Darth vader and luke meet jesus

Star Wars: The Skywalker Legacy

darth vader and luke meet jesus

Still, we know from subsequent movies that he will be tempted and fall from As every Star Wars baby knows, Luke and Vader go to the throne room next, As Satan tempted Jesus, the Sith Lord seeks to co-opt Skywalker. Anakin pretty much started his life as a Star Wars Jesus. You know until the whole death of his mother incident. He sends Luke Skywalker on a mission to assassinate Vader. I revisited the entire Star Wars saga in the run-up to The Last Jedi. . is more continuity between the Luke of Return of the Jedi and the Luke we meet in The Last.

darth vader and luke meet jesus

I want to go with you. Stay and watch over the droids.

Luke, I Am Not Your Father

Obviously, Vader already knew that Obi Wan had been there because he killed himand he would have been able to piece together the rest of the story pretty quickly.

A few days before the Millennium Falcon showed up, it had blasted its way through a blockade on Tatooine, at the Mos Eisley spaceport. Just before that happened, an old man in a robe had lopped off someone's arm with a lightsaber in the Mos Eisley Cantina. The old man was with a blond kid who matched the description of the "Luke" who had helped Leia escape the Death Star. Days prior to this, the droids with the stolen Death Star plans had jettisoned from the consular ship and landed on Tatooine, and chances are, Mos Eisley was the nearest spaceport to the site where the droids had landed.

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All of this happened not far from the house where Vader's stepfather, and later, Vader's stepbrother lived. The stepbrother and his wife were dead, and Imperial stormtroopers had killed them while searching for the missing droids.

darth vader and luke meet jesus

This was the Skywalker family, and obviously, the boy named "Luke" had been living with them. It stands to reason, then, that the blond kid's full name was "Luke Skywalker".

We don't know how efficient the empire was regarding birth records, identification papers, censuses, etc, but if they put even the slightest amount of effort into such documentation, Vader would have had access to conclusive proof that his stepbrother had been raising a boy named Luke, and that this boy had no known birth certificate.

Jedi Jesus: Revealing Christian Themes in Star Wars

He may or may not have had information regarding a certain "Ben Kenobi" living nearby. We need help from the devil if we are going to be really evil. And we need help from God if we are going to be good.

darth vader and luke meet jesus

Odd thing about this game of ours is that the pursuit of good righteousness, holiness, etc is that it kind of works opposite to the direction we might think is forward. Maybe this is working out our destiny, but the example of Obi-Wan in relation to destiny is curious, compelling and it strikes a true chord.

darth vader and luke meet jesus

Obi-Wan felt the force leading him to a confrontation with Vader and it seems he understood before the fight that he must allow himself to be killed so that the light side of the force could become stronger … however that works. Obi-Wan helps me imagine Philippians 1: For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Self-sacrifice, whether resulting in life or in death is what we are to aim for.

darth vader and luke meet jesus

In doing this, we shortcut any selfish desires that we seem to involve our lives with, hoping fate and destiny will smile on us and make us great people. Towards this understanding, it is also good to mention that as much dying by Vader's lightsaber is a sacrifice, the way Obi-Wan watches over Luke from afar on that dusty, remote planet of Tatooine for twenty years is also a very great sacrifice.

Some days sacrifice looks like a quick lightsaber through the belly, some days—most days probably—it is a lowly, dusty thing.