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flirt russia

So you've finally made up your mind to dating a Russian girl. Let's assume you managed to find the right online dating resource and met a. But how do you flirt with a girl like this? Russian culture is obviously different from Western one, so you should really know how to charm. Lost Password? Sign Up Now. Login with: Facebook Twitter Google VKontakte. Copyright. RussianFlirting © Privacy Policy. SSL certificate. About Us.

Bring little gifts for her on occasion, set unusual dates to amuse her, and use your creativity to make great surprises for her. Do not be afraid of being straightforward — these ladies love when men are sincere with them.

flirt russia

Speak in the low voice. The way you speak to your Russian match matters a lot.

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Oral talking is what these girls enjoy the most. There is the scientifically proved fact that people perceive low voices; well, such a manner of speaking makes you sound manly. It is pretty much like hypnotising a woman and immersing her in a special state of mind.

flirt russia

Dress up and groom yourself. Russian women are famous all around the planet because of their physical attractiveness. They are not only gifted by Mother Nature but do their best to look amazingly. Likewise, they like men who care about their looks. Make sure you smell good, your outfit is fresh and elegant, and your hair is neat when you are about to meet your lady.

Choose the open position while standing or sitting next to her. Your body position actually indicates your attitude towards a person you communicate with. Do not cross your arms nor legs in front of a Russian girl; turn your whole body at least the upper part of it to her so she will feel confident in your company.

This all is to show her you are willing to get to know her better. Imitate her body language. This is another solid way to prove a girl you desire her attention.

Synchronise your breath tempo and deepness with hers and copy her body movements. It should not be obvious — no need to do everything exactly how she does. It is a technique that helps set her mind on you without even making her notice it. So that was our handy and brief guide on how to flirt with girls in various situations. He also wants to be taken care of. A Russian man misses the true beauty and he wants to talk about the eternal, about the soul and connection.

Or maybe he wants just to chill with his mates and watch a football game.

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There is a long list of behavioral patterns that are expected from a Russian man. And to liberate himself from this ever tightening circle of obligations there is something to be done.

But what is to be done? And then maybe it turns into an eternal self justification. And then maybe every new woman is landmark, a confirmation of the masculinity, or of the masculinity concept, that sets such high standards which are almost impossible to fulfill. A Russian man is impeccable in his courtship. He will promise and give generously: Everything for his princess! I am a man! Am I a man?

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Yet with the responsibility that is opposed onto a Russian man comes the power as well. He will provide, but he will ask for something back. A woman must know how to cook, a woman must be always beautiful, a woman cannot be flirting with other men, a woman needs to wait at home and always be ready.

A Russian woman traps a Russian man but in ends up being trapped herself.

flirt russia

Is there an exit from this self-perpetuating loop? And a Russian woman is often ready to be trapped. So she cooks a lot. Can it be a secret of how to flirt with a Russian woman? If your goal is to build a serious relationship with her, yes. Treat her with gifts. In most cases, a simple bunch of flowers is more than enough to make your prospective girlfriend smile. The tone of your voice may be vital for efficient flirting with a girl.

You see, a human ear likes low frequencies more than high ones.

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Therefore, your speech will be more persuasive and you will make a Russian lady fall for you. Yeah, your exterior matters to a Russian girl. In Russia, they meet by clothes and see off by mind.

So work on your style, haircut, grooming etc. Mirror her body movements. This popular technique enables you to instantly get closer to your match — in a mental sense. Watch out how she is breathing and speaking, what poses she is taking and what gestures she is doing. Likewise, try to step closer to her if possible in public transport, for example.

Do not intrude in her comfort zone but make the physical distance between you shorter. Another essential tip to give about how to flirt with a Russian girl is to amuse her. Do you know anything she would eager to get or any place she would be happy to visit? If you can give it to her, do it!

flirt russia

Considering how versatile it is, you probably understand that you need to take the initiative. Simultaneously, your prospective girlfriend will encourage you to act. Work on your body language. This is another important factor to take into an account.

People in her country enjoy personal communication.

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