Cato and clove relationship in the book

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cato and clove relationship in the book

reading the books.. i always looked as cato and clove's relationship the same way i looked at peeta and katniss'. Clove was the female tribute from District 2 in the 74th Hunger Games. Relationships. Cato. In the book, during the feast, Cato showed that he was not. *A/N: Again, I am apologising. Hope you enjoy this book (even though it's so cliche) and have fun reading with me.* Book two of the "Clove and Cato" trilogy.

I spent some time in both real trees and in the trees in the soundstage. It was really, really fun, actually. There was this one time that Jenn and I were in the tree doing a scene and it was kind of difficult to stay up because you kind of slide down gradually.

It was just a little hole in the tree. We were very professional when it came down to shooting and doing the work. Off-set, though, when we had time off, we were just having the best time. It was probably the best summer I ever had. Have you had much interaction with fans yet? Mostly through Twitter and, of course, my friends. We had this one fan — or a few of them — that, for some reason, knew exactly where all of us were going to be at every single time of the day.

You found me again! Should I call the police?

cato and clove relationship in the book

I remember when we were shooting a Vanity Fair photo spread and I look and see a little head pop up by a tree. A number of reporter this morning started the day by joking about how we would all fare in the Hunger Games. Did you ever do that with one another on-set? We all agreed that one of the stunt people, who played one of the stunt tributes from District 10 and who trained all of us, Jeremy [Marinas], would be the winner.

Speaking for myself here, it take a lot of effort to find that playing a villain note. Playing good guys is something that just feels much more natural to me. It definitely takes a lot of work. Going off that, I learned a lot about my craft. Just trying to figure out who she was and where she came from.

What kind of circumstances that she overcame that caused her to be so disturbed. I think I would say the same thing, just learning about acting. Also, Jen became a really great mentor to me and was someone that I could lean on. If I had a different idea of the scene from Gary [Ross] or anyone else, she would kind of explain it to me until it was crystal clear.

That became something that I really understood and I really got into the scene after that. So you played the character assuming from the beginning that there was no way she would survive the game? It sounds like there was a lot of fun to be had on set but, at the same time, a lot was accomplished.

What did Gary Ross to do help out that atmosphere? He made us all very comfortable on set. He talked to us a lot about our characters. He had a really great discussion with me before we started rehearsing. He was always there whenever we had questions or had anything we wanted to add or ask. One of the things that was really interesting is that, when we were filming the cornucopia, he would talk to us as if he was our character to get facial expressions out of us.

You want the knives. Go for the knives! He would just be projecting outward so that everyone could hear him. All that laughter and friendliness that we have off-set blends into our passion and we go all-out. We have to do the fans justice and this amazing book justice. You mentioned building your own backstories.

Is that something that they suggest you do? I think that was something that I just did for the audition. You understand certain other characters and parts of them. I wrote a one and a half page backstory. Then I talked to Gary and kind of revised it to make her a little more interesting. At the same time, I had to realize that the fans are going to be watching this and they have to be happy with it and with what I do and what everyone else does on-set.

Did you have a favorite detail from your created backstory? I think I made it that Clove had a really terrible relationship with her parents that pressured her into being in these games.

The Hunger Games hits theaters on March 23rd. Check back between now and then for more interviews with the cast and crew. This is probably one of if not the best moment of my life. There is no one else in the world that I would be willing to lose my virginity to other than Cato. He is the one meant to take it from me. We both climax at the same time. Just then, I feel him pull out super quick, but not before a strange liquid releases from him.

I open my eyes. I didn't even know I closed them. My heart rate is slowing down. I'm breathing very heavily. He grabs my hand and kisses it tenderly. I know why he pulled out so quickly.

Sure, I wish he had pulled out before it happened, but I don't think it was a big deal. He holds me close and whispers, "I'm sorry. I say to him to not worry about it, hoping that will get him to not be anxious about it. I rub his shoulders a little and his body releases the tension. He rubs my shoulders and I release tension as well.

I didn't even know I was tense. I whisper to him, "Thank you. I reply, "For making this night so wonderful. Yes, I'm concerned that I could get pregnant, but I doubt it.

I then remember that my mom has a huge stock pile of pregnancy tests. My parents have been trying to conceive another child, but they can't. She has so many of them, she wouldn't even know if 3 were missing. I ask Cato to close his eyes so he doesn't see me while I go get them. It takes, at most, three days to get the results. After I finish using them, I dry them off, put them in a plastic bag, and place them on the dresser.

I crawl back in to bed with him and cuddle again. We both fall asleep still holding each other close. Chapter 6 I awake to find him sitting on a chair with just pants on waiting for me to awaken. He then places a tray in front of me.

He made me breakfast in bed. I tell him thank you and gobble it up. I ask him if he has eaten. He tells me he has.

I just wanted to be sure. He takes the tray when I'm done and goes to do the dishes. I sit there for a moment, thinking about how wonderful last night was. I just hope the pregnancy tests do show up negative.

cato and clove relationship in the book

Eventually, I get dressed and go to hug him from behind and thank him. I help him with the dishes. After the dishes are done, we go to watch some TV even though, its all news from the Capitol. He makes me lunch and dinner. I help him with the dishes again. This day with him has gone by fast. I then realize this could be my last day with him.

The reaping is tomorrow. We both are being forced to volunteer. Neither of us wants to go in, but we have to. We hope someone will volunteer before us so we don't have to go.

cato and clove relationship in the book

I tell him this could be our final day. The look on his face tells me he wants to go mad. He immediately hugs me. His hug is so tight I can barely breathe. He knows he could win the games, but he would take his own life if it meant that I could be the victor. If I know him, if I volunteer, so will he. He wants to protect me. No adults know of our relationship, but anyone 18 and under does. No one messes with me or him. They are all scared of us.

They know that if they volunteer they could get into some deep trouble. No one will volunteer if I go in because one, no one else can beat me, and two nobody wants to make Cato angry. I am dreading tomorrow, but for now I embrace the time I have with him.

He lets go so I can breathe again. As the night goes on we know we need to sleep. We go to bed together.

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All we can do now is hope. Chapter 7 We both jump. We can hear the door opening. We don't have much time before my parents will come knocking on my door. We hug and kiss and he escapes through the window. I must fight back tears, which is unusual, so my parents don't suspect anything. They knock on my door. I open it and I hug them. We prepare for the reaping. Just before we leave I grab the pregnancy tests and hide them in my bra.

We arrive with a few minutes to spare. I go and register and stand with my age group. I look into his eyes and can see fear in them for the first time. The documentary of why the Hunger Games are here begins to play. It is all old news. Our escort, Pinda, begins with the reaping for the girls. Cato and I hold our breath. His eyes tell me that he wants to run away with me right now.

I want to too. The Peace keepers are everywhere. Some 12 year old gets reaped. As I was trained to do, and as my parents expected me to do, I raise me hand and scream, "I volunteer.

I was too early. I have now volunteered. Pinda gestures me up and asks for my name. I say it out loud into the microphone. I can see the proud look on my parents faces. Cato's face is now pale and shows that he is fighting back tears. That is so unusual. I too am fighting back tears. If I cry I will look weak. I can't look weak or I may not get sponsors. Pinda then reaps the boys. It was another 12 year old.

No one dares volunteer except for Cato. All the 18 year old boys were expected to, and if they didn't, they would receive a beating. That, however, is much better than having to be confronted by Cato, or having to be killed by me in the end.

They know they couldn't beat me. Without a second thought he comes up to the stage. Nothing matters any more. We hug in front of everyone. My parents aren't happy and neither are his. Pinda then asks, "This is the first time we have ever had only one boy volunteer for the games. I'll bet it's because you, young man, want to go in and protect your girlfriend. No one wanted to mess with that. I nod to signal that I give him the ok. We all salute your bravery. We wish good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Chapter 8 I have only a few minutes for final goodbyes. My parents burst into the room. My mother instantly slaps me across the face. You know that he is the son of our rivals! He will probably feel no guilt in killing you! I scream back, "He told me he would rather slit his throat than put a blade through my body! I would do the same for him. We are, however, proud of you for volunteering. I still don't care if they don't like me dating Cato. Just then, my mother grabs my hand and screams at the sight of my ring and wedding band.

Out of sheer rage, she punches me in the face. She then shouts, "You are engaged to him too! That is too far! I don't care if you don't like him. That is all that matters and you can't do anything about it! I don't care though. I tell them I never would have volunteered if they didn't make me. Their anger levels are now at their highest. I smile as soon as the peace keepers take them away. Still, I tell them I love them and they say it back.

It's strange how I can still love them even with their disapproval of Cato. As soon as they leave I am taken to the train and it takes off. We discuss our options with Enorbia, who is our mentor and is another former victor of the games. She tells us not to rush because we still need to get to know who our opponents are. We turn on the TV just in time to find out who we're going to face. I watch in horror because I see two 12 year olds be reaped.

One of them is named, Rue, and I don't get the name of the other. I don't want to kill kids that are so young, but I have to. When we get to the reaping of District 12, I watch in awe. I witness one of the most courageous things that has ever happened in the history of the reapings Chapter 9 During the reaping of District 12 a very small 12 year old girl is reaped. I could never kill someone that small. She looked so innocent. As she is being taken away, an older girl with her brown hair in a side braid screams, "I volunteer as tribute!

I think she did it out of panic. The younger girl goes to hug her. She starts to scream. An older boy goes to take her away so the older one can go up to the podium. Their escort, apparently named Effie, asks the girl what her name is. She replies, "Katniss Everdeen. Now it makes sense. Katniss wanted to protect her sister. Too bad she has to die so I can be with Cato. After the commotion dies down from the volunteering, a boy named Peeta Mellark is reaped. The two shake hands and with that, are whisked away.

Never has someone volunteered in place of a family member. Usually, only career tributes, from Districts 1, 2 and 4, volunteer. This is because it is an honor to represent your district. Not to mention they are trained for the games. I'm from District 2.

I am a career. Not that I want to be. Anyway, families do not usually volunteer for another family member. Family love can only go as far as the games. I don't believe someone would do such a thing for their family. At least I don't have to worry about killing another 12 year old. I think the age minimum for the games should be No 12 year old has ever won. A 14 year old has, but that's the youngest victor ever. They are being robbed of their child hood. It's just not fair.

Chapter 10 I turn to Cato to see how he has reacted to this. His face shows that he doesn't really care. All he cares about is that I am safe. He will kill anyone to save me. Still, I don't need him to protect me.

I am extremely skilled with throwing knives. I don't need to be protected. He just wants to be sure. I won't let him make me look weak. After everyone else is dead, I won't let him die for me. He can contribute more to the District than I can. I just have to die before he does. Everything is so complicated now. He proposed to me. We are both fighting in the Hunger Games. We have to kill two 12 year olds and a girl who saved the life of her sister.

Then I have to die. So much has happened in so little time. I don't know how to deal with all this. Should either of us die really? Maybe we can both live. Maybe we won't kill ourselves. We will make the game makers have two victors. They can't kill us both.

They have to have a victor. Better two then none. Especially if those two are madly in love. That could save us both. Then we could live together forever. I start to ponder this idea some more. The more I think about it, I realize that it's a horrible idea.

Who am I kidding? It could never work! What a stupid thought! How could I be so stupid! The would have no problem killing us both! They will find a way to kill one of us.

Not to mention the idea is just plain cheesy. I wish it could work, but it can't. I need to stop thinking about it. I just need to enjoy whatever time I have left with the man I love. Who knows when or if we will be able to be this close again? Chapter 11 I let the thoughts about the games slip away.

I just want to be with Cato now. He is the only thing I care about. We are just sitting here, cuddling. We hold each other close. I start to fall asleep in his arms. Just as I'm dosing off Pinda comes to tell us to get ready for bed.

We kiss each other good night and go to our rooms. I can't help but think about not only how much I love Cato, but the fact that we made love. Also there is a small chance I could be pregnant. I need to check them! I go to the one bathroom that is in our train car for better lighting.

I splash my face with cold water to wake myself up enough to check the tests. I pull them out to see they aren't ready yet. I will wait another 10 minutes incase the results do show up. While I'm waiting, I just sit on the counter attempting to think about all that has happened in the past few days.

I can't really think though. My thoughts are directed toward my love for Cato and how impatient I am to know the results of the pregnancy test.

I wonder if the game makers would even allow someone who is pregnant to enter the games. They probably don't care. It's not their problem. If I was pregnant, Cato would become way more over protective than he already is. There would be no way to ensure that he lives. I would be responsible for two lives. My own and the child's.

He would want us both to live. Maybe I should protect the baby. If I am to have one of course. I really doubt it. I decide to wait another minute or so.

I stare at them. I can see that something is about to appear. I hold them close to my face so I can be sure I know what they say. All three of them say the same thing. I drop them in shock. I feint just as Cato walks into the bathroom.

The last thing I remember is that he catches me and Pinda was the last thing I see. Chapter 12 When start I wake up, I find that I am back in my room on the train. Cato is lying right next to me stroking my hair. He looks right into my eyes. His eyes tell me he is worried. As my eyes open completely, he realizes I'm awake. He then hugs me. He kisses my forehead so tenderly. He grabs my hand and asks me if I'm ok.

I don't really even know if I am. I wonder if it was all a dream. I then see the pregnancy tests sitting on the night stand next to me. I go to pick them up, but Cato stops me. I think I know why. It wasn't a dream. Those tests don't lie.

All three of them have a plus sign on them. I don't believe it. I didn't think it was going to happen. Cato hugs me tight and whispers, "I'm sorry.

We should have used protection. I didn't think I could get pregnant the first time. Goes to show you how impulsive I am.

Not to mention it shows that I don't know a whole lot about getting pregnant. I tell him that I'm sorry too. He then says, "Don't be. I should have made sure to use protection regardless of what you said. I shouldn't have tried to egg you on. I was thinking about asking to. When I got the hint I decided to go for it. My hormones got the best of me.

I shouldn't have let my hormones get in the way of my better judgment. I do know better. I begin to cry. I have never cried in my life. I have shed a tear or two when a family member or friend had died. I feel so weak and vulnerable. I can't help it. My life is forever changed. I feel as though the world I know is collapsing around me.

Cato lets me cry on his shoulder. He knows that I have never cried. He understands why I am crying now. He even sheds a few tears. I know now that he has to die. I have to save this child. I will never make this child volunteer for the games.

I cry even harder knowing that the love of my life has to die. This can't be happening. It has to be a dream. I hug him so tight. I never want to let him go. He is my everything. I don't think I can live without him. How am I supposed to raise this child without him? I don't think I can. I cannot believe how much and how hard I am crying. I never thought I could ever have this much emotion. I was trained to keep away from showing emotion.

When we are together, we show our emotions. That is how we know we love each other. I shouldn't be crying. That is making me weak, but I don't care.

All I care about is my child and Cato, the father of this child. I cry for several hours. Not once does Cato loosen his grip. He is there to comfort me the whole time. We eventually fall asleep with our bodies tangled in the arms of each other, never letting go. Chapter 13 I wake up to find that he has brought me breakfast in bed again. For the first time in my life, I am nervous. I have never been nervous about anything.

I am nervous about what this day will bring me. We will be arriving in the Capitol today. After I finish he takes the tray away and comes back to lie down with me. After 15 minutes, Pinda and Enorbia burst through the door.

Pinda screams, "How could you do this? How could you let yourselves get so carried away?! She can't go in there like this! I can't help you now! This pregnancy makes you both look weak because you let your hormones get in the way of your logic! You two might as well just die in the bloodbath, because I can't help you now! You are both idiots!

As soon as this happens, Cato jumps on to her and pins her to the ground. No one has ever had her pinned. He is mad now. That's how he is able to pin her. You never mess with Cato. He will kill you. I hope he doesn't kill her.

He shouts, "Don't you ever, ever lay a hand on her or that will be the last thing you ever do! You will help us! You will save her! That is your job! You will do that! Otherwise, I will kill you! I wish I could help him, but he would want me to rest. I just sit and watch. Enorbia snorts, "I'd like to see you try!

You may have me pinned, but I can get out. Pinda screams, "Don't disrespect your mentor! Where are your manners? She sits there in shock. I don't think anyone has ever challenged her before. He goes and picks Pinda up like a little rag doll. He pushes her in to the wall and bellows, "Don't tell me what to do! She is the only person in the world I care about. When someone lays a hand on her they are in for a beating!

No one ever touches her! He drops her to the ground. He is breathing heavily his face is flushed with anger and his eyes are glowing red with rage. I have never seen him so mad. I am shocked to see him this way. Enorbia stands up and apologizes for her behavior. She struggles to do so.

I assume she has never apologized about anything. Cato musts have knocked some sense into her so she knows not to mess with him.

They both are trembling with fear. Enorbia has never been scared in her life. She now knows we mean business. She tells us to meet with her at noon to discuss strategy. They then excuse themselves. I can see they are both shaking.

Cato turns to me and sighs. I ask him if he is ok. He sighs, "I'm fine. Don't worry about a thing. I'm sorry for my reaction. I just got angry about what she did to you. I hope you are ok. You startled me a little. I want you to know I always have your back. As soon as he begins to hold me his body instantly releases the tension from all his anger.

He then tips my chin up and slowly kisses me. That makes me feel a lot better. He is so gentle right now. We begin to drift away to sleep again. Chapter 14 We wake up at a quarter to We have to meet with Enorbia in 15 minutes. He kisses me tenderly and asks again if I'm ok. I tell him I'm fine. He then goes to his room to change. I decide to wear something comfy, like a t-shirt and jeans. I don't care what I look like right now.

No one is watching. I step out of my room to see he is wearing the same thing. We sit down and see there is lunch for us. Enorbia sits down to my left, and Pinda sits to my right. Enorbia begins with, "I have been thinking about everything that has happened. I can help you guys. I am sorry for slapping you. Let me make it up to you. What I plan to do is something I never do with my tributes. You guys deserve the best I can give you after what I did to you.

I plan on getting some pity from the sponsors. I know it makes you look weak, but it is the only thing I can do. With you being pregnant, people will feel sorry for you and want you to come back and save the child.

Cato can look like a hero and keep you alive. I hate to make such a strong woman look weak, but I can't think of another way. There has to be another way. I can't look weak. I wonder if there is a way for us both to look strong.

Then again, the main thing now is to save the child. I say to her that I want to discuss things with Cato. She tells us we have 45 minutes before we arrive in the Capitol. We need to look our best for our arrival.

She gives us 15 minutes to talk so we can use the other 30 minutes to prepare. Cato and I go to my room. He begins with, "I will do anything to keep you and the baby alive. You make the decision, as long as it keeps you both alive and I will go along with it.

I also don't want you to die either. I can't let you die. However, I can't allow myself to die because this child deserves to live. I think we should refuse to kill each other. We can force the Capitol to allow us to live. I will make sure they know I won't live without you.

They will have to let us both live, or they won't have a victor. I can't live without him. He is the only thing that makes me happy. I would be miserable without him. I can survive on my own, but I need him so I can feel truly alive. Without him I feel dead inside. He places his hand on the spot where the baby will grow.

He rubs it lovingly. He then goes on to say, "I said I would do anything to keep you both alive, but I don't see that happening if I'm still around.

You and this child mean everything to me. I am willing to die for you two. I have to die to save you. He realizes that he can't leave this world knowing that I would be unhappy.

He wants me to be happy. I want him to be happy too. I know he would feel the same way I would if he were to survive the games. We decide that refusing to kill each other is the only option. We both need each other. If I die, I know he will kill himself, and I will do vice versa.

It wouldn't be fair to raise our child without him. It would be hard on him or her to never know their father. Not to mention, as said before, we need each other to be happy. We will be together and love each other 'til death do us part. Chapter 15 Our 15 minutes are up. Pinda has me dress in the nicest gown I have. Not the one I wore on my one year anniversary date, but one that is more professional and modest.

She makes me wear makeup. I don't look bad with it on, but it's uncomfortable. He wears a very professional looking black suit. We step out and wave to the crowd. He then takes my hand and raises it in the air to show that we are together. The crowd goes wild. We are then whisked away to the facility where we will meet our stylists. The stylist I have is named Monte.

He tells me I'll be wearing a gold outfit to represent my district in the tribute parade. It doesn't bother me that it looks cheesy. It should work to get us sponsors. After I am done getting in to costume, I see Cato is wearing the same thing. Only it is sexier on him. We step into our chariot and off it goes.

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We wave to the crowd and hold our hands high in the air for everyone to see. It shows that we are one. We will fight together.

Nothing can keep us apart. The crowd goes nuts. I feel proud to be standing next to him. The chariots pull into a semi- circle in front of the training facility.

President Snow makes a small speech and we go into the building. I find out that District 12 had suits that were on fire.

They also held their hands in the air together. Cato isn't happy about it. He gives them a death glare and their mentor whisks them away. We go on an elevator afterward and come to an amazing apartment. My room is very nice. I am in awe of how fancy it is. There is so much technology. I change and go to dinner. We then discuss our plan with Enorbia. Her face goes pale. Chapter 16 She sighs, "I don't think that will work.

They have never had two victors. I don't think they are going to want two victors. It's a good idea. It is very creative. I wish I could make that happen. If you guys want to try that out you are more than welcome to. If I can save one of you, it would be Clove because she is carrying a child. If you both can be saved I would be more than happy to help you out. When things start to narrow down and you two are one of the last few left, I'll try to talk to the game makers and make you guys look good enough that neither of you should die.

I'll do my best. I understand how much you really need each other. I didn't know that before. It is my duty to help you out any way I can. Just be careful out there.