Fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

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fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

Meet the Uchihas by 2LoveIs4EverEverLasting reviews. Sasuke and So now it's time for Sakura to meet Sasuke's family-his entire family! What happens now?. We Meet Again. By: Sakura-n-Sasuke4ever. “Look at me Sakura.” Sasuke said putting his hands on her shoulders. “Don't touch me!” Sakura. Sasuke was going to meet her parents. For the first time. Ever. Normally, Sakura would have declared the anxiety completely uncalled for.

Every women's attention was drawn towards the brooding man beside Naruto who himself had a few checking him out. Women would send Sasuke flirtatious smiles and undress him with their eyes. They thought it was bad enough back in the building but they were wrong, oh well they were used to this it happened every single day.

Naruto laughed "Gezz Sasuke-Teme I don't think this will ever stop, just look at them, looking like their going to jump you any moment. Whatever" Sasuke smirked when he spotted an elder "Hn.

Well at least I don't have an old hag undressing me with her eyes" he said tilting his head in the direction where the old women was.

Naruto almost fainted when indeed there was and elder eyeing him like some piece of candy, he thought Sasuke was joking around but he wasn't. The elder winked at him, Naruto suddenly felt very sick beside him Sasuke chuckled. He turned to Sasuke and sent him a glare. Another one is eyeing you" Naruto shuddered "Don't I'm starting to lose my appetite" they finally made it to the blonds favorite food place.

fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

Sasuke raised a brow at his friend who had only had four bowls of ramen usually he would have had at least ten or more by now. Dobe you aren't eating much" Naruto nodded "I know" he said rather weak. I don't feel like eating much, I'm afraid I might vomit" Sasuke nodded understanding how he might feel.

A few minutes later both men were walking back towards the Uchiha Corp building.

fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

He glanced at his friend didn't he have work to do at his own company. Oh well besides its close to his work place might as well try it out. A pink haired woman groaned, she was so tired she didn't feel like working today but she didn't want to leave her friends all alone and knowing them they'll probably yell at her for not being there with them.

A blue haired woman entered the back room, frowning at the petite women who had fallen asleep her head lying on the desk. She smiled and gently shook the pink haired "Uhhh…go away" Hinata giggled at her friends antics one thing she knew for sure was the Sakura was not a morning person and was still very tired. Now if you'll excuse me but I have work to do" she said storming out, Hinata followed laughing 'She is so childish at times' Naruto was the first one to walk in followed by Sasuke.

Naruto smiled looking around the place while Sasuke groaned 'Great' he sighed glaring at all the females who were staring at him and as for Naruto he just grinned. Naruto nudged Sasuke on the side "Hey Teme look its Neji and Shikamaru" Sasuke took a look and sure enough there was the lazy ass and the white eyed freak himself. Sasuke smirked this should be interesting as he and Naruto made their way towards the two men. Hyuga, Shikamaru" they took their seats and waited patiently for the waitress, the guys told Naruto they've arrived a few minutes ago.

They all started to get annoyed at the females who were eyeing them but mostly Sasuke. They just ignored them. A minute had passed and Naruto started whining again only to have a fist connect to his head. I don't think there's a woman out there who wouldn't hate you" Neji and Shikamaru rolled their eyes but nodded knowing that any women would worship the young Uchiha.

I don't think there's one girl out there with a brain' he snapped out of his thoughts when he heard someone's stomach rumble. He glanced at the guys and there eyes were on Naruto. Naruto turned red from embarrassment "Ahh.

fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

My stomach needs food" he smiled sheepishly, he didn't eat much ramen so he was really hungry. Hinata smiled as she handed a couple their orders. She turned around when she heard someone yelling, she noticed it was a man and quickly made her way there.

When she took a good look at him she blushed, blond messy hair, blue eyes, quite tanned and in a black suit with a bright orange tie 'He's handsome' "Ummm…sir would you like me to take your order now" she smiled shyly.

Naruto was too hungry and all he would think about was food, so he didn't even care about what he was going to say. He stood up and glared at the small girl before him.

I" Naruto rolled his eyes, another fangirl "You what huh! Sasuke turned only to be met with a sword piercing through his lung and with that Uchiha Itachi took his last breath. Sasuke was laying on the ground his life bleeding away when a cloaked figure appeared in a tree not far away from where Team Hebi was gathered around him Sasuke. The woman put a hand to her heart.

fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

She removed the hood of her cloak to reveal long pink hair held back with a Konoha headband. She quickly caught Karin's hand and was holding her up in the air by the throat with her other hand. There is no kunoichi alive who can hold her own against me not even Tsunade-samado you think I'm going to make an exception for you? And before she even knew it both Suigetsu and Juugo had charged at her. Suigetsu swung at her with his sword, Sakura dodged it but the sword caught her cloak and ripped it off.

She was wearing black ninja sandals, black tights that stopped above her knees, a jean skirt just like the one she wears in shippuuden but it a blue jean skirt insteada black tank top with a white spaghetti strap shirt over it and a black circle on it.

The Story of Sasuke and Sakura Chapter 1: Episode One: We meet…Again, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

She had two swords strapped across her back. When she landed on the ground she punched it, but not hard enough for the tremor to reach Sasuke. Her punch caused the ground everywhere to break and move. Suigetsu made his way past the small cliffs that Sakura had created and quickly engaged her in combat. She loved him in the past. That was a billion years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Indeed Naruto - Rated: I'll always be waiting for you by CoruscusLuna reviews Catching rain drops, laughing at funny-shaped clouds and smiling seemed almost empty when they were not together, because together T - English - Romance - Chapters: SasuSaku implied Naruto - Rated: One-shot, manga spoilers, SasuSaku.

SasuSaku Naruto - Rated: There's only one problem, though: They have daughters and one is especially feisty. It's a good thing that the Uchiha likes challenges ;D Naruto - Rated: Saviour by phoenixfire reviews It comes down to the choice. Does she let the person who she loves, who has tried to kill her on more than one count die, or does she betray the village she loves? Rewritten better version of Shattered promises broken hearts.

fanfic meet sasuke and sakura

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