Customer relationship management is the art and science of nursing

customer relationship management is the art and science of nursing

Source Title: Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is increasingly becoming an State of the Art and Future Trends of Datacenter Networks (pages ) Factors Influencing Nursing Professionals' Computer-Based Information. Consequently, nursing home care quality has become a major issue in Taiwan. This study establishes a customer relationship management (CRM) framework. CRM, Implementation, Framework, Nursing Home, Value-Characteristics specific consideration of CRM implementation in nursing homes and healthcare ( Cheng et al.,. ; Glaser .. Science Council: Humanities & Social Science, 8( 3), – Cheng (). Let's talk: applying the art of conversation to customer.

In the current competitive environment, characterized by financial challenges and increasing competitiveness between firms, companies need to implement CRM strategies in order to develop and build more efficient and effective customer-focused strategies Chang et al.

customer relationship management is the art and science of nursing

As a consequence, the management of customer relationships has become a top priority for companies Verhoef et al. From the late nineties, there has been an explosion of interest in CRM Becker et al.

The use of Social Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is becoming an emerging trend and companies are realizing its potential to engage customers in active conversations Kaplan and Haenlin, Social CRM has emerged as a novel concept, integrating Social Media technologies with traditional CRM channels call-centres and mail in an attempt to gain new levels of customer insight, as well as to improve personalization and customer satisfaction. However, the implementation of Social CRM involves an enormous challenge for firms, as it requires a cultural shift, and managers need to know how to effectively integrate these tools to leverage all its potential Noone et al.

customer relationship management is the art and science of nursing

Due to the novelty of the concept, there is a lack of research on Social CRM, particularly how companies are implementing it and what the main benefits are. The aim of the chapter is to shed light on the topic of Social CRM implementation and we seek to answer the following research questions: Both questions are of practical importance because companies are investing considerable time, money and effort in the implementation of CRM, but little is known about their benefits or impact on performance.

The topic will be analysed using both, quantitative and qualitative data from an international sample of hotel companies. The article is organized as follows.

Many successful organizations emphasize on the note that maintaining stable relationships with the customers can hold them firm and progressive in competition stage.

Customer Relationship Management

The research report of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society has shown that the quality of care and customer satisfaction in the coming years will have a significant impact on health. Furthermore, effective communication is often associated with improved physical health, more effective chronic disease management, and better health-related quality of life.

On the other hand, failure in CRM affects the patient dissatisfaction and leads to a distrust of system, a sense of patient alienation in the hospital and endangering the survival of the business at the hospital. Therefore examining such valuable concept in hospitals, which their function is based on the patient customeris very necessary.

customer relationship management is the art and science of nursing

On the other hand, failure in CRM will affect the patient dissatisfaction, distrust towards systems, patient feels alienated in the hospital, and jeopardize business survivability in the future. Hence, the effect of CRM on the organization's productivity, customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty in the hospitals of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences was studied in this research. The estimated sample size was nurses.

The adequacy of sample size has been taken using Kaiser—Meyer—Olkin method.

Customer Relationship Management and Social Media Use

Data collection tools This study is a correlation descriptive research. A researcher-made questionnaire has two main parts. The first part is based on the functions of CRM and the second part is the variables that CRM have influence on them, the second part of questionnaire consisting of three areas: Organization productivity, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty and trust.

For confirming the validity of questionnaires, expert judgment methods were used so that the developed questionnaire along with explanations of its vocabulary and concepts was given to 10 university professors, five hospital managers and authorities, and six hospital nurse managers and they were asked to express their opinions in relation to the content, structure and style of wording of the questionnaire and its appearance.

After applying the recommendations and its final confirmation by other experts, the content validity of the questionnaire was ensured. To assess the questionnaire reliability, it was rounded to another pilot group, and reliability and internal.

customer relationship management is the art and science of nursing

Data analysis Structural equation modeling method was used to analyze the data using SPSS version