Creative meet and greet ideas for 1st

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creative meet and greet ideas for 1st

First, your team will be more engaged at your meeting. And second You never know what new ideas you'll brainstorm during your meetings. Ready for tip #3? Let's go. The #1 creative tip for fun meetings. OK, here's an. Check out these 7 fun and engaging ideas for morning meeting greetings! A fun morning meeting greeting in the classroom Give the first student a ball of string or yarn and have her hold onto the loose end Students can't outright ask if the hand shaker has the treasure, but creative sleuths might be able to figure it out. Q: Students are not showing enthusiasm for greeting the way they did A: First of all, consider why students may be losing enthusiasm. . 99 Activities and Greetings: Great for Morning Meeting and other meetings, too!.

Students are not showing enthusiasm for greeting the way they did earlier in the year.

creative meet and greet ideas for 1st

What can I do? First of all, consider why students may be losing enthusiasm. For example, greetings that felt safe and right for mostly seven-year-olds might be feeling too narrow for eight-year-olds, who crave sanctioned ways to vent their boisterous side.

Or perhaps you simply need more variety in your greetings. Take a look at the week as a whole and then find ways to vary the greetings from day to day.

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One day, pass a greeting around the circle; another day, do a group chant as a greeting; another day, do a greeting that gets children up and moving around the room or gives them a choice of whom to greet.

Next week, switch to other greetings of the same types. When students find their match, they greet each other. Students sit with their matching partner in the order of an equation, visible to the rest of the circle. Doing the Wave Students stand with one arm extended toward the classmate on either side of them and with palms touching or palms facing but not touching.

You both then raise your arms in a wavelike motion. Sara turns to the student on her left and they greet each other in the same way, with the same motions. Continue in this way so that the wave makes its way around the circle. I want students to have fun, but when we do bouncy, loud greetings, they tend to get silly and forget to take the act of greeting seriously. It helps to focus on engagement rather than entertainment or frivolity.

creative meet and greet ideas for 1st

Second, the best learning comes from engagement, which can take the form of deep concentration, even fascination, as well as playfulness and laughter. So instead trying to make greetings entertaining for students, look for those that will engage them. Here are a couple to try. Spider Web Holding a ball of yarn, a student greets someone across the circle and gently rolls the ball to that person while firmly holding on to the end of the yarn.

The student who receives the ball of yarn greets another student across the circle and rolls the ball to that student, making sure to hold onto the unraveling strand with one hand. This continues until everyone has been greeted and the yarn has created a web across the circle. To unravel the web, students greet each other in reverse order until the ball of yarn is wound up again. Get a card and have everyone sign with a personal message. Set your new employee up for success by setting up smaller group lunches during their first week.

Instead of giving a tour of the office… hold an office-wide scavenger hunt Office tours can be pretty boring. Game-ify the experience by turning a tour into a scavenger hunt.

Identify key locations new employees will need to know and plant cleverly written clues in each that will lead them to the next spot. Or get more interactive and have new hires perform a task to earn a clue or introduce themselves to other coworkers in those spaces who will deliver to the clues.

Remember, everyone loves a prize, so having something small at the end like a gift card to the local coffee shop is a great reward for finishing the hunt.

creative meet and greet ideas for 1st

Instead of showing them their personal workspace… welcome them with a treat at their desk Remember the feeling of receiving an Easter basket or birthday gift at the end of the bed upon waking up? Recreate that feeling by putting a treat on a new employee's desk. Make sure you say hi on her first day in her new role as Marketing Coordinator! Instead of asking for questions… have an anonymous question box. Your new employee will be oversaturated with information and when you ask if they have any questions, their minds might go blank.

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Create an anonymous question box for when questions do come up and answer them at all-hands weekly meetings so everyone can hear the answer and no one feels silly asking. Instead of putting new employees directly on the job… have them shadow a current employee. Coming in on the first day and going right to work can be intimidating.

creative meet and greet ideas for 1st

Let your new hire shadow someone on their team so they can learn the ropes before diving in. Choose someone you trust that will make a new person feel welcome and teach best practices. Your new hire will make a fast friend and learn on the job. Instead of beers… play ball.