Ep 26 sweet flirt guide

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ep 26 sweet flirt guide

My Candy Love - Episode 26 Guide Notes: Negative result for LOM / Neutral result for LOM + Positive result for LOM LOM: Love'O'Meter; Low. Episode Guide: Ep28! by SweetCrush. 0, 1 , 10/08/ at Episode Guide: Ep26! by SweetCrush Episode Guides - Special Episodes by SweetCrush. Episode 1 - Castiel - A New High School Money Needed for this Episode: At least, that would explain why I haven't found this particular answer in any of the guides I looked up for this. Anonymous December 26, at AM.

Big dogs make me nervous, they can be dangerous. Nah, of course not. His name is "Demon". That was the idea, but he's not really mean. A I forgot to ask you what kind of dog do you have. Oh, I don't know what that is.

Sweet Flirt-Episodul 26-Part 1-A APARUT!!!

Affinity - 4 Oh yeah, that's one of those dogs that's all white! Affinity - 4 Castiel: Either you mean all black or you're thinking of something else. I saw that yappy mutt run by here a couple of times already. You're taking your time to catch him! You didn't try to catch him? Of course not, it's not my problem.

You know I've been having a hard time catching him! Affinity - 4 It's been a nightmare trying to catch him! You are really not cool! Stop whining and try luring him with some food, it's a dog after all. Listen, I told you I have a dog right? Come back later and I'll give you some dog biscuits, I'll go get them from my bag.

So, did you catch the dog? Oh, still with your plants? Hey, yeah, you should try it sometimes. Well, I would change for the basketball club, but it's too late now. Te apropii de imaginea lui Lysander B. Metoda ta pare foarte eficienta. Daca as fi fost tu, nu as fi schimbat un lucru. Ei bine, nu sunt o scriitoare sau o muziciana, deci… C. Imi aluneca mana in a lui.

Imi pun mana intr-un mod ezitant pe pieptul lui. Doar m-am uitat la el, incercand sa imi coplesesc putin emotiile. Zambeste, viata e frumoasa! La ce te gandesti? E totul in regula?

E-Eu chiar nu vreau ca oamenii sa ma vada cu acesi ochelari mari… A.


Esti toata rosie…Vrei sa luam o pauza? Voi fi in regula. Putem sa mergem putin mai usor? Poate am putea sa ne oprim pentru cateva minute? Aceste doua brute nu au ajutat deloc! Demon nu e o bruta…El e doar puternic. Kiki e cel mai zvapaiat. Nu cred ca el ar rani o musca. Nu iti face griji, ei nu l-au atacat, ei doar… Incep sa se cunoasca. Te apropii de imaginea lui Kentin B. Cred ca ar trebui sa vorbim. In legatura cu sambata noaptea… C. Kentin, imi pare rau. M-am tot intrebat multe lucruri in ultima vreme si ma va innebuni daca nu voi primi un raspuns.

C-Ce vrei sa stii mai exact?

My Candy Love Walk-through: Castiel

Pff, nu vorbi cu mine despre asta… Sunt inca suparat. Admite ca a fost amuzant daca stai sa te gandesti acum. E o parte din tine. Nu ma mai socheaza deloc.

Uh… Cum sa spun… C. A avut ceva de facut cu Kentin. El este cel care de obicei ma ridica din pat… A. Pun pariu ca ai stat pana tarziu sa joci jocuri video. Pun pariu ca ti-ai petrecut noaptea jucandu-te cu dihorul tau. Pun pariu ca ai adormit tarziu pentru ca ai citit cartea pe care Nathaniel ti-a sugerat-o. Armin…Suntem la un restaurant! Asta este o idee buna! In timp ce asteptam sa vina servitorul… C. E o gluma, nu? Uh, sunt multe lucruri, haha…Citit, desenat, sporturi…Muzica!

Leigh este foarte bun la cusut!

ep 26 sweet flirt guide

Poate ar putea sa iti dea cateva lectii. Restaurantul este un inceput dragut. Am putea sa mergem la filme, de exemplu…Daca vrei. Te apropii de imaginea lui Armin B. Ei bine, asta e grozav. Ar trebui sa fii mandru, Nathaniel.

Hmm…Acum depinde de tine, Armin, sa il ajuti sa descopere ceva nou. Sunteti cu siguranta o pereche. Este dragut sa vad asta. I-am inapoiat cartea lui Nathaniel. Nu am fost capabil sa imi dau seama care parte a fost vinovata, dar totusi mi-a placut. Suspansul a fost de la inceput pana la final!

ep 26 sweet flirt guide

Acum, depinde de tine, Armin, sa il ajuti sa descopere ceva. Un leopard nu isi poate schimba locul! Deci, nu te duci la intalnire? M-am dus catre el fara a face un sunet. Sunt sigura ca ai fi dragut cu parul scurt! Asta nu ma surprinde, haha! Am facut ceva ce ei nu stiau, dar m-au prins. Leigh s-a gandit ca trebuie sa ii cunosc parintii. Trebuie sa fi fost o seara importanta. Trebuie sa fi fost o seara amuzanta. Trebuie sa fi fost o seara incantatoare.

Spune, Lys-baby, i-ai vazut tinuta lui Pseudo?

ep 26 sweet flirt guide

Este una dintre cele mai recente creatii ale lui Leigh. Personality Ken in the Amour Sucre anime. Ken has a sweet and caring personality. He is in love with your Candy and has no trouble showing his affection. He offers your Candy cookies all the time and is willing to help her out and lend her money. He gives your Candy a teddy bear before leaving that she can put on the dresser in her room. Ken is very easy to get along with and tries to make friends whenever possible.

When he comes back, he prefers to be addressed by his real name, Kentin. He says that Ken is a childish name, not wanting to be called Ken anymore. Deep down, he is still the same sweet Ken, but he appears more mature and more confident.

If your Candy was mean to him before he left for military school, he is rude towards her, saying that she broke his heart. He even mentions that he should have done the same thing he did to Amber to her. If she bumps into him, he begins to apologize, but when he realizes it's her, he begins to get angry and tells her, "there is no need to apologize to a pest like you". Kentin kissing Amber If your Candy was kind to him, he still likes her, but he doesn't have an obsessive crush on her anymore.

He tells your Candy that he still cares about her, but is not madly in love with her anymore, although he still has moments of the old Ken. Kentin kissed Amber at the end of episode twelve.

In the beginning of episode thirteen, he told her that she "isn't the slightest bit cute," and a bad kisser for revenge, smashing the cell phone Amber gave him into pieces. As the story goes on, it's revealed that Kentin is "one of the few people who doesn't get upset when people poke fun at him" as your Candy puts it in Episode He is shown to have a very tolerable personality, not getting too upset if someone like Alexy or Armin poke fun at him, or even your Candy.

As of now, he has adopted a german shepherd puppy named Cookie whom appears in future episodes. Friends and Family Maddy: One of them being Maddy, his mother. Him and Maddy appear to have a pretty close relationship, seeing as when Maddy was speaking to the Candy's parents, she'd said he talks about her a lot, Also ending up in covering her mouth when she so casually speaks about it, indicating he is comfortable enough to speak and act freely with his mother. It is revealed in episode 21 that she was the one who raised him due to his father and his work.