Gallipoli cruise 2015 meet and greet

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gallipoli cruise 2015 meet and greet

Thursday, 25 June A visit to Te Papa Museum to see the Gallipoli Exhibition was both wonderful in the upstairs cafe for our “meet and greet” and a welcome cup of coffee. .. An Unexpected Summer Baltic Cruise. Travel to Gallipoli with Australia's favourite Turkey & Gallipoli travel specialist, on a cruise or land tours for the th anniversary of Anzac Day. Gallipoli Premium Bus Tour. 10 days Visit the renowned Hagia Sophia, cruise On arrival in Istanbul, you will be met by the tour operator and transferred to our central hotel. . Arrival & Departure airport transfers (Meet & Greet).

These models are based on real people who were in Gallipoli, and we heard words from their own letters read out and and shown on the darkened walls as we gazed in awe at the lifelike recreations.

Romany Rambler: Gallipoli – the Scale of our War, at Te Papa

Fighting till the end Doctor unable to save his patient Soldier contemplating his rations covered in flies Not willing to give up Nurse finds out her soldier brother is dead Gallipoli was a brutal campaign, and is a part of our history which every Kiwi knows well.

Not that we knew all the facts though, such as the severe deprivations, lack or water and food, that the men were covered in lice, or the fact that battle weary and deprived men were shot for falling asleep on duty.

For eight long months they were fighting a loosing battle, at at long last, the evacuation order was received.

gallipoli cruise 2015 meet and greet

The Anzac troops left silently in three groups in the darkness without lamps to light the way and no cigarettes were allowed to show the movement down the hills and onto the beach. Everyone wrapped their boots in sandbags to muffle the trudge of retreat. The survivors had safely left the beach, but were sad to be leaving the bodies of their mates behind. There were interesting information boards to read, films to watch, and a sandbagged hut to sit in.

It was an amazing exhibition, thought provoking and sad at the same time, and will be running for the next four years. Plenty of time for a repeat visit or two, and is well worth a trip to Wellington for those living out of town. Visitors were invited to write a message on a red poppy and place it at the feet of the last larger than life soldier in the exhibition.

gallipoli cruise 2015 meet and greet

The Astor pulled away from Fremantle on its way to Esperance Our first day was at sea and was a full conference day. The eminent historian, Dr Richard Reid gave the first presentation: Ireland of the ancestors: Richard showed the life in Ireland and the records that can help us add that life to our families.

Lesley is very knowledgeable in this area and well worth hearing if you have a chance.

On board Le Soleal cruise ship for Anzac centenary dawn service: Remembering the Gallipoli landing

Then lunch, one thing on a cruise is that food breaks happen quite often! I spoke after lunch on Gallipoli: In this time pre the antibiotic era disease was always a problem.

gallipoli cruise 2015 meet and greet

In fact there were only two weeks during the campaign that there were more wounded being evacuated from Gallipoli than soldiers who were ill with disease particularly dysentery. Gallipoli is the best preserved battlefield of the First World War as obviously in heavily populated areas there was the requirement to use the battlefied areas again for farming and life. The Turkish government have preserved the battlefield area and we should be very thankful for this, considering their country was invaded by enemy forces.

During the dig there was a lot involved and part of it was the mapping of the trenches, using technology with GPS tracking and a huge amount of hard physical work cutting the undergrowth in the trenches. Later in a book will be published on the findings of the survey and this is one that is definitely on my shopping list. Western Australian Gallipoli deaths and the Cheops pyramid photo. I plan to write a special post on these two projects so more about them later.