so I've been wondering, when you release a pokemon is there a chance, small as it may be, that you might meet it in the wild ever again? . Time traveler Pokemon Lock Screen, Ash Ketchum, Pokemons Lendarios, .. Tattoo Ideas. pokemon, butterfree, and cute Bild. Catch Em AllAsh From PokemonAll Pokemon Pokemon StuffPokemon RougePokemon AvatarPokemon QuotesPokemon.

The littlest thing could set off the alarm. One set of emitters was positioned over the only door into the room and another set was positioned vertically on the wall about an eighth of the way in. They would catch all unauthorized persons who were trying to get close to the item in the center of the room, unless the said persons tried tunneling through the floor, which would set off a different set of alarms.

Or if the said persons hacked the security system and shut off some of the lasers. The item was in an a metal box, about the size of a paper grocery bag, sitting on a grey block of yet more metal.

The normal type put his paws on either side of the box. He didn't have a good enough grip to bring it back up. Silently he extended his claws, using the extra friction to gain purchase on the target. And then he yanked upward. Squashing a groan, Meowth pulled himself back into the ventilation shaft, box in tow. He then extended the claws on his feet, and dug one of the appendages into each side of the shaft.

After a couple of cramped, tight, and rather squished seconds, Meowth managed to get the box in a position above his head and then began to make his way back up the shaft. It's tough work being the top cat. He looked down, pressed some buttons on his datapad and then looked back up. We're supposed to leave no trace of a break-in, remember? She still had on her white tank top, but had traded the jeans for a pair of comfortable sports shorts.

These sessions didn't always make her sweat, but it was better safe then sorry. Two alakazams, and two mr. Seemly at random they would change up the patter, sometimes several times over a couple seconds. But it was in no way random, rather it was at Sabrina's telepathic command.

In the center, closest to Sabrina, sat abra's, hoothoots, a butterfree or two, a couple of slowpokes, and some young looking Mr. The humans had their faces scrunched up in concentration as they tried to build a small house of cards in front of them with their minds.

That's goodspoke a voice in the heads of the novices. Remember to be gentle with the force of your mindSabrina lectured them.

Don't try and do it all at once. Doing it one card at a time is hard enough. But-brina-bor-came the garbled response. But it will help you with the big stuff laterSabrina gently chided.

Would you like to try and do it by hand first? And after this we're doing telepathy drills. Awww Sabrina smirked as she continued to mentally coordinate her four heavy hitters. She might be needing them soon, there had been reports of criminal activity in the area. Plus Team Rocket had been acting bold as of late She could worry about such things later. Right now she had to immerse herself in a mental landscape, an expanse colored with an otherworldly palette, an alien representation of the room she was sitting in.

To an outside observer there was nothing that could be recognized as part of the room, but to Sabrina it was clearer then seeing it with her own flesh and blood eyes. But they could exchange feelings, parts and pieces of concepts, images, urges, sights, memories, and other things that didn't didn't need words. It was the closest thing to understanding what they were saying that any human could come to.

That was why she helped Silph Co. Without her assistance, the furthest their research had gotten was some sort of telepathic amplifier that was both extremely dangerous and difficult to use. It was kept in one of their high security rooms. Speaking of gifted humans, what was Britney The pigtailed girl had gotten up after completing her card structure and walked away from the rest of the novices.

The giant bar would fall and crush Britney the next second. Sabrina wouldn't be able to get a good enough grip on the bar before it hit her novice, or grab the novice either. She could blast it away, but then it would probably someone else. She couldn't project a shield over someone else in the limited amount of time left to her. And it would take too long to perform the teleportation calculations for a second party. There also wasn't time to teleport over to Britney, grab her, and teleport away.

What she did have time for It was incredibly dangerous, but the choice between it and her little sister getting hurt was not a choice at all. In what appeared to be a single action Sabrina rose and and initiated a small explosion of telekinetic force behind her, launching herself like a rather fleshy spear towards the imperiled novice.

Her arms wrapped around Britney just as the psychic hold on the weight broke and its descent began. Everyone could feel the floor vibrate from the sudden impact, but that only mattered to those who somehow managed to miss the thunderous boomcausing everyone in the gym to pause what they were doing and look. A couple looked down in horrified fascination as they waited for the blood to start flowing.

Eyes turned upward and took in the sight of Sabrina sitting cross legged on empty air, holding a pale and shaking Britney in her lap. The gym leader gently stroked the novice's hair and whispered calming nothings to the child. Brock made them all breakfast and after they ate, the group headed back to the cliffs.

They rented their hot air balloon for a second day and then prepared to take off. Isn't this a bit gaudy? Butterfree asked, twisting and examining himself. Nah, Pikachu assured him from on Ash's shoulder. Besides it'll help the two regular humans tell you apart from the other butterfree. It makes me feel cheap.

It shows that you're valued. You can always take it off later if necessary. Alright, Butterfree gave in. I'm not sure I want their advice on romance, Butterfree said to his trainer. If love's a battlefield, then Brock's the worst general ever. And Misty has thus far demonstrated horrible taste, Pikachu said to Ash's confusion.

Butterfree reassured his trainer. And with that Butterfree beat his wings and took to the sky. He looked around the flock, aimlessly searching for something to catch his eye. Butterfree saw a pink form and perked up.

Without thinking he adjusted his course and soared through the ever moving flock, homing in on a spot of pink. He called out, pulling up to her. It's going- is that clothing? Asked the female butterfree. Why are wearing clothing? My trainer's two human friends gave it to me. It's supposed to make me look better, but I think they only did it so they can keep track of me better.

Ahh, Sky Painter said in dawning comprehension. Today's going to be my lucky day! I'll definitely find a mate today!

Well I can see your self confidence isn't lacking, Sky remarked. Remember to leave some for the rest of the males. Won't be a problem. Good luck on your end, Butterfree wished Sky, before winging away.

It was just past noon when they heard the noise. Neither Butterfree or Sky had found anyone by that time, despite the hours of effort they had put into their searches. Butterfree still hadn't found anyone interesting enough and Sky still hadn't found a male that fit her tastes. Butterfree was fluttering above the majority of the flock, trying to think of a solution. Sky hovered above the waves. But everyone looked up from what they were doing when they heard the fast paced rhythmic beating.

The movements of the flock below, which had once been an ever moving pattern of seeming chaos, became united. He hadn't recognized the sound.

At three o'clock" Misty called out pointing. Ash turned to look, somewhat befuddled by her words. He thought the time was still around one. There was a line of sleek, black, military looking helicopters speeding along the coast. Each of them carried a large amount of netting that hung from their undersides, with openings at the top. Each of the copters had short, stubby wings, with a large canister and a row of rockets under each. There was some sort of red mark on the sides. Brock dug in his pack for a moment and pulled out a pair, which he handed to Misty.

She took them and then used them to peer at the helicopters. A chorus panicked shouting from the humans and frantic trilling from the Butterfrees then ensued. Rock types were useless around the ocean, especially hundreds of feet above the ocean. He hadn't bothered training for this sort of situation. Pikachu shouted to the nearby Butterfree. I'll take the ocean and try and ambush them when they go low.

Pick me up after the battle. In a blaze of light Staryu, Goldeen, and Starmie appeared on the edge of the hot air balloon's basket. Pidgeotto angrily screeched as she burst from her ball.

Pidgeotto, use your best Gusts to mess them up. Pikachu, scramble their electronics with your electricity. Don't blow up their helicopters. The question is can you keep up with me? Why don't we find out! Everyone, get over land! Butterfree shouted to his fellows, as they panicked and raced about him, an wild portrait of wings and colliding bodies.

butterfree and ash meet again tat

His shout went unheard over their din. But once more his warning went unheeded. Chaos still ushered his kind towards danger.

He could not get them away from the approaching danger. So there was only one thing to do. Get the approaching danger away from them! He dove, angling his wings for every bit of speed he could manage and rushed towards the oncoming helicopters. Sky Painter looked up from below the flock. Her gaze became resolute.

She would do her best to protect them. She rose, her wings beating faster than her heart. The helicopters were getting close to the flock. Some helicopters rose, and some dropped down to near the ocean, pushing a white ripple forward on the ocean before them.

The helicopters slowed down enough for the flying types to form a screen in front of them. At the same time the canisters fell apart and odd looking turrets lowered themselves from the wings. The turrets began to track and then they started to fire. It was not automatic fire, nor were they firing bullets. Butterfrees cried out in pain as the projectiles tore into the flock.

The ones that were hit could see that the projectiles were darts of some kind. The ones that were hit also began to feel dazed and tired. Their movements became lethargic and they lost altitude.

She relied the information to Pikachu even as she thought of the most obvious counter. She cried out to her passenger, who tightened his grip in response. Pidgeotto pulled her body perpendicular with the ground, wings outstretched, darts whizzing all about her. Her wings flapped, once, twice, thrice, and she unleashed her Gust attack. The column of swirling grey wind touched neither the clouds above, nor the sea below, fading away before it passed the edges of the flock.

It sped forward, twisting the air as it went, sucking up some darts and deflecting others. Darts quit flying and the zubats swarmed forward. They all opened their mouths in unison and unleashed a combined sonic attack. Their voices distorted the air, causing it to ripple like disturbed water as the waves went forward. Wind and sound met and the wind wavered and was overcome. Pidgeotto's attack burst, and the sonic attack continued forward.

Pidgeotto had dove as soon as she had unleashed her attack and so the sonic assault passed over her and Pikachu. The zubat's attack cut through the flock, disorienting the butterfrees caught in it's wake. Brock's zubat called out. He swooped down into the attack and opened his own mouth. His own sonic attack sang out, carefully constructed to counter the enemy's assault. Zubat couldn't stop it all, but he provided a safe zone to rally behind.

Butterfree and Me - Rescored

The turrets once more started to track and fire, computers in the helicopter automatically compensating for the disturbances in the air. Butterfrees were once more struck by the darts. Others were confused by the sonic disturbances that Zubat couldn't stop. Fry you flying rodents! Pikachu shouted as tendrils of electricity sprung from his back.

Zubats screamed and thrashed at the unexpected electric attack that was far stronger then what the Rocket's projections had predicted. But it barely made a dent in their number. Looks like we've got our work cut out for us, Pidegotto remarked, letting loose a number of smaller Gust attacks. Not like we haven't been trained for it, Pikachu said before letting lose another Thundershock.

A lance of purple psychic energy dropped down from above the highest group of helicopters. It smashed through a tail rotor with a small explosion, and continued through the tiny cloud of smoke until it faded against the ocean below.

The helicopter that was hit started to trail smoke and spun out of control. Several men jumped out, opening parachutes when they were far enough away from uncontrollable craft. Butterfree didn't pay attention to the results of his handiwork as a small number of zubat detached themselves from the rest and came after him. The attack was super effective against the poison types and they were all knocked out.

Butterfree turned his attention back to the helicopters below. His mind retracted in on itself, focusing to a point.

It felt like the inside of his head was being sucked down a drain. And then the sensation stopped. Another Psybeam lanced from in front of Butterfree's face, speeding towards another Helicopter. His attack struck true, snapping off a multitude of blades from the propellor. His attack continued onward, racing towards another Rocket aircraft. But it struck a wall of light that sprang up out of nowhere. The attack broke and dissipated. A group of three helicopters from speeding towards the flock from on low.

Side doors slid open, and platforms slid out. On each platform stood a Rocket trainer and an abra. Their intent was obvious. Use the abra to psychically grab the drugged butterfrees and stuff them in the nets.

A large wave sprung up and engulfed the copters, slamming them down into the waters below. At least one exploded as it the water at high speed. Pidgeotto and Pikachu continued their efforts, dodgin and dancing through the sky. Columns of wind roared and electricity crackled as they sent attack after attack out towards the Rockets. But the zubats were wising up. The Gusts were dispelled quicker and quicker each time and Pikachu's electricity missed again and again.

Butterfree fired off another Psybeam, chipping away at the Light Screen protecting the helicopter. The defense cracked, but Butterfree was forced to fly away as the turret on the helicopter started to track him.

He looked out over the battlefield. More and more butterfree were falling to the darts. It was likely they could fail. Butterfree could not accept that outcome. He forced his mind into overdrive even as he pumped his wings harder then he ever had before. Once again he began to fire off Psybeams. But this time he was doing his best impression of a machine gun.

Beam after beam lanced out, hitting Light Screens as he strafed by, chipping away and through the defenses to blast the machinery underneath. He danced within the group of helicopters, always moving, always firing. Turrets tried to track him, but he was too close, moving too fast, and he always got out of range before they could get an accurate lock on him. More helicopters fell, trailing smoke and bits of burning machinery.

Men jumped and fell. Butterfree felt like his head was on fire. He could feel every major blood vessel in his head throb painfully, expanding beyond their safe limits. His wings and lungs burned with each beat and breath. He pushed through the danger and the pain, and continued to defend his kin. Pidgeotto and Pikachu were trying to get close enough to the helicopters collecting the butterfree to disable them without hurting any of their captives.

Pidgeotto wove through the sky, avoiding darts and zubats. Pikachu protected her rear, letting loose yellow tendrils of power to dissuade zubats from following. She could see that one of the turrets had a good lock on her.

It would be difficult to avoid it And then the problem was solved. Gobs of white silk splattered over the turret, and then the windows of the chopper. A pink blur sped underneath the blinded helicopter and the netting was cut loose. The turret gone, Pidgeotto flew in close to the aircraft. Get out of here! Pikachu shouted, letting loose with a moderate Thunderbolt to the cockpit. His training allowed him to control the flow of his electricity when it the Rocket craft, directing it through some of the EMP defense and into the controls.

Consoles sparked and exploded as the helicopter started to spin. Nice one, someone remarked nearby, startling both Pikachu and Pidgeotto. They both turned to see a pink butterfree flying alongside them. I assume that was your handiwork, Pidgeotto stated. Thanks for the save then. Let's get the next one. Cover me while I go in! Pidegotto and Pikachu replied in unison. Another Psybeam pierced a Light Screen, cutting off the tail of a chopper. By now the helicopter had started to spread out, moving away from Butterfree.

It was an action that would make it harder for the bug type to continue his assault. Butterfree just wanted to rest. But the flock was still in danger, so he forced himself to keep aloft. One helicopter, a sleeker model then the others, broke away from its brothers, homing in on Butterfree. But instead of breaking on the screen, the attacks were deflected, doing much less damage to the defenses then earlier. A door slid open and a platform extended.

On that platform stood a kadabra, glaring at Butterfree as the helicopter moved closer. A voice cried out inside Butterfree's head. Playing with forces you cannot understand. For your arrogance in using psychic power in such a manner, I will crush you like the worthless worm you are! Telekinetic force gathered and Butterfree rolled to the side. Purpled light sped inwards, a crushing attack that would have killed Butterfree if he hadn't dodged. Butterfree responded with another Psybeam, aimed at the Kadabra.

It glanced off the light screen. Did you really think you could harm me with that amount of power! The voice in Butterfree's head taunted. A wave of purple light sped forth from the kadabra. The attack covered to great of an area for Butterfree to dodge. Like a bird on a windshield Butterfree was caught on the attack and carried away by it.

It was a full body impact, like being smashed with a giant sandbag. Butterfree let himself fall to avoid the next attack, but a wave of panic rushed through him when he saw the purple light appear above him. He fired off a quick Confusion, and twisted his body into position to dive.

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His meager psychic attack didn't even delay the kadabra's attack, breaking into pieces that were carried on by the kadabra's attack. Butterfree was barely able to dodge to the side to avoid being smashed by his opponent. He fired off another two Psybeams and then a third attack.

The kadabra watched the beams fail against his light screen with a haughty expression. He turned his head to taunt Butterfree once more, only to be hit right in the face with a String Shot. Sky, Pidgeotto, Pikachu continued to attack the helicopters trying to collect butterfrees. Zubat continued to counter the enemy's sonic attacks, but his voice was starting to give out. Pikachu exclaimed when he looked over to where Butterfree was fighting.

Butterfree's making us look bad. Wait, you know Butterfree? Sky asked, also looking over. She could see the parachutes and smoke trails from the helicopters he had taken down. And she could see a black speck dance around in the center of the enemy formation, dodging unseen darts and seen waves of purple psychic blasts. Oh, wow, you're right. He is doing good. But it also looks insane. Helping people and doing crazy things are the norm. Butterfree did a barrel roll, avoid the painfully bright Psybeam that ripped through the space he used to occupy.

You will pay for this. The kadabra telepathically growled, as he sought to rip off the sticky silk on his face. When I catch you- So this is how you use telepathy to actually talk! Thanks for the free lesson! Butterfree punctuated his response with another stream of silk. Butterfree saw the turrets tracking him, even as another hammer of psychic force grazed by him. Evidently the humans piloting the helicopter were getting impatient with the fight and were taking matters into their own hands.

Butterfree fired off three String Shots in rapid succession, one for each turret and one for the cockpit. The sticky silk engulfed the nozzles of the turrets and covered the cockpit, rendering the operators blind. I will crush you! Butterfree dove and the space above him was filled with converging waves of telekinetic force. He pulled out of his dive, wind whistling in his ears, body protesting the strain he was putting on it, only to see a large Confusion rushing straight at him.

His attack was small compared to the waves of telepathic and telekinetic force warping the air as they sought to take him from the sky.

butterfree and ash meet again tat

But it was enough to open a small safe zone for Butterfree to shelter in. You cannot dodge this the kadabra told his opponent. Small globes of purple light filled the clearing in the formation where esper and flier fought. Butterfree assumed they were some sort of aerial mines and started to weave between them. He was caught off guard when he passed close by one and a Psybeam lanced forth.

The attack clipped him, sending him tumbling out of control and adding another injury to his abused body. Another beam appeared, one which he dodged on instinct, flipping and spinning in midair.

The beam would have taken off his wing had it hit. Butterfree twisted his way through them, his training with Pidgeotto and Bulbasaur paying off. I see you now! Guessing what was coming next Butterfree threw himself into a loop, making sure to line up with another helicopter in the process.

An enormous Psybeam, nearly as large as Butterfree himself, sped past, giving Butterfree the impression he had been missed by a freight train. It struck the other Rocket helicopter in the middle, killing a couple occupants instantly and igniting the fuel. Before it had time to fall the helicopter exploded in a brilliant orange fireball. Ash couldn't complain about that, after all it had been kadabra's attack that blew it up.

And besides, Butterfree thought, it wasn't likely that he had seen what had happened anyway. And there was no way for him to prove that Butterfree had planned for that to happen Again you do this! I will peel off your wings for this outrage! Are you sure we couldn't quit fighting? I'm pretty sure you've already taken more casualties then you expected. Thank you for speaking. It makes it so much easier to find you and kill you! An explosion of telekinetic force erupted next Butterfree, batting him upward.

He shook his head and managed to regain his bearing just in time to dodge another crushing attack. As he spiralled downward he noticed two helicopter breaking away from the formation surrounding him and the movements of their turrets.

That could be problematic Pidgeotto flew into the center of the flock of zubats, the flying type doing her best to shake off their sonic attacks. Pikachu jumped off her back and scrunched up his cheeks. Electric charge gathered as he rose. To be so weak! Pikachu cried out as he reached the peak of his leap Pikachu unleashed his gathered charge and used Electric Rain. Thundershock after Thundershock sought the surrounding zubats, bolts flying forth like raindrops. Each tendril that hit knocked out a zubat and there were too many bolts to be avoided.

For an instant in time Pikachu stood on empty air, singed and falling zuabts all around him, glowing with yellow power. And then he started to fall. Pidgetto swooped in and Pikachu landed on her back. Did I get em? The ones that are left are retreating. Pidgeotto flew up to take position in front of the center of the flock once more. And now there's nobody left to stop me! Ash's fired off another Gust, scattering darts and disrupting the flights of helicopters.

Pikachu sighed a breath of relief and rested on his comrade's back. Butterfree's problem was solved when a series of four String Shots hit the turrets from below. With the turrets out of the equation he was able to focus on the kadabra's next attack, another burst of telekinetic energy. Looks like you could use a hand, a familiar voice told him. Butterfree turned to see Sky Painter coming in on a parallel course.

Butterfree shouted, but his warning was not needed. Sky was able sense and dodge the Psybeam that kadabra launched at her on her own. If you want to help keep the other choppers off my back, Butterfree told her, monitoring the kadabra for the next attack. Heh, should be easy. No way they'll be able to keep up with my flying! In a single fast and graceful action she reversed changed course and corkscrewed towards the nearest helicopter.

She began to engage in complicated maneuvers, flying gracefully through the hail of darts and choppers, shooting off String Shots all the while. Butterfree watched with an appreciative eye before turning his attention back to the fight. Is that your mate? Coming to assist you? I'll remember to rip into decorative pieces before I finish you! Another large wave of purple light and telekinetic force burst forth from in front of the kadabra.

It rushed forward like a tsunami, building up a wall of wind in front of it. But Butterfree was ready to enter the endgame. He called upon the last of the reserves and charged the attack.

He marshalled his own power into a smaller and more concentrated wave in front of him. The two attacks met and Butterfree's attack cut through the other, Butterfree following in its wake. He went into a large loop, letting his attack splash over the kadabra's Light Screen. Finally ready to die? The kadabra asked as Butterfree charged down. Butterfree's only response was a series of probing Psybeams, each hitting and glancing off the Light Screen at different spots.

Ash had barely trained him in the use of this attack, but it was mainly done on instinct anyway. With a wave of his hand the kadabra summoned forth a band psychic power, glowing purple. He launched the arc forward, forcing Butterfree to pull up or be smashed to pieces. But before he could begin he noticed a glimmer of silver. Arcs of powdery silver scales followed Butterfree's former trajectory, cutting through the psychic attacks and defense like they were never there.

Butterfree had stealthily used Silver Wind as he dived, letting the momentum he gained from his dive drive the attack rather than launching it before him. He had hid it behind his body to stop the kadabra from finding a way to counter it.

The silver arcs pelted the kadabra, hitting all over his body. One hit him right between the eyes, knocking him senseless. It disrupted whatever method he had been using to stay on the platform and sent him tumbling into the air. Butterfree dove down and used Tackle, smacking the dazed esper down faster. He began to roll, tethered foe in an up and down circle as they fell. Then he changed the direction so that he was spinning the kadabra in parallel to the ground. The bug type slowed their descent, but kept up his whirling.

When they were just high enough that a fall wouldn't be lethal, Butterfree tilted his body, spun one final time, and release the String Shot.

The kadabra was hurled like a stone at the water below. He skipped, once, twice, and then skidded across the surface of the water before sinking below the waves.

Butterfree hovered over the waves, panting in exhaustion and scanning the area to see if the kadabra would be getting back up. He doubted it, and even if it did, it was in Misty's turf now. For a brief moment he he saw something yellow and brown move beneath the water, but then the wave grew wild and frothy, obscuring the depth below.

It looked like there was a struggle going on and the kadabra was on the wrong end. The original plan had been to hover at a distance and shoot the flock with darts from afar and then have a few helicopters move to collect them at first. When all the ammo was exhausted most helicopters were then expected to help with the collection. But that had been before they had run into stiff resistance. So they decided to rush the flock. But there was no time for that now. Even if their accuracy was reduced to a tenth of what it used to be, even if they put themselves in risk from the flock, it would still be a better payoff then being picked apart by a pink butterfree, a trained butterfree, a zubat, a pidgeotto, and a pikachu.

There was no way to get them all. Not unless he could get the flock to work together. But they couldn't hear him over their own din, as every butterfree panicked and looked out for themself and their mate He could try something other than shouting. I know a way to stop Team Rocket!

But I'm going to need your help. Everyone who knows Whirlwind get to the front of the flock. Butterfrees instantly leapt into action at his sudden command, many without realizing what they were doing. The movements of the flock became ordered once more.

One stream of buttterfrees headed for the rear and another to the front. On my count we use Whirldwind and then we keep it up. At his signal thousands of wings flapped in unison.

A solid mass of wind blew, carving a white frothy furrow in the ocean below. Ash walked to Gizelle and they shook hands. It was just another fluke. Misty and Brock arrived on the scene and the group decided to go talk somewhere quieter. Your going to the league? I'll face you in the tournament, Ash. Why don't you all come! Gizelle takes out a piece of paper and writes on it. See you all later. Misty watched as they whispered to each other, looked at her, and Gizelle broke out laughing. Misty almost exploded when Gizelle's and Ash hugged.

Misty turned and saw that her aura had caught the mouses tail on fire. Ash waved to Gizelle and ran back. I asked her is she'd like to dance with me tomorrow. Ash again dawned the stupidity. Ash still had a confused expression. What are we doing tomorrow anyway?

Then we can catch a movie, I hear 'Attack of the cocky Americans' is hilarious! Misty was still pissed at Ash, who continued not to notice. What do you want to do after the movie? Theirs suppose to be a beautiful indoor pool down down! Then we can let Gizelle pick an activity before we get ready for the party. Oh, she says it's formal. Now they were all excited, tomorrow was going to be a blast. Pikachu shouted, running electricity into his trainer.

Unfortunately for Pikachu, Ash was in a bit of a bad mood. Pikachu growled, pulling free his weapon, a massive mousetrap. The two lunged at each other, a huge dust cloud getting kicked up in the hotel room. Misty walked out of the shower, still drying her long hair. Brock zipped into the bathroom, he needed to use the toilet bad.

A few minutes later Brock walked out. Misty rolled her eyes in disgust.

butterfree and ash meet again tat

It was then that a knock came to the door. Pikachu and ash stopped clobbering each other. Before Misty could get off the couch, Ash had gotten up, changed, brushed his hair back, cleaned of Pikachu, and answered the door. Jean shorts and a tank top. I've never seen you dress so casual. What are we doing first?

Ash was staring at her. Misty was shaking violently, electricity arcing off her form. When Gizelle started staring back, Brock and Pikachu grinned and Misty decided to break it up.

She clocked Ash with the mallet. Brock wasted no time grabbing Gizelle's wrist and pulling her safely out of the building, Pikachu hot on his heels. Misty slung Ash over her shoulder and carried him. Ash took his place at the final hole, aimed and hit the ball. It went forward and It counted as two strokes according to the chart. Ash had scored a 35 in the game.

Gizelle gave it a go and fared as well as Ash, ending up with a score of Brock missed horribly Mostly because he knew he owed Pikachu a twenty and ended with a score of Misty went up and got ready. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ash and Gizelle talking and giggling. Ash put his arm around the girl and she blushed. By now Misty was openly staring. She felt someone tap her shoulder. It was one of the attendants of the golf course. Misty looked at her hands and noticed she had twisted the steel club into a knot.

She grumbled, fished into her pockets, and paid the man. Pikachu scowled and shot sparks. Misty thanked him and putted, missing the hole by a kilometer. She had a score of She was really mad at her terrible loss. She wished Ash and Gizelle would stop being so distracting.

Pikachu lined up his shot and also missed the hole in one, screaming that the fucking place was rigged. Pikachu's final score was 21, making him the clear winner. Brock reluctantly handed over the twenty and Pikachu somehow put it into his fur.

Brock turned and noticed two things: Ash was holding Gizelle. Misty was so red, a Magmar would be jealous. Misty finally stormed over and glared at them. Misty was shaking and had developed a nervous twitch. Ash, Brock and Gizelle shared a look. Pikachu was busy trying to shock a ceramic Gyarados fountain.

The movie was hilarious! Brock, Misty and Pikachu were siting in a row in that order. In the row in front of them, Ash was in front of Pikachu and Gizelle was in front of Misty. The theater was too crowded for them to sit in one row. Pikachu was really happy in the high chair, watching the movie without siting on someone's head. Brock was happily munching on a bucket of popcorn, and Ash and Gizelle were whispering quietly. Misty wasn't watching the film, her attention was locked on the two people before her.

Gizelle giggled and nodded. Ash smiled and Misty watched as the two started cuddling, Gizelle put her head on his shoulder and Ash wrapped his arm around her, his cheek on the top of her head. Misty's vision turned red in anger as the damn twitch returned. Brock taped her arm. Misty went back to staring at the two teens, wishing she could make them die. The rest of the film was quit, except for the insane amounts of laughter at the film. Pikachu stopped when Misty towered over him.

Misty tackled the mouse out of his high chair and commenced try to get him to join the dark side. Pikachu refused to become her willing slave, so she hucked him onto the movie screen.

Pikachu shredded the fabric with his claws as he slid down to the floor. Misty what happened to He stopped when he turned around and saw Misty was gone and the exit door was swinging.

A woman a few rows back threw an envelope to Ash. Ash opened it and read the letter. Ash led Gizelle to the projection room and turned the lights on. Brock was on the floor, bound by old film reels with the words 'Ultimate Perv' tattooed on his bare chest.

They untied him, got him dressed and left the theater, finding Misty waiting outside. Everyone pointed at Brock's bruised face. Ash scowled at misty. Misty put on an innocent face. Kachu pikacha pi-pikacha acha chu! I don't wanna join the dark side of the force! The yellow mouse wrapped itself tightly around Ash's leg. Brock chose to swap subjects. Ash was in black trunks, Brock in orange, Misty had a one piece blue swim suit and Gizelle had a ravishing white bikini.

Ash openly stared at her and she giggled, liking the attention. Misty was shaking in rage again. You can release the others and hang out if you want to! Pidgeot, Charizard, Wartortle, Bulbasaur, and Butterfree. Primeape was on vacation before the tournament. Ash and Gizelle nodded and Misty eventually agreed. The red head swam towards Brock but Ash stopped her. He was taking her over Gizelle. Gizelle wasn't too disappointed and swam to Brock, who turned red. Brock cringed and nodded.

He carefully lifted Gizelle and put her on his shoulders. Ash wasn't as gentlemanly as he dove under and came up with Misty on board. The two teams ran forward, ready to topple each other. Misty has been seduced by the dark side! First an aura of flames, then she shot electricity, then super strength, then she breaths fire, then she tries to get me to join her!

She's a little cranky, but not evil. Pikachu was shooting sparks in anger. Pikachu called for a huddle and they made their plan. Ash and Misty high fived, they had won.

Ash put Misty back in the water and she proceeded to gloat. Brock and Gizelle laughed. Everyone looked at him. The group of six broke up and everyone but Wartortle and bulbasaur ran off.

Wartortle came to the edge of the pool and took a deep breathe. Ash dove too, but Misty stayed up, watching. He stopped and Misty jumped to her feet. When Ash and the others surfaced, They only saw Bulbasaur, rolling on the ground laughing himself silly. Bulbasaur stopped when three shadows covered him. Bulbasaur ran off, but not before tackling Brock back into the pool.

Ash and Gizelle gave chase as Brock sputtered. Just as she past a door, it flew open and a large red hand pulled her inside. Pikachu looked both ways down the hall before closing the door.

When Misty regained her bearings, she was chained to a giant cross, a strip of duct tape sealing her lips shut.