Celebrity meet and greet ideas for pre

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celebrity meet and greet ideas for pre

Over the years, I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to go to more than my fair share of celebrity meet and greets. As a little kid. 55 Creative Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Event or Meeting Hire a celebrity impersonator to come to the event and sign autographs and. 49 grand entrance ideas guaranteed to impress your guests below! .. You could even give away “medals” that have drink tickets, raffle tickets and more! .. paparazzi during arrivals to truly give your guests a celebrity experience. and have a bartender on hand to have a pre-party before the main event!.

These can be included in the event registration packet or picked up on-site if in-person verification is needed. The coveted event sometimes happens in a quick 30 minutes, so it should be flawless. Set the stage with any outside vendors; banners or step-and-repeat backdrop if needed; and all the necessary print products so that red carpet moment is nothing but flashing lights.

celebrity meet and greet ideas for pre

Attendees want to see and hear anything and everything the celeb has to say, especially if it involves a product endorsement. Fans who use their cell phones for selfies might take up too much time perfecting the photo, post blurry or unflattering photos of the celebrity, or otherwise abuse the opportunity.

55 Creative Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Event or Meeting

With an event photographer, you can get picture-perfect, high-resolution images every time; multiple viewpoints; add a logo or watermark; ask for touch-ups and other photo editing, etc. Collaborate with the photographer to design branded business cards with both logos and an online portal where attendees can download and share event photos on social media. Signing Materials For autograph sessions prepare printed pieces for the celebrity to sign.

Selling these mementos could help keep things running on schedule rather than having fans fumbling with personal items and causing security issues.

celebrity meet and greet ideas for pre

It is also a huge moneymaker that can offset the cost of the celebrity appearance. Keepsake postcards or posters in satin matte finishes are ideal for signing with a permanent ink marker and avoiding smudges.

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Social Media Hiring a publicist or social media specialist is a must when planning a celebrity meet and greet. Speak with the celebrity and his or her agent about acceptable hashtags that your PR team and attendees can use to create buzz while branding the event.

celebrity meet and greet ideas for pre

Discuss what is acceptable to post across all major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like. For extra special guest appearances or recurring guests, consider creating a unique event page or fan page to maximize publicity and drive fans wild. Another side note, musician appearance fees could cost more than solo celebrities like movie stars or TV actors. Following up with both the celeb and fan base can build a foundation for even more revenue-generating opportunities down the road.

Post-event gifts are both thoughtful and beneficial for future bookings. Thank You Note Sending a handwritten thank you notecard to the artist or athlete for taking the time to appear at your trade show or convention will be well appreciated.

It never hurts to send your note with a bouquet of flowers or some free product either. Photo Book Compile all your memories and event photos in a commemorative photo book to gift to event sponsors or sell to attendees.

Soft cover, saddle-stitched booklets work well for this purpose, offering you multiple sizes and finishes, and a flexible product that can be placed in the mail. If you want to go big with your celebrity thank you giftshop for Oscar-worthy luxury items like statement jewelry, luxury beauty products or high-end candles and home decor.

In lieu of that, a personal shopper to the stars says a thoughtful, handcrafted gift custom tailored to the recipient can be just as impressive as an exorbitant price tag.

Planning for a celebrity meet and greet may seem like a massive undertaking, but is worth marketing gold.

celebrity meet and greet ideas for pre

Your trade show or convention will be a huge hit among industry professionals and adoring fans of the celebrity you billed to headline the event. This is a great souvenir for the guests to take home. Book a balloon artist that makes the life size figures such as Disney characters, scenery like palm trees, huge company logos, and more. The balloon artist can do these figures with everyone watching making it an experience to watch the balloons being put together.

How about a strolling juggler who can mingle through the cocktail hour. Book a stilt walker to make a big announcement for your company at an annual conference or meeting. A clown is a great option for events with children or families. There are also evil clowns for events with no kids or around Halloween. Hire a reality TV star to interact with guests. They are far less money than big time Hollywood celebrities. Book a tribute band to play the songs of an artist that is popular among the guests.

An a cappella group can perform on stage or stroll through the event during a cocktail hour or dinner. Hire a symphony orchestra to play at the event. You will need to consider space requirements for this type of an act. You could have a mime act out a corporate message to employees or event customers.

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Break dancers can be lots of fun. They are generally young, hip, and add a sense of youth to an event. How about a mariachi band for some festive music. A steel drum band can be a nice addition to a high end gala event. Booking a fire eater can be a great way to kick off the launch of a hot new product or service.

Carolers can be nice addition to any holiday event. A living statue can be a great idea for almost any event. Make sure you ask for a living statue that matches closely to the theme of your event or meeting. Booking a cirque act is a great idea when the event needs something remarkable or to get a buzz going. Make sure you can accommodate for the space some of the cirque acts require. A snake charmer is a unique way break up a meeting or attract a crowd at an event.

Hire a mentalist to read the minds of the guests. This is creative way that the performer can interact with the audience.

How to Make the Absolute Most Out of Your Celebrity Meet & Greet Experience

How about an ice sculptor who can sculpt the company logo or a corporate message live while people watch it being carved. Acrobats provide a lively addition to an event.

Singing waiters are an a cappella group dressed as formal waiters.

celebrity meet and greet ideas for pre

This catches guests off guard and is an offbeat way to infuse entertainment into the dining experience. Ballroom dancers can be popular with all the dance themed TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and others. A barbershop quartet is an a cappella group where all the members wear red and white costumes, similar to that of a barbershop pole.

This has a nostalgic feel to it. Dueling pianos are a fantastic way to get the audience involved with nonstop entertainment You could have your employees put on the entertainment by having a talent show and getting everyone in the company involved including the CEO.

You will want to record this so everyone can watch it later on, or you may even want to send them all home with a copy, or mail it to them afterwards. You could also post them on YouTube for all to comment on. A marching band can be an official way to introduce somebody special at the event.

It can also be a way of showing that the company does not take themselves too seriously if they book a fun themed marching band. Book the 60 second novelist.