Felicity and oliver meet rudolph

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felicity and oliver meet rudolph

Arrow | Team Arrow | Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle. Gabbie Lopez I would've loved to see young Felicity and young Oliver meet. Gabbie Lopez. Our first look at Arrow Season 7 promises a colorful new twist for Felicity!. The fact that it's Felicity's words that set Oliver on his hero's journey . in more ways than one plus a girl always knows when she's met “the.

He also highlighted the fight scene between the Flash and Arrow, saying "It's a well-choreographed battle, with each hero appearing to have the upper hand at various points and clever bits of one-upmanship. He noted that the episode pointed out the many challenges Barry Allen "faces as a young up-and-coming crimefighter". He felt that Arrow's "knocks" made the point that "Barry's superpowers are an amazing gift He felt it delivered "on both the action front" with its impeccable, "epic" fight scene, and "on the character front".

felicity and oliver meet rudolph

While the viewer can enjoy the interaction between the teams everything that happens in the episode pushes "this The Flash's stories forward". Arrow" was everything a fan could have wanted from a crossover event," noting it was "tight, well-paced, superbly written and, most importantly, fun She noted this episode demonstrated how comic book ideas "can translate to the small screen if done with this much care, joy and enthusiasm".

Given the "hype" she admired, and was "surprised" by the fact that even "with a little added Oliver, Felicity and Diggle thrown in," the crossover was not the focus of the whole episode.

Noting that the crossover "wasted some of its potential by delivering two mostly standalone episodes," the Arrow episode was "more consistently entertaining and satisfying than the first". He enjoyed Captain Boomerang suggesting he could be the "most memorable villain to debut this season". Schedeen enjoyed the teams continuing to cross paths, the drama between Barry and Ollie, and "the balance between light and dark [the crossover] needed".

Club gave the episode an "A-", saying it ".

felicity and oliver meet rudolph

The Flash is "the brave one", who "inspires with his courage" though his "simplistic sense of right and wrong" can lead him to overlook "the darker side of what they do". Oliver is "the bold one", "willing to do whatever it takes to see justice served". He noted that "both heroes channel their respective cities into their character".

Barry Allen's approach to crimefighting is effervescent and "carefree" reflecting "Central City's cutting-edge technology" and "squeaky-clean streets". He felt the writing was clever in that it allowed the characters to "clash at times, but also He felt the shows' creative teams should be "applauded" for avoiding a "half-assed bid for ratings" instead turning the crossover "into something that brought out the best of each show". Rozeman argued that if "Flash vs.

Arrow" proves that The Flash can stand on its own, then "The Brave and the Bold" is "a great demonstration that Arrow has some fire in it yet. The walls were more exposed log, vaulting up to a steep pitch. An enormous bed dominated the wall underneath the steepest pitch, underneath leaded windows that displayed the woods outside and the snow falling steadily. The room didn't lack for windows, actually, each looking out onto the picturesque wilderness and swirling snow.

A set of double doors lead to a balcony and an enormous carved fireplace faced the bed, a fire already roaring in the grate. Best room in the house, in my opinion. Though I haven't seen the new addition yet.

It was a gorgeous bed and she almost couldn't wait to sink down into it. But… it was also the only bed in the room. There was a wingback chair and a small table over by the doors to the balcony but aside from that and the padded bench at the foot of the bed, there were no other surfaces. She slid her gaze over to Oliver to find that he was watching her carefully, as though he expected her to suddenly bolt.

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I promise to be a gentleman. It's a big bed, I'm sure we can sleep in there together without it being a big deal. We don't even have to touch. She knew he was right.

But to be so close to him, all night long… It just seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. What if she forgot in the middle of the night and snuggled up to him? She'd always been a cuddler. How horribly awkward would that be? The bathroom was like something out of a magazine. There was a huge vanity, a separate room for the toilet, an enormous shower with more shower heads than she'd ever seen in one place before in her life and then there was the bathtub… Set under another pitched ceiling and before a set of leaded glass windows, the humungous coper plated tub was set before a stone fireplace and actually had two sets of stone steps that lead up the sides so you could climb in.

It was less "bathtub" and more "hot tub" but Felicity wasn't about to complain. I thought you'd like that.

They dealt with their suitcases and Felicity marveled at how it felt to hang her new clothes in such a fancy and spacious closet. When they were both unpacked, they headed back downstairs and this time, Oliver lead her into the living room. There was another enormous fireplace, made of river rock this time, and a giant Christmas tree glittering in the corner of the room, right in front of the bank of floor to ceiling windows.

Everything was about ten times more fancy than she was used to but still somehow homey and cozy. Comfortable looking throw blankets were draped across the backs of the sofas and chairs and the fire in the fireplace added a warmth to the room that was accentuated by the festive but tastefully decorated tree.

Thea and Roy were cuddled up on one of the sofas while Moira and Walter sat in the matching chairs, sipping at tea and reading books. Everyone looked up as they entered and Walter got to his feet.

felicity and oliver meet rudolph

Unlike his wife, the warmth reached his dark eyes and set her immediately at ease. Thank you for opening your lovely home to me," she said. Make yourself at home, Felicity. We're here to have fun and relax. A loud and melodic chiming rang out and everyone stilled and looked towards the entryway. Felicity had met Tommy a time or two, when he'd joined her and Oliver for lunch, and found him to be a fun guy.

It was hard to get a read on him, he tended to hide under charm and banter, but the sense she got was that he cared deeply about Oliver and that meant he couldn't be all bad. Moments later, both men appeared at the doorway to the living room. Tommy had a broad grin on his face and a duffle bag in one hand. With a squeal, Thea launched herself out of Roy's arms and across the room to him, enveloping him in a huge hug.

Tommy laughed and hugged her back. His attention turned to Felicity and his smile deepened. Good to see you here. Of course he knew. And while she didn't expect him to reveal it, she wasn't entirely sure how she felt about him knowing. So all she could do was smile weakly back at him and say, "Hey, Tommy.

felicity and oliver meet rudolph

Way to share with the rest of the class, Oliver," Thea muttered. Tommy choked back a laugh, Felicity blushed and Oliver looked distinctly aggrieved. The afternoon went smoothly, or as smoothly as one could hope with this particular group of people.

Oliver didn't really care for the way his mother kept glancing at Felicity, but Walter, Roy, and Thea all were welcoming her with open arms. And Tommy adored her, of course. But then, he and Tommy had often had similar taste in women. Dinner was in an hour and Thea had roped Felicity into playing a game of Monopoly with her and Roy. Tommy was unpacking in his room just down the hall, across from Thea and Roy's room.

Oliver retreated to the room he was sharing with Felicity, feeling a little out of sorts. He didn't even know what he had to feel out of sorts about. Things were going well. But maybe they were going too well. He found he liked having Felicity there, was enjoying spending this time with her and he liked to watch her interact with his family. It aroused something in his chest; something unfamiliar. It made him worry, actually.

When Did Oliver Fall In Love With Felicity?

Because until he'd closed himself up in this room two minutes ago, he hadn't once thought of Laurel all day long. He'd thought of her multiples times a day ever since she'd broken up with him. Even while he was waiting and giving her space to think and realize they were worth fighting for, he thought of her. She was his future, he'd been sure of it since he was a teenager.

But today, she'd been far from his mind and in her place was… Felicity. It made him feel at odds with himself.

felicity and oliver meet rudolph

He had to do something to remind himself of his goals in all of this. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled his phone from his pocket.

He dialed Laurel's number and wasn't terribly surprised when she didn't answer. Sighing, he left a voicemail.

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I just wanted to wish you a happy holiday. I hope you're enjoying the time with your family. And I wanted you to know I'm thinking about you.

I still want a chance, Laurel. Call me if you want to talk too. That was a terrible message. But it was out there and there was no taking it back.


A moment later, his phone rang in his hand and he answered right away without even check to see who was calling first. I saw you called Laurel. I was sitting next to her when her phone rang. Why didn't she answer? I'm trying to get her to open up to me but I can't get that done if you're hovering," Sara pointed out. Do you want to be with her? Then you're going to have to back off.

Is your mom on your case? He always used to tell Sara everything, just like he told Tommy everything. But something about this felt like he should keep it to himself. So, do you think you can let me handle this with Laurel? Thanks, I really appreciate what you're doing. You're my friend, Oliver. And I'm part of this problem, I feel like I need to fix it. Have a merry Christmas. Give your sister a hug for me, okay?

Looking up, he saw Felicity standing there, watching him with an unreadable expression. Thea and Roy wanted to go out and play in the snow," she explained, gesturing towards the closet helplessly. He realized that she'd probably overheard his phone conversation and wondered what all she'd heard. Am I invited along?

If you don't have anyone better to talk to, that is. Oliver hid his cringe. Let me just go get my coat. Oliver now knew that she'd overheard his conversation to Sara, but he wondered why she was giving him the cold shoulder about it.