Captain hook and emma first meet quotes

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captain hook and emma first meet quotes

To celebrate Once Upon a Time's favorite pirate Hypable presents the Captain's 35 most swoon-worthy moments! As season 5 unfolded, it was Hook, not Emma, who stole the major story arc He died before I ever met him. Quotes. Showing all 8 items. Emma Swan: [lays a flask of rum on Hook's grave] Hey Captain Hook: So, Your Majesty, how would you like to go on another quest? King Arthur: [swallows] I think I prefer the first option. King Arthur: [ grabs a knife from the counter and holds it to Hook's throat] You got lucky last time we met. Explore Katie-sydni Blyth's board "book idea quotes" on Pinterest. Captain Hook Emma Swan Killian Jones Colin O'Donoghue Jennifer Morrison Once Upon.

I bet you twenty bucks you can't do it again. I always felt there were two kinds of people. Those who kill, and those who get killed. I don't feel anything, Regina I'd rather have nothing than settle for less. Nothing is better than what we have. I need to feel something, Regina, and the only way to do that is to give myself a chance.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe the problem isn't with me, but with you? Henry came and found me. Maybe, Madam Mayor, you need to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why that is. Why is everyone running away from you? Two people with a common goal can do many things. Two people with a common enemy can do even more. This is a juvie record! It was sealed by court order. I don't know how you got it, but that's abuse of power and illegal! Oh, I'm sorry you didn't want people to know you cut his cord with a shiv?

I want to show him that good can actually win. That's why you want to win it for him, but why do you want to win the election for yourself?

captain hook and emma first meet quotes

I want to show him that a hero can win, and if I'm not a hero and I'm not the savior, then what part do I have in his life?

My life was such a burden. Magic always comes with a price. And now, it's yours to pay. I know how to recognize a desperate soul. Gold planned everything that transpired during the election] Why did you do this?

We made a deal sometime back, Miss Swan. We established that you owed me a favor. I know that can be a bad feeling. Now that you're sheriff, I'm sure we'll find some way for you to pay back what you owe me. I know it's a lot.

captain hook and emma first meet quotes

Believe me, I know. A month ago a kid shows up on my doorstep, a kid I gave up for adoption, asking for help with something. I end up moving here, for him. I heard about that. It's the mayor's son. That's a lot different than taking him in. I don't have my kid because I don't have a choice.

Those kids did not ask to be brought into this world. You brought them into this world.

captain hook and emma first meet quotes

You and their mother and they need you. If you choose not to take them, you are going to have to answer for that every day of your life. And sooner or later, when they find you, and believe me they will find you, you're going to have to answer to them. I offered your children everything, whatever their hearts desired, and they still chose uncertainty because of their blind faith in you. Why did your children refuse me? Because we're a family, and family always finds one another.

He comes here every morning at 7: For him and his wife. I know, I know, I know. I just like to come here to see him. So you're a stalker. Maybe a little bit. I mean, it's not like I'm following him. I just know that he spends his mornings with Kathryn, gets coffee, drives to the animal shelter to start work at 7: Thursdays, they pick up Chinese for dinner.

How much for this? It's not for sale. Of course it is, dearie!

Clarity...[Captain Swan]

No one comes to see me without a deal in mind. You're going to sneak in and tell him you received his letter. You're going to tell him why you're here, because you don't love him. It'll break his heart, and that'll cure him. Or you'll kill me. Killing you would just make him love you more, and the marriage and the kingdom would ultimately crumble.

But if he were to die at an assassin's hand, he would die a martyr. Midas will forgive, even laud, the death, and the merger would be complete. You would do that to your own son?

He is not my son.

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You above all people should understand. What if the pain could be erased? I don't want my pain erased. As wretched as it is, I need my pain.

It makes me who I am. It makes me Grumpy. You're not alone anymore. I promise you that's all the cure you need. If the pain is too much, you can always drink it, but for today Fruit of the Poisonous Tree [1. Sometimes doing a bad thing for a good reason is OK, right? I mean, maybe you're doing something wrong, but If it's what's meant to be, if it's what's right, does that really make you a bad person? In my time, I have granted 1, wishes. And I have seen them end poorly 1, times. Making a wish comes with a price.

And that is why I will never use this wish. I know about being trapped more than anyone. Maybe this will lift your spirits. And how do you see me? As the fairest in all the land. You're a coward, Rumplestiltskin. And no matter how thick you make your skin, that doesn't change.

I'm not a coward, dearie. It's quite simple, really You just don't think I can love you. Now you've made your choice. And you're going to regret it. And all you have And a chipped cup. Don't let these bars fool you. I'm the only one with the power around here. I'm going to be out of here in no time, and nothing between us will change.

What Happened to Frederick [1. I know it's hard, but we have to tell her the truth about everything. I don't know if I can.

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But you have to. If we can't be honest with other people, how can we be honest with each other? Covering your tracks isn't exactly your strong suit. Two teacups in the sink, perfume, late nights, plunging necklines It wasn't hard to connect the dots. When I met you, you were a top button kind of girl. No, this is not real love. I've felt it and this isn't it. I know the difference. How will you know where to find her?

A little bird helped me track her down once. Hopefully, it can again. The ax never lies, Dreamy. So, what the hell is Miner's Day and why are you beating yourself up over it? It's an annual holiday celebrating an old tradition. The nuns used to make candles and trade them to the miners for coal.

If they were mining for lobster, I'd understand.

captain hook and emma first meet quotes

Dwarves can't fall in love. I know love, and you're in it. It's the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world. It fuels our dreams, and if you're in it, you need to enjoy it because love doesn't always last forever. You dress like a drag queen during Fleet Week. And you dress like Norman Bates when he dresses like Norman Bates's mother.

You ever see a wild animal just turn its back and walk away like you don't matter? If this wolf is like that one, there is no defeating it. Just by existing in our world. You don't kill it. So, your Granny's kind of intense. I feel like a rat in a trap. There's a whole lot of Maine to search, Regina.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Well, you covered this room. I suggest you branch out. Heart of Darkness [1. I can't pay you. I didn't ask for money. Then why are you doing this? Let's just say, I'm invested in your future. The potion you gave Snow. She's not the same! Well of course it changed her. It took away her love, left a big hole in her heart. There is no cure for what she's got.

The person she was? There's no way to bring her back. No potion can bring back true love. Love is the most powerful magic of all. The only magic I haven't been able to bottle. If you can bottle love, you can do anything.

Why would you do this?! Well, because you said you appreciate action more than words.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

So now you're going to get both. I love you, Snow. But I don't love you. I don't even remember you! Well I don't care. The only thing I care about is you don't forget who you really are. I would rather die than let you fill your heart with darkness.

When you were in high school, did you learn about the Civil War? Did you read about it, perchance, in a book? How is that any different, any less real, than any other book? History books are based on history. And storybooks are based on what? Where does that come from? It has to come from somewhere.

You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic. Here's the thing, Jefferson. This is the real world. How arrogant are you to think yours is the only one? There are infinite more. You have to open your mind. They touch one another, pressing up in a long line of lands, each just as real as the last.

All have theier own rules; some have magic, some don't, and some need magic. The Stable Boy [1. The murder weapon was found in your apartment. Your fingerprint was on the box containing Kathryn's heart. Shall I go on? Why not, for once, make it easier on everyone? Because confession or not, you're leaving Storybrooke. And you would like that.

Why do you take such pleasure in this? What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much? Life with a stable boy is a far cry from being a Queen. Being a Queen is nothing. Daniel, all I care about is you. The eagle is in the nest and the package is secure. I left the code book at home, Henry.

She's getting in the shower and the keys are under the mat. You don't know what you want. I didn't make the sacrifices I did in life to get you to the cusp of greatness so that you could end up the wife of a stable boy. You broke our deal.

I broke one deal in my life, dear, and it certainly wasn't this one. Kathryn was supposed to die and Mary Margaret was to get the blame! Yeah, but murder seems so much worse here, though doesn't it? You can't just turn someone into a snail and then step on them, can you? I'm sorry I lied to you. I'm sorry I cheated on you. I'm just so sorry for all of this. What we had, it wasn't it for you. Maybe for both of us. I can't blame you for just being the first one to see it.

I know you are behind all this. I understand you own the game and that you set the board so that no one else can win, but I'm about to start playing an entirely different game.

I don't care about what happens to you. I don't care what happens to me. All I care about is what happens to my kid, and you are going to leave him alone. You're a sociopath, lady. You tried to take away someone that I love. And now I'm going to take away someone you love. I am taking back my son. Even if you can't admit what you did, I forgive you anyway. Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness that your only joy comes from destroying everyone else's happiness.

It's so sad, Mayor Mills, because despite what you think, it won't make you happy. It's only going to leave a giant hole in your heart. Those fairytales are not real. Miss Blanchard should never have given you that book. She should be grateful I'm not trying to get her fired. Go ahead and try. No matter what you do, Snow White will have her happy ending. She and Prince Charming will be together.

captain hook and emma first meet quotes

The curse will end. I thought this trip was supposed to be about you. This is my story An Apple Red as Blood [1. I would have given you everything: All you had to do was marry King Midas' daughter, but you decided to follow true love.

Losing my life for love? In honor of their upcoming nuptials, I thought I would highlight the latter with the moments that are the most romantic. Although I suspect their wedding may be included in this list perhaps even at the top after we see it. But before then, these are what I deem their most romantic moments. Reliving their journey has been quite emotional and special. The way she tackled Killian onto the bed and their happy giggles made us smile. The two moving in together was a big step and this scene was glorious.

The fact that these were beautiful firsts for them were all happening in the same episode was amazing, and each so romantic in gesture and meaning. The first time we see Killian frantic with worry about Emma, the first time they hug each other, the first time Emma entwines their fingers together, and the first time Emma snuggles into him, seeking warmth and comfort in Killian who kneels beside Emma and holds her with love and adoration.

It made my heart soar. This moment is truly romantic in both its epic nature and simplicity. The miracle of Killian coming back to life and the pure unencumbered joy of the couple kissing and embracing, completely overcome with emotion and lost in their love for each other is gorgeous in every way. Of course, the second proposal was even more romantic and the perfect one they deserve. With a promise to always stay by her side, Emma knelt down to him to say yes, a symbolic gesture to the equality in their relationship.

He wanted to know more about her beginnings. Sharing pain can help your heart heal and this was such a real and grounded romantic moment. Killian is both confident but nervous, resolute and sincere, and Emma is clearly struck by him.

With one of their two musical themes playing, and gentle performances, this scene made the romance temperature rise in the hot jungles of Neverland. Love and romance is not just sweet smiles, flowers, and hand holding.

What could be real more romantic than that.