Cars 2 meet finn mcmissile and holley

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cars 2 meet finn mcmissile and holley

Finn McMissile is a character in Cars 2. Later, McMissile arrives in Tokyo, Japan, where he meets with his assistant, Holley Shiftwell, at the World Grand Prix. Mattel Disney Pixar Cars 2 Holley Shiftwell Metal Diecast Toy Vehicle Loose . $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. 11 watching; |; 30 sold. Size: Length about. Meet Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell in these newly released character. Showroom Turntable. videos, character posters and character bios.

Holley manages to hack into and speak through Mater's headset, telling him to get out of the pits. Mater eventually does, thinking that the rendezvous is a date. After Finn defeats the thugs, Holley says to Mater that the rendezvous has been jeopardized and that they will be in touch soon. The next day, Holley gets on board Siddeley before he comes onto the runway of Haneda Airport to pick up Finn and Mater, who were being chased by Grem and Acer.

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Mater is immediately interested to see Holley, stating her to be his imaginary girlfriend. Holley then replies to get into Siddeley, but Mater asks her if she wants a date with him, leaving her shocked and confused as he talks.

However, they are soon attacked by Acer, who is shooting at them. Finn finishes him off by shooting at his tire to deflate it and cause him to turn toward another plane and fall into a lavatory service truck. As Siddeley comes towards the end of the runway, Finn turns around to pull Mater onto Siddeley.

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Holley and Finn talking to Mater inside Siddeley. Finding that the device is still on Mater's undercarriage, Holley takes it off and gets the photo downloaded. Mater begins introductions of her and Finn, which she feels confused when Mater says that she is his date.

He immediately says that he did not get her name, to which she introduces it. The photo then comes up, showing what is an old engine which Mater recognizes at first glance. They are unable to figure out who the engine belongs to, but find that the mastermind has some rare parts. To find more information, they travel to Paris to find a black-market parts dealer who is named Tomber.

As they see him talking to someone, Finn and Holley take cover, but Tomber sees Finn's reflection on several hubcaps after Mater appears, and quickly drives away. A chase takes place, ending when Holley appears in front of Tomber, causing him to overturn and go through the air before landing in a market stall. Holley then tases him, thinking him to be an enemy, but is stopped by Finn, because Tomber is actually his informant. Meeting up in a private warehouse for used car parts, they hear from Tomber that he had sold these kinds of parts to someone who is his best costumer, and he was also not able to figure out who this guy is either, and had been wondering why the person would need so many parts.

Mater tells them that is because he's a lemon car. Sensing a trend, Finn asks Holly to pull out the pictures he took of the oil platform and identify all the cars out there. Holly identifies Hugos and Trunkovs which Mater also identifies as lemons, which makes Holly deduce that everyone involved in the plot are all lemon cars. They find out that the lemons are having a secret meeting in Porto CorsaItalywhich is also where the second World Grand Prix race is being held. Knowing that the mastermind will be there as well, they board Stephenson the spy train for Porto Corsa.

Holley, Mater and Finn inside Stephenson. During the journey, Holley gets an idea of having Mater infiltrate the lemons' meeting while holographically disguised as a blue tow truck named Ivan, who is responsible for towing Victor Hugo to different locations. To activate the disguise, Mater has to make voice commands through a device put on his beacon light.

Noticing that Mater's bodywork is not smooth enough for the disguise's final fitting, Holley gets a mechanical arm from Stephenson's ceiling to fix Mater's dents. However, Mater is at first startled, but then explains to Holley that he does not have his dents fixed, as he wants to still remember them, claiming them to be way too valuable.

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While Holley begins to work around Mater's dents, Finn adds some weapons into Mater's bodywork. Upon arriving at Porto Corsa's casino, as part of the plan, Holley comes up to Ivan and a group of black Hugos, who are all unaware that she is a spy.

She talks in an Italian accent, and says that she needs them to help her broken down made-up grandfather. Ivan and a Hugo named Alexander Hugo get into a small argument about who she was talking to, before she chooses Ivan. She takes him around the corner of the casino, and electrocutes him so that Mater can take his place while in disguise. Holley then joins Finn outside, communicating with Mater on the radio, along with showing Mater's point of view on her on-board computer.

While he is in the casino, Holley warns Mater about being careful what he says, which makes him ask if she is wanting him to stop talking to her. Hearing what Mater is saying, Alexander is thinking that he is acting weird, to which Mater starts to talk to Alex while learning his nicknames by using an invisible heads-up display on his eyes.

As soon as Mater starts to mention Alex's wanted status, Holley immediately tells him to stop, before Alex then says to quiet down because he may get him arrested. Holley remains shocked as Alex tells another Hugo not to mess with Ivan today because he is in a bad mood, which makes Finn very impressed that it does not blow Mater's own cover.

Holley and Finn waiting for the lemons' mastermind to come to the secret meeting. Mater and the Hugos come into one of the casino's rooms to meet the rest of the lemons, waiting for their boss to arrive.

Finn and Holley watch as there are knocking sounds on the door, but it turns out to be Professor Z. The mastermind is then seen on the flat-screened televisions with only his engine seen, and talking in a disguised voice. Holley tries to get it descrambled but is unable to because it is too sophisticated. The mastermind mentions about that the lemons have all been laughed at their whole lives by the whole world after they stopped manufacturing their models and parts, then tells them about their plan of paying back.

While he is talking, several of the World Grand Prix racers crash when their engines explode. Holley finds that it is due to a very strong electromagnetic pulse, which is coming from a generator disguised as a TV camera, being used by Grem and Acer on a tower. Finn then rushes to stop them, but just as he is about to, he gets captured when he gets pulled by a helicopter using a large magnet, as they already knew that he was going to come. Holley notices that Grem and Acer are still using the emitter, causing most of the other racers to crash, before she then sees Finn being carried away.

Thinking that they need to abort the mission, she tells Mater to get out of the casino, before she too gets captured when she is surrounded by Ivan and several more lemons. The lemons later capture Mater after his cover is accidentally blown, and take him, Holley and Finn to Londontying them to the giant gears of Big Bentleywhich are supposed to crush them in a couple of minutes as the clock moves.

Holley and Finn get shocked when Mater shouts to them that he is not a spy, having tried to tell them the whole time over and over, which they did not understand him earlier.

Finn McMissile

Just then, Grem and Acer arrive in an elevator, planning to use the EMP generator to kill racecar Lightning McQueenwho is best friends with Mater, during the final World Grand Prix race, which is taking place in the city. Holley, Finn and Mater then get informed by Grem and Acer that they are going to the back-up plan, which is that they have put a bomb in McQueen's pit which should explode when he comes in.

As they insult him, Mater notices that his gatling guns have slightly cut through the ropes he is tied in. After Grem and Acer leave, Mater repeatedly does voice command to make the guns cut through the ropes completely, setting him free.

He is desperately wanting to help Finn and Holley, but they tell him to go and warn McQueen's pit crew, claiming to him that they will be okay so that he leaves.

Holley retracting her wings inside Big Bentley in London. Hearing Finn say that being killed by a clock gives a complete new meaning to the phrase "Your time has come", Holley gets thinking and uses her electroshock device to reverse the battery so that the gears move the other way, also making the clock's hands go counter-clockwise.

However, on the other side, there is another gear that is about to crush them. However, as they prepare to get to the course, they then spot Mater's air filter, revealing to them that the lemons have actually put the bomb on Mater. They warn him on the radio just as he arrives at the pits to warn his friends about the bomb, which is also the moment when McQueen comes in and is glad to see Mater.

Knowing that the lemons are about to make the bomb go off, Mater drives away from McQueen, who chases after him, not knowing about the bomb. Holley soon appears in front of Professor Z and points her guns at him, causing him to flee in fear.

As Finn goes to get the professor, Holley goes to help Mater while using her retractable wings and afterburners for flight. She finally notices him going through the streets of London, using his rocket jets while McQueen is holding onto his tow hook. It can fire small but powerful missiles. Located on the left side mirror, the screen can receive transmissions from other spies or from his surveillance probes.

Consists of a small and very compact device, launched from the left side mirror. It attaches itself to a glass surface, and deploys a long stick with the cutting unit at the end that cuts with a counter-clockwise movement a circular piece of glass that is then ejected. Located in the front wheel hubs, it launches small explosives that stick to a metallic surface and explode after a short amount of time.

On both sides, hidden in the side vent. He loses these when Tony Trihull pulls them off with his magnet. Located in the rear right wheel hub.

cars 2 meet finn mcmissile and holley

Very small, light and compacted into a sphere. Finn can discretely drop one which then deploys feet and open its camera, which transmits an image to Finn's digital read-outs. Located in the rear turn signals. It can spread slippery oil, that allows Finn to lose a pursuing car.

In the beginning of the film, Finn defeats a green Gremlin with this weapon.

cars 2 meet finn mcmissile and holley

Mounted quad harpoon gun: Located on his undercarriage, it is used for a similar purpose as the grappling hooks to suspend Finn, but are much more powerful. Deployable holographic disguise emitter: Located on the roof.

The device instantaneously makes a holographic disguise all around Finn. A known disguise is a Japanese airport security guard. Launched from the undercarriage. A skateboard-shaped gadget that travels to a chasing car, and then deploys its jack, tipping the car over. Powerful magnets that deploy around Finn's wheels to clamp tightly to the tires. These permit Finn to climb up the side of a steel wall [2] as if it was a horizontal surface. Finn also uses them to grab cars in fights, as well as to hold a fire extinguisher.

Consists of two retractable foils on the undercarriage. Used for oversea travel. Used for underwater escapes and travel. It includes a breathing apparatus, side directional fins, and the rear wheels transform into propellers.