Flirt hal hartley subtitles greek

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flirt hal hartley subtitles greek

Flirt is a drama film written and directed by Hal Hartley and produced by Good Machine. Contents. 1 Introduction; 2 Cast; 3 References; 4 External links. In Hal Hartley's much hated film e Girl from (replete with sub-classes of course), and in the Greek Islands. lently on that imperative, oen flirting. Flirt. A simple story of love and loss told three times in three different cities: New York, Language: English, German, and Japanese (with English subtitles).

Dunlap, Russell Affair, The P. Ramster, Shattered Illusion, The A. Hayle, Co-respondent's Course, A E. Haunted Barn, The E. Dietrich-Derrick, Efftee Film Productions, prod.

Gregan McMahon, dp E. Isle Of Intrigue A. HarwoodDorothy Stanward, James Alexander, Helene Best, Darcy Kelway; pearling schooners of a trading firm are being robbed by a mysterious pirate; opened 26 September ; 50 min.

Out of the Shadows A. Hallaka Down on the Farm, Cinesound Productions, prod. Bert Baileywr.

flirt hal hartley subtitles greek

Bert Bailey, Ken G. Sentimental Bloke, The Frank W. ThringEfftee Film Productions, wr. Pat Hanna, dp Arthur Higgins ; based on sketches used in the Diggers stage show; while serving in France inChic and Joe abscond with rum from the quartermaster's store Harmony Row Frank W. Hayseeds, The Beaumont SmithJ. Williamson Picture Productions, wr.

Hallprod. HallCinesound Productions, wr. Lorrie Webb from a 'dramatisation' by Rigby C. Secret Of The Skies A.

Flirt subtitles

HarwoodCentenary Films, wr. HallCinesound Productions, prod. Strike Me Lucky Ken G. George Wallace, John P. Hallaka Ruling the Roost, wr.

Victor Roberts, George D. Leary, NZ Film Guild, prod. George Altier, Leonard P. Orphan of the Wilderness Ken G. Hallaka Wild Innocence; prod. Hall, Cinesound Productions, wr. Phar Lap's Son Dr A. Lewis, aka Phar Lap's Son? Rangle River Clarence G.

Badger, aka Men With Whips; wr. Uncivilized Charles ChauvelExpeditionary Films, wr. Wagon and the Star, The J.

flirt hal hartley subtitles greek

Pollard, aka The Waggon and the Star, wr. HarwoodNew Era Film Productions, wr. It Isn't Done Ken G. Lovers and Luggers Ken G. HallCinesound Features; wr. HarwoodNew Era Film Productions, prod. It includes all 17 episodes, along with 18 minutes worth of deleted scenes and 33 minutes of behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Directed by Joel Schumacher Lost Boys, Falling Down at his most stylish and atmospheric, the first Flatliners featured a strong cast of young '80s stars, all playing medical students who flirt with death to discover the secrets of the afterlife, but end up bringing back demons from their past. Kevin Bacon had been a star since 's Footloose, but Julia Roberts' star was just rising, haven broken through in Pretty Woman earlier in William Baldwin and Oliver Platt also star.

Flatliners deals with weighty issues of what lies beyond death, and while it relies too heavily on horror movie tropes, it's still a fun and fascinating picture, aided by a strong cast. This new SteelBook Edition comes in a nice metal case and has the film on both Blu-ray and DVD, but it does feature zero special features. Based on Daniel Clowes' comic book of the same name, it stars Thora Birch as Enid and Scarlett Johansson as Rebecca, two teenage girls whose friendship is tested when Enid takes interest in an older record collector named Seymour Steve Buscemi.

Zwigoff was a documentary filmmaker before Ghost World, having made a name for himself with Crumb in Ghost World remains his most acclaimed film although 's Bad Santa was a bigger box office success. And of course Johansson has gone to much bigger things. Although it's too bad we haven't seen much of note from Birch in recent years.

Criterion's new director-approved edition features a restored 4K digital transfer overseen by Zwigoff; audio commentary from Zwigoff, Clowes, and producer Lianne Halfon; new interviews with Birch, Johansson, and co-star Illeana Douglas; deleted scenes; new cover art by Clowes; a mini reprint of a Ghost World comic from ; and more.

Eleanor Shellstrop Kristen Bells dies and finds herself in a particularly nice neighborhood of the afterlife, one reserved for the best of the best. The problem is that Eleanor wasn't all that great a person and it's clear there's been a mix up and she's not who they think she is and doesn't belong in "The Good Place.

Ted Danson plays Michael, an angel of sorts who designed this particular neighborhood of heaven. Michael Schur co-creator of Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine hatched up The Good Place, which ensures a good deal of honest laughs amongst the deeper questions or what lies beyond death, what does it mean to be a good person, and can people ever really change who they are?

With season two currently airing and the show already renewed for a third season, now is a good time to catch up on or revisit season one. Factory has released the whole thing on DVD and it also includes audio commentary, a live table read, a gag reel, and a behind the scenes look at the show's fun special effects. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Sure, Marvel already had a good track record at that point, but a film featuring relatively obscure comic book characters and starring Andy from Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt, who got in shape for the rolewrestler Dave Bautista, a foul mouthed, gun-totting raccoon, and a walking tree who only says one phrase over and over again, and released at the end of summer, didn't seem likely to fare so well.

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But Marvel did it again, combining the superhero drama with space opera, large doses of comedy, and a retro cool soundtrack.

This year's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Kurt Russell joined the cast as Peter Quill's long lost alien father, but the highlight for children of the s was a cameo by David Hasselhoff in full Knight Rider mode.

flirt hal hartley subtitles greek

The Blu-ray includes a music video starring the Hoff, deleted scenes, a gag reel, a making of documentary, and commentary from director James Gunn, who is already planning Vol.

Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers play Jonathan and Jennifer Hart and it would be easy to be annoyed at a couple of one-percenters jet-setting around the world in private planes and expensive sports cars, all while aided by their butler Max played by Lionel Standerbut Wagner and Powers have another charm to sell the concept.

Plus this was in the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Dynasty and Dallas, "greed is good," Regan-era, where being rich was more celebrated than ever. Novelist Sidney Sheldon created the show, which was executive produced by Aaron Spelling, although Tom Mankiewicz who wrote several James Bond movies and co-wrote Superman: The Movie rewrote and directed the quirky pilot, which has a Bond-ian plot with a health farm run by Roddy McDowall Planet of the Apes hypnotizing patients and getting them to commit crimes.

Factory has collected the entire series in one nice DVD box set that includes the pilot and all episodes from the charming original series that ran from to Missing are the reunion TV movies from the s.

Life on the Street: Life on the Street shouldn't have lasted for seven seasons and episodes from toits rating were never all that great. Thank God he did. Homicide was definitely ahead of its time, a thoughtful and character-based police drama that these days would surely air on FX or HBO. Set in Baltimore, it was based on the non-fiction book Homicide: Big time movie director Barry Levinson Good Morning, Vietnam, Rain Man, Bugsy directed the pilot and was an executive producer at a time when movie directors didn't have as much to do with TV.

The Japanese director has been working since the late s and directed his first feature film, The Castle of Cagliostro, in It was his mid to late '80s films that started to garner him attention outside of Japan's Castle in the Sky, 's My Neighbor Totoro, and 's Kiki's Delivery Service. John Lasseter of Pixar a big Miyazaki fan helped oversea Spirited Away's English translation and in The New York Times named it the second best film of the 21st Century So Far and in a poll of film critics worldwide it came in at 4 in their list of the best films of the 21st century so far.

Disney previously released the films of Studio Ghibli Miyazaki's company that releases not only his films, but also other Japanese animated films in a similar stylebut now GKIDS, the New York-based distributor of award-winning animated films, has taken over and re-released Miyazaki's films on Blu-ray. His movies usually feature a young girl as the protagonist and involve fantastical elements.

They befriend a giant rabbit-like creature in the forest they name Totoro. The superior English language version features the voices of real life sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning. Kirsten Dunst voiced Kiki in Disney's English dub of the film. Each Blu-ray is loaded with special features and these timeless gems will appeal to both current children and their parents. Lily Tomlin plays Pat Kramer, an ordinary housewife who begins to shrink after being exposed to an experimental perfume.

It puts a strain on her relationship with her husband Vance Kramer Charles Grodinbut she also becomes famous, appearing on talk shows and the like. She eventually shrinks so small that she has live in her kids' dollhouse and continues to get smaller and smaller. Tomlin also plays two other characters three if you're watching the TV version, where she also plays a little girl named Edith Ann in this off-kilter comedy, which was written by Jane Wagner, Tomlin's long term writing partner and wife.

Australasian feature films by release date

Previously it was only available as a low quality DVD, but now Shout! Factory has released the cult classic on Blu-ray. By Mark Redfern Read our earlier full review. And while jazz musicians are primarily African Americans, there have also been plenty of incredible Caucasian players, including Buddy Rich, Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, and Kenny G well maybe not that last oneso branding Wilder a "white savior" wasn't entirely accurate either. When anything is as acclaimed as La La Land, and the film was greeted with rave review upon rave review when it first screened at movie festivals, it's bound to be met by a cynical backlash.

But why complain that it's not as good as Singing in the Rain, when you should be celebrating that in there was a joyous film almost as good as the classic movie musicals, a rarity in our time. But forget all of that and just give in to the delightful glamour and romance of the movie, from the audacious opening number in a Los Angeles freeway traffic jam, all the way to the bittersweet but realistic ending.

At that point Leigh had only made one theatrical feature film, 's little seen Bleak Moments, and had mainly worked in TV since. His films are incredibly honest and close to real life, aided by the lengthy rehearsal and improvisation techniques Leigh employs with actors. Meantime takes place in a tower block in London's East End, as working class people struggle in a recession in Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's era. This new director-approved Blu-ray includes a new conversation between Leigh and musician Jarvis Cocker, among other special features.

The beautifully animated film features Moana, the daughter of a Polynesian tribal chief, embarking on an ocean quest with the aid of demigod Maui a very amusing Dwayne Johnson to save her village by reuniting a mystic relic with a goddess. The movie is refreshing for focusing on a culture largely ignored by Hollywood except as side characters in Hawaii Five-Oplus the songs partly written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, of Hamilton fame are damn catchy and Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement plays a singing giant crab.

The Blu-ray edition includes deleted scenes, a deleted song, and various featurettes about the film's music, costume design, and how the heritage of the islands influenced the story. After your child or Disney fan friend thanks you for this gift, you can sing your response in the voice of Maui: The incredibly intense scene in season one's "Possession" episode in which Green's Vanessa Ives is possessed by the devil himself should've clinched the nomination at least.

But while well received by critics and no doubt having a cult following, the three seasons of Showtime's Penny Dreadful seem criminally under-appreciated and under-watched. Set in Victorian London, Penny Dreadful brings together many iconic horror characters of the era, including Dr.

It's a similar basic concept to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but much darker, sadder, more romantic, and deeply poetic. Hartnett hadn't had a notable film or TV role in several years prior to Penny Dreadful despite working steadilybut was very welcome back in the spotlight as Chandler, a moody American gunslinger who has a startling transformation whenever there's a full moon. And Kinnear gave us the most vulnerable and human Frankenstein's monster yet. This Blu-ray set collects all three seasons, all the way through to the tragic series finale, and includes special features galore, including documentaries on the literary influences on the show and the history of the Victorian era.

If you've never seen this visually stunning and truly haunting show, then now's your chance. Still, the sequels are interesting oddities genre fans might be curious to check out or revisit. Comic book writer Frank Miller The Dark Knight Returns came up with the story and co-wrote the script, which centers on RoboCop taking on a drug wave for a designer controlled substance called Nuke while Detroit is going bankrupt and crippled by a police strike.

RoboCop 2 is incredibly dark and violent, the villains include a gun toting fowl mouthed kid and a drug-addicted cyborg, so it's a bit of a surprise that it was helmed by Irvin Kershner, the director of The Empire Strikes Back, in what proved to be his final feature film as director.

Still, some of the first film's black humor, such as the fake futuristic TV commercials including a car alarm that electrocutes the thiefremains. Fred Dekker, director of s cult favorites Night of the Creeps and Monster Squad, took over the franchise in what would also be his last feature film as a director although he's continued as a writer.

flirt hal hartley subtitles greek

Matters weren't helped that its studio Orion Pictures was going bankrupt at the time, which delayed the film's release by over a year with the video game adaptation thus coming out a year before the film.

Scream Factory's Collector's Edition Blu-rays are loaded with new special features, including new commentary tracks and making of documentaries. George Lucas' original prequel trilogy upset most fans and eventually he sold all the Star Wars rights and his company Lucasfilm to Disney. Since then they have released two much more liked Star Wars films without Lucas' involvement, 's Star Wars: Rogue One scratched an itch Star Wars fans didn't know they had and answered a big question perhaps few had thought to ponder: The film features mainly all new characters, save brief appearances from Darth Vader, C-3PO, Princess Leia, and a few other smaller characters, including Grand Moff Tarkin, who was brought back via motion capture since original actor Peter Cushing is long since dead.

Complicating matters is the fact that Erso's own father, Galen Erso played by Hannibal Lecter himself, Mads Mikkelsenwas reluctantly one of the designers of the Death Star. While Disney plan to continue on with Star Wars sequels every other year, on the off years they hope to have these one off films such as next year's Han Solo origin story and Rogue One got that concept off to a thrilling and successful start it made over a billion dollars worldwide.

Having characters that don't need to stick around for a sequel raises the stakes and Rogue One is by far the most adult and least kid-friendly Star Wars movie. The Blu-ray includes various behind-the-scenes featurettes on how the movie came together. Kathleen Turner stars as Beverly Sutphin, a seemingly average suburban housewife married to dentist Eugene Sutphin Sam Waterston and with two teenage kids Misty Ricki Lake and Chip Matthew Lillardbut secretly she's a serial killer who murders for the slightest of reasons.

The film, and especially Turner's performance, was fairly well-received by critics at the time, but it wasn't a box office hit. As with many of Shout! Factory's releases, it's now regarded as cult classic. This Blu-ray includes a new commentary from Waters, Turner, and Mink Stole, as well as a making of documentary and an earlier commentary from Waters and Turner taken from the original DVD release.

One of the big takeaways from Serial Mom: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: The Voyage Home having come out about a year before. Stewart, a serious British Shakespearian actor, was reluctant to commit to an American TV show, but his agent assured him that the show probably wouldn't last more than a year, as bringing back a classic TV show was very tricky to get right.

Boy was he wrong. Instead it lasted for seven seasons, won Emmy awards and was even nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, the only syndicated show to be nominated in that category and also the rare sci-fi show to get such a nominationand was critically acclaimed as being equal or better to the original series.

The show also spawned four feature films, although only 's Star Trek: First Contact is particularly beloved outside of die-hard Trekkies. Deep Space Nine is the only Star Trek series to be set at a stationary space station, rather than a starship, and was the first to have its captain or in this case, Commanding Officer be black, Benjamin Sisko played by Avery Brooks.

flirt hal hartley subtitles greek

The well-received show dealt with complex and dark themes, including religious issues and the consequences of war. It also ran for seven seasons, from to Voyager was the first Star Trek series to feature a female Captain, Kathryn Janeway played by Kate Mulgrewand was considered something of a feminist show.

Its plot featured the starship Voyager being stranded in the previously unexplored Delta Quadrant, a year journey from Earth even with Warp engines.

Enterprise is probably the least beloved of the Star Trek series and it only ran for four seasons, from to Unlike the other Star Trek shows of the era, it was a prequel, taking place years before the events of the original series.