Disney meet and greet tips for a happy

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disney meet and greet tips for a happy

Read our must-know tips on meeting your favorite Disneyland characters. Mickey and Minnie greet guests and pose for pictures in their . We promise they will grow out of it and will be happy to meet them again soon. Make your Disney trip even more magical with these tips that will save you time The trip made us all so happy, I wanted to preserve the memories and I booked our tickets and made restaurant reservations through the site. Click here to read a few great tips for you to see and meet Mickey Mouse and his an unexpected but always happy meeting with park guests enjoying their day. “Meet and Greet” character locations are spotlighted on Walt Disney World.

Across the way you can find Baymax in one area and Joy and Sadness nearby. Lines for both, especially Joy and Sadness tend to be long. In Discovery Island you will also find an assortment of characters spread around including Flik, Tarzan, Pocahontas, and Russell from Up check times guide. For the most unique experience, be sure to find DiVine, the wandering vine. She is amazing to watch.

These amazing folks have been bringing their own version of laughter to the Studios for many years. If you see them, go and interact, have yourself a fun time!

Characters at Magic Kingdom — Various characters are around the Town Square area in the morning when you enter. Merida has her own themed meet and greet. Each of the themed areas of the park have related characters who are happy to see you. The times guide will give you detailed information.

A special character experience is available from 1 to 7 p. They have numbers they can contact to see where everyone will be making appearances.

If your child has been aching for a photo with Donald Duck, when you arrive at the park in the morning, your best bet would be to go to Guest Relations. They can find out for you where the good spots are to spot that duck.

Use your friendly neighborhood Cast Members — Cast members have a phone number to call if you want to know where a specific character should be. Mickey and Minnie Adventurers Outpost Epcot: Waiting at the entrance they come out at is not recommended.

Pluto needs his space just like everyone else. At Magic Kingdom if a line begins to form, they set up queues. Ask a cast member at the beginning of the line, or at the end, before you go in, who is there. They will tell you who is scheduled for that day. Be ready — That means having those pens ready, those books open, your cameras ready, and your video cameras rolling! By all means, take the lens cap OFF. Ink pens are best for autograph books and other regular paper products.

It comes in blue, black and other colors. In other words, not every picture has to have everyone looking at the camera. Sometimes a child will not look at you, no matter how long you sit there like a stuck record: Look up at Mommy. Look at the camera. Look up for the picture. The character you get in line for may not be the one you actually see.

Have part of your group get in line and then go ask the Character Greeter for information. Listen to the greeter — When they say Minnie is going to be back in minutes after she powders her nose, that means just that. She will be back soon. Curiously, this is more often the parents than the children. Be Nice — I must admit, Pluto sure does look like a walking jungle jim.

Everything from his ears, nose, and tongue down to his tail are easy to hang on. But these characters gotta be safe and in good shape for meeting so many people every day. Be nice to them and they should be nice back. Pluto does like getting scratched behind the ears. Donald loves to get kisses on the beak. Tigger loves to Bounce! When a character needs to leave an area, it does not mean they have personally singled you out to be mean to.

Signing clothing — Yes, the characters will do it. However, do not WEAR the item of clothing you wish to have signed. If you want hats or any cloth signed, markers will work best, especially Sharpies which come in a variety of colors.

These work great on banners and photos, too! Why do those crazy characters do the things they do? Group Photos — At some point, you will hear someone ask if they can get a picture of two or more characters together. Getting one picture with each character is a lot faster. Nope, sorry, no way. The characters can be a little … clumsy. But perhaps, the character might be able to sit on the floor and have your child on their lap.

And then there are the adults who just HAVE to know. Never mind all the children around them who Believe. They smirk at the characters like they are privy to some huge secret. These questions are heard every day, many times a day.

In the hopes of avoiding seeing those precious little faces fall when they overhear some adult bent on crushing the magic… Ok, soapbox mode off.

  • Character Meet & Greet FAQ

Is it hot in there? In a word, yes. I have to laugh at how many people think there are personal air conditioning units inside. Where in the world would they go? But this is why the characters are only out for short times — from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on location and time of year. It depends on the character. Some are location specific, for example Tinker Bell is generally only found in one spot, but Mickey Mouse has a number of regularly scheduled greeting locations.

How does Mickey get to be in all those different places at once? In recent years, Disney has had the practice of having characters from the latest Disney or Pixar film in the parks to greet guests. The exception to this is when there is a new princess character. New princesses typically appear first at either Epcot or the Magic Kingdom and then end up at the Magic Kingdom on a long-term basis. Is meeting characters worth the time? The answer to this really depends on your personality and what your vacation goals are.

disney meet and greet tips for a happy

Other folks are obsessed with character greeting and endeavor to collect photos and autographs of every character possible.

In my experience, children in the 3 to 6 age range often think that the in-park characters are really, really, really real.

Your basic five-year old may care much more about meeting characters than they would about any ride attraction. My daughters are teens now. When we go to the Animal Kingdom these days, we head straight for Expedition Everest, but back when the girls were preschoolers, our very first stop at the Animal Kingdom was always the character greeting zone at Camp Mickey-Minnie now moved to the Adventurers Outpost. You never know how these photos will become meaningful to family members in the future.

How exactly do I meet the characters? There are three primary character greeting situations: Scheduled character greeting appearances. These are the character appearances listed in the Times Guide. Random character greeting appearances. There are also characters that just show up in the parks. These are restaurants where Disney characters will visit your table during your meal.

While you eat, characters stop by your table to chat or mime chatpose for photos, and sign autographs. These are very popular experiences and generally become fully booked far in advance. Make reservations if you want to have a character meal. What are the pros and cons of character meals? On the plus side, you get to meet characters in air-conditioned comfort and you get to kill two birds with one stone — eating and meeting at the same time.

On the minus side, the character meals are often pricey. What else can you tell me about character meals? Character dining is an in-depth topic all on its own. You can learn the complete scoop about character dining over on DisneyFoodBlog. Look here for tips on how to choose the right character meal for your family and for ideas about how to get the most out of your character dining experience. Is there character greeting etiquette?

Character interaction happens on a first come, first served basis. Other helpful tips include: When it gets to be your turn in line, be ready and as efficient with your interaction as possible. This means that you should have your camera out turned on, with the lens cap offhave your autograph book open to a blank page, have pen in hand, etc. Keep an eye on your children. Yes, characters are people too. Saying please and thank you to them will make their world a better place to be. Do the characters have different outfits?

Mickey has dozens of of different outfits ranging from swim trunks to a tuxedo. Are there characters in the Disney hotels? There are minimal character appearances in the resorts; the vast majority of character interaction takes place in the theme parks and sometimes the water parks. You will find characters in the resorts in the following circumstances: At character meals taking place at resort restaurants.

Doing Disney: 5 Magic-Making Tips For The Whole Family

During the holiday season, there may be brief character appearances in the evenings at the deluxe resorts. During times of extraordinary weather like if the parks are shuttered due to hurricane warningscharacters may be sent to the resorts to entertain guests.

disney meet and greet tips for a happy

Are there character appearances at Downtown Disney? There might possibly be a character appearance at Downtown Disney during a special event such as the Festival of the Masters.

disney meet and greet tips for a happy

And Santa Claus has regular Downtown Disney greeting hours during December, but other than that, do not expect to see characters at Downtown Disney. First things first — do NOT make any promises to your child about the meeting. Also recognize that if your child is focused on an older or obscure Disney character, a meeting will likely be impossible.

Yes, Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame was once a frequent visitor to the parks, but her appearances now are rare indeed. To get access to this information, stop by the Guest Relations office at any of the theme parks or inquire at the concierge desk at your Disney resort hotel.

You may also want to work on language for your child if you find that his character obsession can be found in the parks, but only in a parade or show, not in a greeting location. Are the lines for character greeting long? It really depends on a number of factors including the time of day, the time of year, the rarity of the character, the popularity of the character, the weather, and more.

Do you have any tips for reducing the amount of time spent waiting to meet characters? Well, a good touring plan can certainly help. Many of our touring plans do include character greeting time in their programs. Is there some way to find out in advance of my vacation what time the scheduled character greetings will happen?

disney meet and greet tips for a happy

Bear in mind that this is not an official Disney source and that the information is subject to change, but generally it is quite accurate. This site does not track spontaneous character greeting appearances. Will my child be afraid of the characters? Most kids are unfazed by meeting Mickey and the gang, while others are reduced to a quivering ball of tears any time they get within 10 feet of a giant mouse. If you have some concern that your child might exhibit character fear behaviors, try finding a costumed character in your hometown perhaps at a birthday party or Chuck E.

Cheese type venue to practice with. I know my child is afraid of the characters. Should I cancel my trip? At no point will a character pop out of nowhere to surprise your child. The characters tend to stay in a fixed location and are visible from quite a distance. Is there anything I can do if my child is afraid of the characters? Like I said, if you know you have a fearful child, you can simply stay away from the characters.

If you want to push the envelope a little, try taking baby steps toward character interaction. Perhaps ask the child to wave at the character from a distance, or stick with the somewhat less intimidating face characters rather than fur characters.

You will see lots of kids in the parks toting around autograph books. When the kids meet characters, they hand them the autograph book and the character signs it.

If you and your kids are content to skip this part of the process, then by all means do so. One bit of advice … if you do end up collecting character autographs, but sure to write your name and contact information in the front of the book. This will greatly facilitate the return process if you accidentally lose the book. Do I need a special pen to get an autograph from a character?

The characters are often wearing bulky gloves which make gripping a delicate writing tool a bit of a challenge.

Disney Character Meet and Greet Tips | Walt Disney World

It can be helpful if you provide them with a somewhat chunky pen, maybe something along the lines of the basic elementary school Crayola marker. The characters will make do with whatever you have on hand — regular pen, pencil, crayon, — it all works. Some characters, notably Buzz Lightyear, will mark your autograph book with a special stamp rather than a signature.

Not surprisingly, Lightning and Mater are in the non-autograph-signers club. How much do autograph books cost? Where can I buy them? There are several styles of Disney autograph books for sale in the parks and resorts.

Several versions of Disney autograph books are also sold on DisneyStore.