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74), and was a symbol of the sun, and con- secrated to him (Horn. Od. i. xii. flirt, oat et Vindic. Can. Dnmmcut, U. , ; Burckhardt, Syria, p. It contains 74 pieces of the scholarly works Mat/B/P//1. Muslim boy's of the midst of some light and flirty sheers and lo and behold. It is easy to call within the phone and flirt with quite a few Deejays and tiffany-cokollektion-elegante-wide-armreif-phtml][img]http://de. - automatic-with-white-dial-aaa-watches-f4e7-phtml]Popular.

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A break of salutary character flavorer is elective. Karl von Linde uses liquid as refrigerant, begins its manufacturing. It is applied to Augustus Luke ii. There appears to have been some difference in the use of the name at a later period. See Pauly'i Reid-EncycL ii.

The chief point of interest here is whether this expression re- fers to any of the immediate relations of the em- peror, or to gome of his servants and dependents in the palace. Nero was on the throne when Paul wrote to the I'hilippians. It has some bearing on the question, that Nero had no very near kindred living after he became emperor Killiet, L'Epitre ata Philijyt. It is possible, of course, if he had such, that some of them might hare heard the fospel and have believed.

History gives no ac- count of any such conversions, and it is altogether improbable, if they occurred, that the testimony to this effect would be wanting.

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Meyer lays special itress on this silence of the oldest writers. We are led therefore to seek for some other explanation of Paul's language. It seems essential to any correct explanation that it should recognize the apparent connection between Acta xxviii. In the course of time the -postle would thus become known as a preacher of the gospel to many of these soldiers Phil i. Baa Gaptaih or tb Unas, Amar. As the reason why they in particular greeted the Christians at Philippi, Neander suggests that they may have known some of the church there who had been at Kome, or possibly mav themselves have been natives of that city.

It may be that Paul's " chiefly ' paAiora, PhiL iv. For this, the parties need not have bad any per- sonal knowledge of each other. The subject has been often discussed, with more or less divergence of views.

For references, see Botiger's Btitrdge in die Paulin. The passages just enu- merated show how important a place this city occu- pies in the Acta of the Apostles. It was the resi- dence, apparently for several years, of Philip, onet t the seven deacons or almoners viii. Here Herod Agrippa I. Paul sailed to Tarsus, when forced to leave Jerusalem oc his return from Damascus ix.

He also spent some time at anarea on his return from the third missionary journey xxi.


Caesarea was situated on the coast of Palestine on the line of the great road from Ty: The journey of St. Petal from Joppa Acta x. On the other hand St. Paul's journey from Ptolemais Acta xxi. The distance from Jerusalem was about 7C miles ; Josephus states it in round numbers as 60f stadia Ant. Tht Jerusalem Itinerary gives 68 miles Wetting, a. It was in this interval that the city was built by 1 lerod the Great. The work was in fact accom- plished in tea years. The utmost care and expense were lavished on the building of Caesaren.

It was sometimes called Casarea Stra- tonis,andCseaareaPauestins: It must be care- fully distinguished from C. The magnificence of Caesarea is described in de- tail by Josephus in two places Ant.

A vast breakwater, composed ol stones 50 feet long, curved round so as to afford complete protection from the south-westerly winds, leaving an opening only on the north, llroad land- ing-wharves surrounded the harbor; and conspicu- ous from the sea was a temple, dedicated to Coesar and to Rome, and containing colossal statues of the Emperor and the Imperial City.

Csesarea contained also an amphitheatre and a theatre. The latter was the scene of the death of Herod Agrippa I. Csesarea was the official residence of the Herodian kings, and of Festus, Felix, and the other Roman procurators of Judsesv Here also were the head-quarters of the military forces of the proviuce.

The Gentile population pre- dominated; and at the synagogue-worship the Scriptures of the O.

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ItwuatCaes- msm that Vespasian was declared emperor. Hemade it a Roman colony, called it by his name, an I gave to it the Jut Italicum. The history of tin place, during the time of its greatest eminence, h summed up in one sentence by Pliny: To the Biblical geographer Cresarea is interestini as the home of Eusebius. However, the increasing availability of counterfeit products could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

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This is expected to increase the demand for this type of product and contribute revenue to the Global Athletic Footwear market during the forecast period. According to the report, one of the main drivers is the increasing demand for comfortable footwear. The market is witnessing changes in the buying behavior of consumers who now prefer comfort over price. This factor has increased the demand for comfortable footwear, which in turn is contributing to the growth of the market.

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The French magazine Challenges this week said his departure had already been approved internally. Uncertainty about future growth at Louis Vuitton has been weighing on the stock price of LVMH shares which have gained 7 percent since the beginning of the year while the European luxury sector has gained more than 17 percent on average.

Marc Jacobs helped develop Louis Vuitton's women and men's ready-to-wear lines and runs his own eponymous brand which ranks among the most profitable smaller fashion subsidiaries within LVMH, fuelled by demand in the United States and Japan. On Tuesday Louis Vuitton announced it had hired Proenza Schouler accessories designer Darren Spaziani as part of its upmarket drive and efforts to beef up its high-end offering of leather bags. Earlier this month, signs emerged that Louis Vuitton's revamp could be yielding results as the brand's new bags have been flying off the shelves since their summer launch, according to a Reuters survey of shops in Milan, Paris and London.

Looking ahead, names in the hat to replace Marc Jacobs include that of Nicolas Ghesquiere, a darling of fashion editors, who left Balenciaga last year after having successfully infused new life into the Kering fashion brand.

Industry sources said it was possible that Marc Jacobs's fashion show on October 2, as part of Paris Fashion Week, could be his last.