Explain what a meet and greet consist of

explain what a meet and greet consist of

To describe the implementation and perceptions of an advising program's . A meet-and-greet planning task force consisting of 3 faculty members, the associate. A day in the life of every businessperson is made up of a series of meetings and greetings. Whether you are making the initial contact with a client or a colleague . Meet and greet definition is - a reception at which a public figure (such as a How to use meet and greet in a sentence. , in the meaning defined above.

The way to do this is to say the name of the more important person first, followed by the words "I'd like to introduce Be sure to add something about each person so they will know why they are being introduced and will have some information with which to start a conversation.

explain what a meet and greet consist of

A day in the life of every businessperson is made up of a series of meetings and greetings. Whether you are making the initial contact with a client or a colleague, you want to get off on the right foot.

Doing so will make the first encounter and subsequent ones go smoothly and easily.

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Getting off on the wrong foot can make for a difficult recovery. Save your energy for later and use these simple strategies for a successful start 1. Stand up when you meet someone. This allows you to engage the person on an equal level -eye to eye. By remaining seated, you send a message that you don't think the other person is important enough to warrant the effort it takes to stand.

If you find yourself in a position where you can't stand up such as being trapped behind a potted plant offer an apology and an explanation. You might say something like, "Please excuse me for not getting up. I can't seem to get around the foliage.

Your facial expression says more than your words. Look as if you are pleased to meet the other person regardless of what is on your mind.

explain what a meet and greet consist of

Put a smile on your face for the person standing before you. Looking at the people you meet says you are focused and interested in them.

explain what a meet and greet consist of

If you are staring off somewhere else, you may appear to be looking for someone more to your liking to come along. As soon as you approach people you don't know or are approached by them, say who you are.

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Don't stand around as if someone else is in charge of introductions. Include a statement about who you are when necessary.

It is not always enough to say, "Hello, I'm Mary Jones. I work for XYZ Corporation.

Development and Implementation of an Advising Program’s Meet-and-Greet Session

The most common reasons provided by students were not having advising needs, not feeling their advisor would be able to assist, and feeling intimidated by the advising process.

Based on this assessment and feedback from students and faculty members, a formal meet-and-greet program was scheduled in for first professional year P1 doctor of pharmacy PharmD students in fall The program was intended to facilitate introductions, overcome previously identified barriers, and promote advising interaction.

While hosting a meet-and-greet program is not necessarily a novel concept, based on a survey of published literature on academic advising in the health professions, this is the first example of both the execution and evaluation of such a session on initial advising interactions.

explain what a meet and greet consist of

The P1 student body was largely comprised of students directly admitted from high school The school defines advising as an intentional interaction designed to facilitate information exchange between the advisor and advisee based on student self-identified need s. Potential advising services provided by faculty members include academic support, career services eg, internship, postgraduate, and dual degree programsleadership development, research opportunities, and referral for other services eg, financial aid, counseling and health, housing, and disability services.

The committee reports to the dean of the school of pharmacy and is charged with establishing and maintaining an advising system at the school that develops and guides students throughout the program.

Faculty advisors interested in student advising are identified on a voluntary basis from the pharmacy practice and administration, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, and pharmacology and toxicology departments. Advisors follow students longitudinally throughout their professional coursework.

Of note, a majority of faculty advisors are clinical faculty members with practice sites located a significant distance from the school, which limits the accessibility of these faculty advisors. In fallthe advising committee organized a formal meet-and-greet program intended to introduce P1 student pharmacists to their faculty advisors.

meet and greet

The event was scheduled in conjunction with the P1 White Coat Ceremony to maximize participation by students and faculty members. This was a closed ceremony in which all incoming P1 students were encouraged to participate. Family members and friends were not invited to attend because of space limitations.

Approximately 2 months prior to the meet-and-greet, the advising committee established objectives for the event and discussed program design, promotion, implementation, and assessment. A meet-and-greet planning task force consisting of 3 faculty members, the associate dean of student services, and a third professional year P3 student was identified. The task force was charged with developing, implementing, and assessing the program.

explain what a meet and greet consist of